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Example sentences for "drawer"

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drawbridges; drawe; drawed; drawee; drawen; drawers; drawes; drawest; draweth; drawin
  1. Go fetch me some court-plaster out of the middle drawer in the japan cabinet.

  2. Polly, you will find a small sponge in the, second drawer .

  3. She groped for it, pulled open drawer after drawer, rifled them for lint and linen, and by the time Mudge tapped on the door, stood ready with the chest under one arm and a heap of bandages in the other.

  4. Mr. Bunting was now in the hall, and through the crack of the door he could see the desk and the open drawer and a candle burning on the desk.

  5. Then something snapped, the drawer was opened, and there was a rustle of papers.

  6. From a locked drawer in his bedroom he took a little revolver, examined it carefully, and put it into the pocket of his lounge jacket.

  7. And then, being satisfied of his solitude, he unlocks the cupboard and a box in the cupboard and a drawer in that box, and produces three volumes bound in brown leather, and places them solemnly in the middle of the table.

  8. It was dark, and I had the devil of a hunt after matches, which I found at last in the drawer of the little cash desk.

  9. Phil was in a hurry to get to his Sallust; so that he was not sorry when Mrs. Watson herself came up to see that the boy's clothes were laid properly in the deep drawer in which Hugh was to keep his things.

  10. When his box was emptied, and his drawer filled, Mrs. Watson took him into the school-room, where the boys were at supper.

  11. Don't begrudge me one locked drawer when you'll own the whole place some day," he said, with all the dignity that his fretful burst of irritation had lacked.

  12. One glance had told him there were things in that drawer too sacred for his big hands.

  13. Still smiling, Mr. Frendlyer opened a drawer and took out a gun.

  14. He opened a drawer and took out a large book.

  15. It lay now in the top-left-hand drawer of her toilet-table--a memento not included in the burning.

  16. It is so easy to drop an untidy thing into a drawer and shove it out of sight.

  17. I don't suppose it would be so in your case, dear, but a drawer sometimes hides very slovenly habits.

  18. He had left the box behind in a drawer in his cabin.

  19. Heyst said nothing to that naive and practical suggestion, for the object that he missed from the drawer was his revolver.

  20. He could not have explained what had induced him to go to the drawer in the middle of the night.

  21. He went in gloomily, and stood over the empty drawer in deep and unsatisfactory thought.

  22. Reflection on the general situation, and on the insecurity of Number One, came later, after he had obtained possession of the revolver and of the box of cartridges out of the table drawer in the living-room.

  23. Ever since the London furniture had arrived in Samburan, it had been reposing in the drawer of the table.

  24. He would just put the lot into any box or drawer that was handy.

  25. Favored of all the slaves, he was trusted to go to the cash drawer for spending money, and permitted to help himself to candy and all he wanted to eat.

  26. Then calling her little sister Elsie, who was playing about the nursery, she sent her into her own room, bidding her open the table drawer and bring her the letter she would find there.

  27. She retained sufficient presence of mind, however, when Hannah ran to the door to call her assistant, who was in the next room, to open the drawer of the table by which she sat, and shut the letter within.

  28. Do what she would, she could not contrive, poor helpless child, to come at the drawer of the table unless she spoke out plainly, which she could not do, and she had been wheeled into the nursery before the opportunity offered.

  29. At last they went to work beside a long table where each had her own drawer and her own tools.

  30. Mademoiselle Le Mire seated her in front of a great drawer filled with pearls, needles, and bodkins, with instalments of four-sou novels thrown in at random among them.

  31. Seeing a tavern open at the end of the quay I ran like a madman, and asked if there were any boatmen there; the drawer told me there were two, but that they were drunk.

  32. He took me back to the tavern, and the drawer went bail for him.

  33. When Joseph sent for him, he went immediately to the drawer where he had left it, but, behold it was gone!

  34. Martin was so anxious to gratify his friend, that, although it was contrary to his obligation, he went to the drawer to get the manuscript, but the key was gone.

  35. When Allison rose to go, Levy followed him to the door, stopping a moment at the drawer of his desk to wrap a small package which he thrust into his old friend's hand.

  36. The best plan is to have a box or chest, with strings put across to hang the flannels on, and a drawer to pull out where you can set in a pan with coals and brimstone.

  37. Have the flannels nicely washed, and put them in wet, close it up till you think it wants more brimstone, when you can pull out the drawer and renew it.

  38. He pulled at this drawer most lustily, but it was locked, and Miss Sidebottom had the key.

  39. It occurred to him at length that by some mysterious power of locomotion the garment had gotten into the drawer of a bureau that stood in one corner.

  40. The temptation to come down from her throne, and become a mere hewer of wood and drawer of water is very strong.

  41. There's a secret drawer in there somewhere.

  42. For, besides its own special bliss, who ever heard of a secret drawer with nothing in it?

  43. The only thing seemed to be to leave the parcel in the drawer and hope for the best.

  44. Then he came to the drawer where the parcel was.

  45. Towards the end of the day the mere sight of the drawer began to depress me.

  46. He pulled out drawer after drawer, pottering around like an old bloodhound, and babbling from time to time about Berkeley and his cigarette-case in a way that struck me as perfectly ghastly.

  47. It was about an hour after I had shoved the parcel into the drawer when I realised that I had let myself in for just the same sort of thing.

  48. I sprinted up to my room and made for the drawer where I had put the parcel.

  49. He kept one story in his drawer for seven long years before it was finished.

  50. After Hearn's death, in a drawer of his library at Tokyo half-a-dozen envelopes were found, each containing a sketch neatly written in his small legible handwriting.

  51. I believe that many stories of his were left unfinished in his drawer, or, at least, in the drawer of his mind when he passed away.

  52. The moment I attempted, however, to touch upon the subject of Hearn, it was as if a drawer with a secret spring had been shut.

  53. When we came in together to look at the English whelp the drawer was open.

  54. He tore the remainder of them from the drawer with a curse, flung them on the floor, and, dropping on his knees, hastily turned them over one after another as they lay there.

  55. He burrowed hastily among the papers in the open drawer that Roger had noticed at first, and apparently was unable to find what he was looking for.

  56. Wrapped in silver paper she would repose in a drawer in the spare room under lock and key, while I pined for her companionship, and would only be granted to me as a sort of distinguished visitor on high days and holidays.

  57. I was afraid to say they were in my mother's room (really my room), in the drawer of the wardrobe.

  58. As for the talisman, the gold locket which the President had worn, it was in the drawer of a cupboard in the studio, and was not stolen.

  59. Those pearls were then in the lower drawer of the wardrobe where I usually placed my jewel-cases.

  60. Felix Faure) were in the drawer of the wardrobe at my house in the Impasse Ronsin.

  61. Two or three years after the death of Felix Faure I looked into the drawer in which the pearls were kept and found they had all gone, except, of course, the ten which I had put aside.

  62. Hamard that my husband usually kept his revolver by him in his room, in the drawer of his bedside table, and it was because M.

  63. The dummy I put in the drawer where the genuine documents had been, and these latter I hid in a place of safety the next day.

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