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Example sentences for "caresses"

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carena; carere; cares; caress; caressed; caressing; caressingly; carest; caret; caretaker
  1. The almoner deemed it unworthy of him to listen to a report of the caresses which she scornfully mentioned.

  2. To-day John had voluntarily approached the stranger to whom he owed his life, but whose passionate caresses at their first meeting had frightened him, to show her the little wooden horse that Adrian had just given him.

  3. You can't conceive how much she caresses me ever since; and above all, how much she is edified by seeing me so regular at mass and at prayers.

  4. He would engage with equal arms; but my extreme timidity opposed his desire, and my tender caresses did not give him time.

  5. She had loaded him with caresses and dosed him with soft speeches in order to make him swallow the business.

  6. He, too, accepted Nana's conditions, leaving her entire freedom of action and claiming her caresses only on certain days.

  7. In the early days after his return from the country she used to drive him wild with delight, as with pussycat caresses she kissed him all round his face and whiskers and vowed that he was her own dear pet and the only little man she adored.

  8. At night, more than ten times running, she would leave Zizi to go and see if Louiset were breathing properly, but on her return she would re-embrace her Zizi and lavish on him the caresses that had been destined for the child.

  9. She reverted to low childish tastes, would kiss Bijou from morning to night and kill time with stupid pleasures while waiting for the man whose caresses she tolerated with an appearance of complaisant lassitude.

  10. Together they nestled among Mistress's skirts and enjoyed a little of her at a time, even when she was with another man, while doles of sugar and stray caresses not seldom fell to their share in her hours of loneliness and boredom.

  11. How delightful are the caresses of an ardently cherished husband!

  12. You care for hearts full of false tenderness, for those women with the laudable and fine talent of knowing how to smother their husbands with caresses in order to make them oblivious of the existence of lovers.

  13. The animal, seeing us, ran no longer by the scent; but with raised snout came galloping across the valley, and bounded forward to receive the caresses of his mistress.

  14. Whereupon the dog bounded round his feet, and held up its head for one of those caresses which Moses was never known to extend save to his dog.

  15. It was with a strange pang at her heart that Mary now submitted to the loving, if rather boisterous, caresses of the urchins who climbed her lap and clung around her neck.

  16. But the determination I had reached that other night, before Dicky's voice and caresses dispelled my doubts, I made my own again.

  17. Afterwards it will be thy turn to continue thy caresses upon me.

  18. She, too, wept, and they mingled tears and caresses together; this almost instantly restored his prick to its pristine stiffness.

  19. Their mutual caresses and handlings very quickly refired these hot and lecherous women.

  20. The excitement of my caresses had moistened her juicy cunt, and the head of my prick entered without any difficulty.

  21. With her beauteous legs still thrown over mine, she moved her arms to my neck, kissed me voluptuously, and mingled the sweetest accents of gratification with the most endearing caresses and flatteries.

  22. When we had reposed ourselves sufficiently, his lascivious touches and caresses and praises of our parts soon sufficiently re-excited us to let him see if we might again proceed to action.

  23. She had continued her endearing caresses without proceeding much further than I have already described, except more frequently kissing me.

  24. We continued our caresses until my prick showed its readiness for another encounter.

  25. We each retained the dear object of our mutual caresses within our lips and our fingers remained within the delightful recesses that had so much contributed to the excessive raptures we had enjoyed.

  26. These little caresses were frequently repeated, as if she were wishing either to accustom me or herself to a habit of it, so as, doubtless, gradually to increase them to something more definite.

  27. I felt my prick had raised itself up to its full extent as these caresses were exchanged, and as Miss Evelyn held me tight pressed against her thigh, she must have felt it throbbing against her.

  28. We had a mutual gamahuche, and both greedily swallowed the double result, and continued our caresses of both parts, until they were again in full vigour, and inspired with a desire for more solid enjoyments.

  29. Juliette snubbed him; but he returned always, like the poor dog who lies in wait all day for the time when his caresses will not be inopportune.

