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Example sentences for "conservator"

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conservation; conservationists; conservatism; conservative; conservatively; conservatories; conservators; conservatory; conserve; conserved
  1. They are still more distinctly recognized in Paul's discourse before the assembled Athenian philosophers, where Christian theology was for the first time presented to the Greek mind--God the Creator and Conservator of the world (Acts xvii.

  2. Is He the immanent Conservator of the universe--is his omnipotence the force, his reason the law, and his omnipresence the life of all nature?

  3. The Duc de Fleury, the Count de Coigni's son-in-law.

  4. So called from the yellowish appearance which the diseased liver often presents when cut.

  5. According to chemical principles; by chemical process or operation.

  6. What I have meant to impress is the fact that the farmer is the ultimate conservator of the resources of the earth.

  7. A corporation may be the best as well as the worst conservator of resources; and likewise, private or individual ownership may be the very worst as well as the best conservator.

  8. As the judge-conservator was declared by the Audiencia to be legal, he proceeded, constraining the archbishop with censures so that he should furnish an official statement of the acts issued against the Society.

  9. It is evidently written by some friend of the Jesuits who was a lawyer--possibly by Fabian de Santillan, whom they appointed judge-conservator against the bishop.

  10. Finally, the father commissary asked the judge-conservator to surrender to him an information that he had brought against Don Pedro de Monrroy, because he had said that Lutero and Calvino [i.

  11. Consequently, it was declared that the judge-conservator had not used fuerza toward the archbishop, and that he should proceed with his commission.

  12. The judge-conservator arrested him, and took his confession, in which, although he did not tell openly all that the protest contained, he made known sufficient of it so that one could get light on the matter.

  13. The bachelor Fulgencio de Ribera took the floor, and said in few words that the judge-conservator was not legitimately appointed, for there were no manifest injuries in the case.

  14. Hence I shall not go into greater detail here, by mentioning what I have heard erudite men say in reply to certain arguments by which the other relation tries to prove that the enactments of the judge-conservator were null and void.

  15. He had declared him excommunicated and suspended; but the archbishop refused to surrender the protest, while the judge-conservator did not cease to demand it.

  16. Of the judge-conservator he said that one would believe him a canon of London rather than of the cathedral of Manila; that the Jesuits had made him a pope or popelet, and that through him they had undertaken to give them [i.

  17. The judge-conservator petitioned the governor for the aid of the civil arm, and on Friday, November 16, arrested the clerk by its help.

  18. After the arrest of the notary, the judge-conservator fulminated new censures against the archbishop, ordering him to annul the protest.

  19. R: How did you acquire this post of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests?

  20. But if you like you can meet Mr Venkatesh, Deputy Conservator of Forests and give him my reference.

  21. Later I went to the US for two years and on my return I was appointed as Chief Conservator of Forests.

  22. He defended their rights, and compelled the archbishop to withdraw the acts [which he had issued against the Society], although the said judge-conservator allowed himself first to be excommunicated.

  23. This gentleman having had experience as Conservator of Forests both in South Australia and New South Wales, was eminently fitted for his position as Conservator in West Australia.

  24. And, next, every school of socialism accepts the concentration of management and property as necessary, and declines to contemplate what is the typical Conservator remedy, its re-fragmentation.

  25. They are the extreme right, as it were, while the Planless Progressives are the extreme left of Anti-Conservator thought.

  26. The first step towards securing some conservative management dates back to 1806, when Captain Watson was sent to India as Conservator of Forests, to look after the interests of the East India Company in this direction.

  27. Hugh Cleghorn was appointed Conservator of Forests in Madras.

  28. In 1881, a new forest department under a French forest officer was started, which has grown until now its consists of one Conservator (D.

  29. As the conservator of learning, it eventually began to settle the limits of knowledge and belief on its own interpretation and to force this upon the world.

  30. The Church Becomes the Conservator of Knowledge.

  31. John Home in 1770, as Conservator of Scots Privileges at Campvere.

  32. He obtained a Civil List pension of £300, with the sinecure office of conservator of Scots privileges at Campvere.

  33. Lenier, whose name is found in the Edinburgh Almanack as "Conservator at Campvere" till 1847, when the office and the officer seem to have expired together.

  34. The office of conservator degenerated into a sinecure.

  35. The Conservator of orthodoxy is the Holy Ghost in a purified heart.

  36. It is the blessed Conservator of orthodoxy, the Preserver of the purity of the Word of God operating in that heart to hinder it from accepting heresy.

  37. I demanded that he permit me to send word to my conservator asking him to come at once and look after my interests, for I was being unfairly treated.

  38. As the scant reports sent to my conservator during these three weeks indicated that I was not improving as he had hoped, he made a special trip to the institution, to investigate in person.

  39. Not until the Governor of the State, the judge who committed me, and my conservator come to this door will I open it.

  40. Indeed, in dealing with my conservator the assistant physician showed a degree of tact which, had it been directed toward myself, would have sufficed to keep me tolerably comfortable.

  41. Though these epistolary monstrosities were launched, few reached those to whom they were addressed; for my conservator had wisely ordered that my literary output be sent in bulk to him.

  42. It informed me that my conservator would call that afternoon.

  43. He did not mail them, nor did he forward them to my conservator as he should have done, and had earlier agreed to do with all letters which he could not see his way clear to approve.

  44. It was rather with the wish to test the unfriendly physician than to satisfy any desire to speak with my conservator that one morning I asked permission to call up the latter.

  45. The letter was eventually forwarded to my conservator and is now in my possession.

  46. About this time my conservator called to see me.

  47. Now for a man to see his brother in such a plight as mine would be a distressing ordeal, and, though my conservator came within a few hundred feet of my prison cell, it naturally took but a suggestion to dissuade him from coming nearer.

  48. Shortly after he went upon this errand, my conservator appeared.

  49. The jurisdiction of the Thames conservator extends from Staines Bridge to Yendall or Yenleet, and from Colemouth Creek to Cockham Wood in the Medway, including every bank, shore, and wharf within those limits.

  50. Is a conservator of the peace; must see that the laws are obeyed; may issue warrants, attachments, etc.

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