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Example sentences for "caretaker"

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  1. Three of us arrived there and found the caretaker just leaving.

  2. Three of us took the bath up to the chateau, then inhabited by a caretaker and his wife.

  3. Ike M'Graw, general caretaker of the Lodge, had long since piled each wood box in the house full with billets of hard wood.

  4. Though I believe the twins, Ralph and Rowena, have been up there with a caretaker and a governess, or somebody to look out for them.

  5. It has taken toll of at least one life of every family that has lived there--however short the time--and since it has stood empty caretaker after care-taker has died there.

  6. I'll be right down," the caretaker replied, leaving the window.

  7. Jabowski is your caretaker at Skeleton Island?

  8. Dan and Midge said no more about the affair, but in private they often remarked that they thought Wilson Jabowski, the caretaker on Skeleton Island, would bear investigation.

  9. The Cubs tramped off, and because they knew the caretaker was watching, did not look back until they were a long distance from the old hotel.

  10. I've never heard of anyone staying there except a caretaker who looks after the property.

  11. Although the caretaker could have landed the raft at the beach, he proceeded up-island to a dock which extended out into much deeper water.

  12. In an ugly mood, the caretaker complained that the barbecue was "a lot of stupid nonsense.

  13. When I first sought her out and broached the subject of the caretaker I was requiring, she listened in a non-committal way.

  14. I knew of a girl living in a block of small flats occupied by women workers, and trying to make a living by journalism, who lay dead in her room for a week, and then was only discovered by the caretaker because her rent was overdue.

  15. They hired a caretaker for the property and set up rules for its thirty-five members.

  16. But the superintendent's house is occupied by a caretaker who guards the property summer and winter.

  17. After 1900 there was only one resident--the caretaker of the mill, Jack Williams, who called his home, Independence.

  18. The caretaker hung his thumbs in the loops of his gold watchchain and spoke in a discreet tone to their vacant smiles.

  19. The caretaker blinked up at one of the sepulchres they passed.

  20. The caretaker put the papers in his pocket.

  21. The caretaker moved away a few paces and put on his hat.

  22. My dear Simon, the caretaker answered in a low voice.

  23. The caretaker stood silent and sullen as Swenton spoke, his hands deep in the front pockets of his apron.

  24. A moment’s conversation was broken only by a golden clink, accompanied by the jingle of keys, after which the caretaker disappeared, and Tom turned back to us.

  25. Come here,” and he led the way apart, the caretaker following.

  26. But this woman had gained great distinction in Kurt's eyes by being well acquainted with the old caretaker of the castle; so he always had a hope of hearing from her many things that were happening there.

  27. But the delicate cord of life suddenly broke in the case of the wife, and left the young husband as overseer of the farm and home and sole caretaker of three little children.

  28. Then, after this excellent start has been made, have the school board appoint some reliable man as caretaker of the grounds with payment of reasonable wages for what he does.

  29. As yet, there is little for the caretaker to do other than to feed the infant with exceeding care and regularity, and to enjoy the awakening of the new infant activities.

  30. When a caretaker enters the house of one of the good neighbours, is she accompanied by her annoyances?

  31. Should the caretaker attend to the bell, what does she do?

  32. What do the relations of the caretaker do in the house of one of the good neighbours?

  33. Yes, the caretaker is accompanied by her annoyances.

  34. If anyone calls to see the good neighbour, what does the caretaker do?

  35. The caretaker generally refuses to attend to the bell.

  36. The annoyances of a caretaker are her husband, her children, her cat, her dog, her mother, and all her relations.

  37. Does the caretaker lead a happy life in the house of one of the good neighbours?

  38. As it is, the history of the fight and the reputation of the men who fought is now at the mercy of the caretaker of the park and the Cuban "guides" from the hotel.

  39. The caretaker speaks only Spanish, and, considering the amount of misinformation the guides disseminate, it is a pity when they are talking to Americans, they are not forced to use the same language.

  40. A little farther on, when they turned into Franklin Street, he saw that the old print shop was in darkness, except for the lights in the rooms of the caretaker and the lodgers in the upper storey.

  41. I know nothing about her except that she came in a few weeks ago, and the caretaker tells me that she is leaving to-morrow.

  42. The La Grange officers are watching the Hooligan house in that town, and when the caretaker shows up there he will be captured.

  43. On entering the greenhouse the caretaker discovered the body of a man lying on the floor quite dead.

  44. Yesterday evening Thomas Silverthorne, caretaker at Lennox Nursery, Streatham, was aroused by hearing a noise in the greenhouse attached to the house.

  45. One by one the tenants of the studios turned up, and the day sped on without any one's attention being drawn noticeably to the fact that the caretaker had not appeared upon the scene.

  46. The plot thickened when from that day forth a complete change came over the worthy caretaker of the Rubens Studios.

  47. The caretaker refused to be comforted, nor would she speak of her trouble to Miss Bedford.

  48. One, a woman, engaged the caretaker in conversation for some time in the hall, getting all the information she could give her.

  49. Frequently the caretaker started the fires a few minutes before the time for the girls to appear.

  50. There seems to be a caretaker there, and she says we may come in.

  51. A question drew the caretaker after Mr. Kendrick, senior, and the younger man had the moment he was playing for.

  52. The tenant acts as caretaker and apparently takes pride in keeping the place in order.

  53. It stood alone in the midst of the wide valley; no caretaker hindered our steps to its precincts and no effort had been made to prop its crumbling walls or to stay the green ruin creeping over it.

  54. The best-preserved portion is the keep, or tower, in which the caretaker makes his home; but the fine chapel and banqueting hall were complete enough to give a good idea of their old-time state.

  55. The tourist season had hardly begun, yet the caretaker told us that more than seventy people had been there during the day and most of them were Americans.

  56. On these he started, with the precaution of a seaman marooned on a desolate island, not indubitably uninhabited, as soon as the front door shut upon Dale-Bulmer and the two chauffeurs, with the gaunt caretaker his muffled image in his own car.

  57. And they roared together until a gaunt caretaker appeared on the scene, with a face expressive of such crass bewilderment that their poor clay quaked with a second shock.

  58. The caretaker shook a fist in his face as he snapped back: "I'm nobody's father.

  59. After ringing the bell for several minutes a very angry caretaker came to the door.

  60. A severe-looking woman, a caretaker apparently, was on the stair as Katherine ascended, feeling dreadfully puzzled what to do, as she feared having to knock in vain and go away without leaving her note.

  61. If need be, the caretaker would fight a pack of wolves in my defense.

  62. The caretaker felt quite certain he had not set foot inside the door since Garrison issued his orders.

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