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Example sentences for "conservatory"

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  1. A conservatory filled with rare plants, and communicating with one of the rooms, was built along the south wall; the opposite wall was concealed from view by a grotto built of large rocks intermingled with shrubbery.

  2. Lady Latimer stood looking on like a picture of dignity, and when Mr. Cecil Burleigh entered from the conservatory she introduced the two young men in her stateliest manner.

  3. Mr. Cecil Burleigh was pacing to and fro the conservatory into which a glass door opened from the drawing-room.

  4. After the band arrived and was stationed in the conservatory out of sight, an attempt was made to get up a dance.

  5. The attempt to dance created also no small amount of confusion among the others, about twenty-five of whom were precipitated into the conservatory and dispersed through the orchestra.

  6. DEBT The scene is a conservatory built and decorated in Moorish style, in the house of the RT.

  7. The first awakening of this feeling came from his admiration of Constantia Gladowska, a beautiful girl and vocal pupil at the Conservatory at Warsaw.

  8. The since famous Leipsic Conservatory was founded by him, and he was unceasing in his labors to advance art in every direction.

  9. Among his fellow students at the Conservatory were at least a half dozen who later made names for themselves.

  10. Mrs. MacDowell and her son went there in November hoping that in this famous Conservatory could be found the right kind of instruction.

  11. Edward MacDowell remained in close study at the Frankfort Conservatory for two years, his mother having in the meantime returned to America.

  12. It was between the two periods of his Conservatory life that he endured his chief sentimental misfortune,--his falling in love with and finally marrying Henrietta Smithson.

  13. He became a regular music-student of the Conservatory, under the admirable Lesueur and Reicha; quitted the Conservatory in disgust at its pedantry, in 1825; and lived and advanced in musical study as best he could for a considerable time.

  14. I went to the top of the conservatory on Scargo Hill one time and I was so dizzy in the head I thought sure I'd fall right over the railin'.

  15. Arnold was instructor of harmony at the National Conservatory under Dvôrák.

  16. Irene Baumgras was born at Syracuse, New York, and studied the piano at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, where she took the Springer gold medal in 1881.

  17. He graduated from the conservatory at Leipzig, and returned to Boston in 1845.

  18. After the first performance of this work at one of the conservatory concerts, Doctor Dvôrák exclaimed, "There are now two Goldmarks.

  19. At the age of nineteen he went to Leipzig and entered the Conservatory there, studying composition under Hauptmann and E.

  20. Conservatory of Music, then under the direction of the beneficent inventor of the Virgil Clavier.

  21. She was in the conservatory amongst her flowers, and on seeing him stepped into the drawing-room.

  22. Tis conceived to have been built by Nero, as a conservatory for fresh water; as were also the Centi Camerelli, into which we were next led.

  23. Gevart, chief of the Brussels conservatory of music, she made her début in Paris in Gounod’s Romeo and Juliet.

  24. Her early musical education was obtained in the Conservatory of Lemberg, after which she studied at Vienna and Milan.

  25. She determined to make her way in by the conservatory whence she could run up stairs to her own room without much risk of meeting any one.

  26. But I must be quick-- I was running down to the conservatory for some fern.

  27. The door leading into Glynne's little studio was wide open, and the current of soft, moist night air which struck his cheek told that the conservatory and its windows must be open too.

  28. Durante passed from one Conservatory at Naples to another, and was necessarily professor at all three.

  29. I hurried him downstairs and out of the conservatory just as the door-bell rang.

  30. I opened the conservatory door, and in he rushed like a hunted rabbit.

  31. One of his chief reasons for coming to Gardner's was because it was possible to fill the small conservatory with a selection of his favourites.