  30. Your maternal heart, my sweet Valerie, may perhaps bleed at the thought of being deprived of the innocent caresses of your child.

  31. I cannot express what I suffered at seeing my wife cover with kisses and caresses the child of my mistress.

  32. He half thought so, but she looked so beautiful, it enabled him to return her caresses with some tepid warmth.

  33. I do not want any of your caresses to-night," she said.

  34. Edgar is ever the lover,--one whose caresses and endearments are never exhausted, and there is endless delight in the thought that my life holds nothing but to-morrows with him.

  35. She caresses his head gently, and waits for him to go on.

  36. At the sound of his voice the bark was changed into a yelp of delight, and in a moment he was surrounded and almost overpowered by the caresses of the faithful animals.

  37. He drew her to his bosom and kissed the tears from her soft cheek; nor did he meet with a repulse, for there are moments of mingled sorrow and tenderness which hallow the caresses of affection.

  38. A single one of her kisses, the most chaste of her caresses makes me shiver to the soles of my feet and sends all my blood back to my heart.

  39. I bestow as many caresses on her as I please; I have her naked or dressed, in town or in the country.

  40. The sultan caresses his favorite before him and kisses her on her pomegranate mouth.

  41. And he added: "It is true that love preserves beauty, and that the beauty of women is fed on caresses as bees are fed on flowers.

  42. Oh, no, it is not caresses that have preserved the few charms which I am happy to have in order to offer them to you.

  43. All that is necessary is so to manage one's caresses that they are pleasant to the beloved object.

  44. Because you think yourself in duty bound to refuse caresses which would not hurt you, and which would give me new life and happiness.

  45. The Zeroli wisely continued to sleep; but at last, conquered by passion, she seconded my caresses with greater ardour than my own, and she was obliged to laugh at her stratagem.

  46. We were sure of not being interrupted by the maid and we put ourselves at our ease, whilst our caresses became more lively and ardent.

  47. And, pray, sir, what cause had I given you to--to think that your caresses could be agreeable to me?

  48. What cause had I given you," she repeated, stamping her little foot angrily on the earth, "to think that your caresses were agreeable to me?

  49. These two Bacchantes began to imitate the caresses I lavished on my housekeeper, who was quite astonished at the amorous fury with which my attendant played the part of a man with the other girl.

  50. I gave her a hundred caresses in witness of my joy, and I assured her practically of my love and gratitude.

  51. Sara had declared that she was in love with my housekeeper, and as her parents laughed at her she lavished her caresses on my dear Dubois.

  52. Madame Marinette (the beldame whose caresses I had repulsed so unceremoniously) from exercising her talons upon my face.

  53. I will restore to you this father who took so much pleasure in lavishing his caresses upon you.

  54. The duties of husband and wife are reciprocal, and Halechalbe had received the caresses of a strange woman.

  55. Accustomed to the tender caresses of his nurse, to those of his father, and of his generous benefactor who had since directed his education, the attentions of the pretended dervish seemed to him affectionate and natural.

  56. Urad, having never beheld anything splendid or magnificent, was greatly delighted at the gay company and beautiful saloon, nor did she receive the caresses of the son of Houadir reluctantly.

  57. Having received few caresses and little tender nursing, she did not know how to play the part of mother.

  58. Nor was there for her much compensation in the occasional caresses of her father.

  59. They were afraid of their mother, who lavished her caresses upon her dogs, until she had none left for them.

  60. If so, restrain him by successive tugs, punishing him a little with the curb, if necessary, and always rewarding him with praises and caresses when he does well.

  61. Adjust and settle the various straps with your hand, speaking kindly to your horse at the same time; but when you have begun to teach him, reserve all praises and caresses to reward him when he has done well.

  62. The tender caresses of the lovers were suddenly interrupted by Julia von Mengden, who slipped in through the secret door in a white satin robe, and with a myrtle crown upon her head.

  63. Although not greatly learned in the ways of women, he had kissed them often before in his life, and none had received his caresses like that.

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