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Example sentences for "conserves"

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conservatory; conserve; conserved; conserver; conservers; conserving; consider; considera; considerable; considerably
  1. Here again, the right path will be that of fulfilment, not of destruction; a deeper investigation of the full meaning of cultus, the values it conserves and the needs it must meet, a clearer and humbler understanding of our human limitations.

  2. Of music that conserves the assurance, thou as well Wast certain of the same!

  3. God takes his own part in each thing he made; Made for a reason, he conserves his work, Gives each its proper instinct of defence.

  4. For then the voice conserves its own formation, Conserves its shape.

  5. Fortunately the deep humanity of his work in the mass conserves it against the mere veerings of taste.

  6. The teacher may be forgotten, the prophet may be hearkened to no more, but a great poet's utterance is never temporal, having that in it which conserves it against the antagonism of time, and the ebb and flow of literary ideals.

  7. Smart maids are buying conserves and sackets for their mistresses, or perfumes for my lady's chamber.

  8. The Queen is supposed to have possessed considerable knowledge and skill in the use of drugs, and her conserves had evidently a great reputation.

  9. Of conserves there were innumerable varieties, and ointments of oil and wax, as well as liniments and plasters of herbs and flowers, well boiled with oil or spirits.

  10. One of the five sections of the reservation conserves two large caves.

  11. Praise to Saint Martha, the conserves are doing well, and so I catch a minute for my little heart.

  12. Conserves may be prepared as preserves, i.

  13. In the special recipes for conserves given in this text, the latter method is followed.

  14. Mulching conserves moisture, keeps the berries clean, and prevents weeds from growing.

  15. All this is only a roundabout way of saying that frequent shallow surface tillage conserves moisture.

  16. Saugrain and madame, when Narcisse came in with a tray of cooling drinks--a mild and pleasant beverage made of raspberry conserves and lime-juice mixed with some spirits and plenty of cold spring water.

  17. And I receved a jarr of conserves from George Durois, with 25 peares, which the China Capt.

  18. In the after nowne the boate I sent to Langasaque, to buy provitions to envite the king to dyner, retorned and brought that she went for, with 2 jarrs conserves from Jorge, brought for me.

  19. It is claimed that the manufacturer renders a great public service by using supplies of plant-food that the home-mixer would not use, and thus conserves the world's total supply.

  20. Near the southern edge of the oat belt this substitution gives more value in the crop following corn, and at the same time conserves soil fertility.

  21. Conserves are a kind of dry confects, made by beating up flowers, fruits, &c.

  22. I am an individual; he creates me and conserves me as such, and as being all that I am in this instant, with all my attendant circumstances.

  23. Does not this error spring from the fact that we are unconscious of the creative action which conserves us, and that we are only conscious of our existence?

  24. It is this noninvincibility which causes the mind to be free and capable of changing them; but after all the mind makes these changes only through the motion which God gives to it and conserves for it.

  25. The first is, that when God creates me or conserves me at this instant, he does not conserve me as a being without form, like a species, or another of the Universals of Logic.

  26. You may know when your conserves are almost spoiled by this; you shall find a hard crust at top with little holes in it, as though worms had been eating there.

  27. THE way of making conserves is two-fold, one of herbs and flowers, and the other of fruits.

  28. The marked difference in temperature between the two rooms helps to harden the chicks, while the reduced space about the hover conserves the heat.

  29. Furthermore, cultivation conserves moisture and is more essential during dry periods in the growing season than at any other time.

  30. Of music that conserves the assurance, thou as well Was certain of the same!

  31. In another passage is shown how the permanence of feeling conserves even the form, if we will bring ourselves into touch with it: "Never dream That what once lived shall ever die!

  32. Through Aprile his philosophy becomes imbued with soul, the attributes of which are the spirit of love and the spirit of beauty, one of which conserves and immortalizes beauty, the other of which searches out new beauty.

  33. The Adelantado received him very cordially, offering him conserves and wine, but he would neither eat nor drink.

  34. Indeed, this plan is strongly recommended, for it not only saves material that is removed in the peeling but also conserves the mineral salts and the soluble food material, much of which is lost in the water during the cooking.

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