  32. When I reached the conservatory the place was empty.

  33. There was a slight hiss in the conservatory beyond that Frobisher did not notice.

  34. They stood in a large conservatory at length in the dim light, and then Aben smiled down into Angela's face.

  35. He passed from the conservatory into the hall and from thence to the drawing-room.

  36. When I came in I was going into the conservatory to place a flower that I had given me to-night.

  37. And the man who had been strangled in the conservatory was the very man I had seen.

  38. Harold turned to Hafid, and led him back to the conservatory again.

  39. What do you suppose Mr. Manfred was doing in your conservatory at the time he died?

  40. She would corner the man in the conservatory and demand his business.

  41. The plant is at present hidden away in the obscure conservatory at a nursery in the suburbs.

  42. In the conservatory Angela looked about her.

  43. He had hardly got back to the great conservatory before the great surgeon bustled in.

  44. Frobisher raged furiously up and down the conservatory for a time.

  45. Angela, my Moth is in the conservatory here, and Manfred lost his life trying to steal it for somebody else.

  46. He led the way into the conservatory close to where Mrs. Benstein and her companion were seated.

  47. Tripp says this conservatory was glazed for a surprise to my mother while she was on her wedding tour,' said Clement.

  48. They disappear into the conservatory on the left.

  49. He offers her his arm, and they go towards the conservatory on the left.

  50. He nods towards the conservatory on the left.

  51. Pointing to the conservatory on the right.

  52. I say, was that a good chap you refused in there (indicating the conservatory to the left) a thousand years ago?

  53. Miss Grainger’s back appears in the doorway leading to the conservatory on the left.

  54. Mr Marchesson’s back is visible in the doorway leading to the conservatory on the right.

  55. The lady in there (pointing to the conservatory on the right) must have frightened you terribly indeed!

  56. Indicating the conservatory to the right.

  57. They went to the conservatory to see the tanager and presently brought it back with them, telling Miss Dent that they were going to set it free.

  58. A little conservatory jutted from the southern side of the house, while a deep veranda ran halfway across the eastern front and around the other two sides.

  59. Mr. Hurst read it, and waiting till they were alone turned to his daughter and pointed to a glass door which led from the room into a little conservatory of plants.

  60. It is a pleasant thing to have a conservatory attached to one side or at a corner of the dining-room.

  61. A very good arrangement, when bay or conservatory is not used, would be to take one of these windows at the side and place it at the rear end, though near the outside corner of the room.

  62. In this case, a hot-water coil is placed in an ordinary furnace, which connects with hot-water radiators in a conservatory or other room for the purpose of contributing a uniform degree of heat to that room.

  63. This window-seat may be used as a seat in warm weather, and, if the front is in the proper direction, as a conservatory in the winter.

  64. A little extra money, say seventy dollars, would place a conservatory at one side, at one corner, or at the end of this dining-room.

  65. The conservatory mentioned does not need to be in conventional conservatory form, which usually has cheap glazing and often common wood-work, but may be a bay-window with more than an ordinary amount of glass, preferably plate.

  66. Most of the plans which are shown will admit of the placing of a conservatory in connection with the dining-room in the manner indicated.

  67. In the latter case, it may serve the purpose of a conservatory in the winter and a window-seat in summer.

  68. The light vanished; the conservatory was filled with a thick, murky glow, and far across the fields, from the heart of the black wood, came the low rumble of thunder.

  69. Very quickly the little conservatory had been abandoned; the heating apparatus had failed, the plants had refused to grow, the tomatoes never appeared, the bulbs would not burst into colour.

  70. The large conservatory opening out of it is pleasantly lighted with Chinese lanterns, and beautifully decorated with shrubs and flowers.

  71. There is a young lady in the conservatory who is taken faint.

  72. She entered the conservatory and seated herself by Clara's side.

  73. Mr. Francis Aldersley looks at the conservatory (still as invitingly cool and empty as ever); leads her back to it; and places her on a seat among the shrubs.

  74. When I returned to the police to urge them not to disturb Mrs. Courtenay, I found them assembled in the conservatory discussing an open window, by which anyone might easily have entered and left.

  75. As in many suburban houses, the conservatory joined the drawing-room, an unlocked glass door being between them.

  76. They appear to overlook the fact that a window in the conservatory was undoubtedly left open," he added.

  77. I'm going to have a little conservatory opening from the library window.

  78. I think it was Violet, but the crash of the rain on the glass of the conservatory had covered the noise of our escape.

  79. Mr. Harcourt stood braced against the door, and Sir George had got the window open and was testing the roof of a conservatory with his foot.

  80. Luckily, the very top of the conservatory was boarded on top of the glass, but it began to slope sooner than I had expected, and I lost my hold on Sir George's hand and slid without warning.

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