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Example sentences for "caress"

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carelessly; carelessness; carena; carere; cares; caressed; caresses; caressing; caressingly; carest
  1. He felt his will melt beneath her caress and the sound of her voice.

  2. He sent his warm beams to kiss the young man's curls, and to caress the white hands that were clasped before him; then one of the rays fell upon a picture that still kept its place above the altar.

  3. The fawn was with her, and evinced the delight afforded by the occasional caress bestowed upon it, by frequently skipping sportively around her.

  4. He was playing with the kitten, the fawn, and the hounds, and occasionally ran into the stable to caress the horses.

  5. Their lips met in a caress of tenderness.

  6. He disengaged himself lingeringly, with a parting caress of his lips along her cheek.

  7. He came round the table, put his hands tenderly on her shoulders, pressed his lips in a husbandly caress upon the coil of auburn hair that crowned her small head.

  8. She preferred to watch him, to let her glance caress him, all unconscious of her presence.

  9. He took her in his arms in spite of her struggles, began to caress her.

  10. And as for Lucilla, she sat in her room and cried, and thought of her father's hand upon her shoulder--that last unusual caress which was more touching to think of than a world of words.

  11. For that caress of that wicked woman I had not sufficient endurance and I pushed her from me with roughness and sprang to my feet.

  12. Try as hard as Robert Carruthers will, he cannot force that Roberta, Marquise of Grez and Bye, at all times to refrain from a caress to the Uncle whom she so greatly loves.

  13. With the quickness of lightning I laid my cheek against the sleeve of his coat, in exactly the caress I had given to my Uncle, the General Robert, and then did depart with an equal rapidity.

  14. And into that caress came also another interruption of great hurry.

  15. The sheriff toyed with the new gun and listened to the low caress of a distant guitar.

  16. He turned abruptly, raised his gun to his shoulder and fired, then he laughed recklessly and patted his mount, which responded to the confident caress by lying flatter to the earth in a spurt of heart-breaking speed.

  17. Then he kissed the little mouth so temptingly close to his own; a long, passionate caress that seemed to take all strength from the girl.

  18. Even for your coming into my arms and letting me kiss and caress you," he said, with biting sarcasm.

  19. Both men sprang to caress and comfort her.

  20. We will love you, caress you, feast you, heal you all in one day.

  21. You may not," said he, "caress this dog until he has washed off with his tongue all the syrup with which he is anointed; only then will the seams in the skin be closed up.

  22. Tears, cries, entreaties, she spared nothing to win a lukewarm caress from him who loved her not at all.

  23. Has she forgotten thus the old caress That made our breath a quickened atmosphere That failed nigh unto swooning with the sheer Delight?

  24. They had a joyful supper that night, Medor remaining at the side of the table, with his head upon his master's knee, which he left only to give a slight caress to Michael, or a look and a wag of his tail to Gervais.

  25. Cecilia was the first to observe her, and began to caress her, in order to quiet her, but the child still continued crying, with her eyes directed to the bottle.

  26. He keeps me after school hours," she said; "once he would caress my hand, but I will have none of it.

  27. But there the dear fellow stood, ears pointed straight at me, and snorting for the caress of my hand on his muzzle.

  28. But his playmate was far away and came no more to feed him from his basin of bread and milk, and caress his cold, smooth coils with his warm, soft, little hand.

  29. When they caress you, I feel it more sensibly than when I am caressed myself.

  30. Caress Fidele for me who found me in the wood.

  31. Paul and Virginia did not understand this reflection; but, when they saw that she was calm, they smiled, and continued to caress her.

  32. How was I wont to feel my pulses thrill, Like a rich harp-string, yearning to caress thee, And hear thy sweet 'My father!

  33. Break from the arms that would fondly caress you!

  34. She lies within those arms, that press Her form with many a soft caress Of tenderness and watchful care!

  35. They then caress his neck and cheeks, and speak to him in a low tone; and thus after a while he lifts his feet whenever they are touched.

  36. In the Sahara, little or great, rich or poor, all alike love and caress the "gentle" bird.

  37. Would you have me publicly patronize, associate with, caress the mantua-maker, in my own land, before my own kin?

  38. She flung her arms about her aunt, and laid her head lovingly upon her unsympathetic bosom, as though she must caress some one in the exuberant outburst of her joy!

  39. She used to dress her like a doll, and when visitors were present, she would caress her and call her a good child and her darling, and that was all.

  40. As for that, she did not caress even her nurse, although she loved her with her whole heart.

  41. As usual the mother beheld her daughter as in a dream, and she opened her arms as if to caress her.

  42. And yet he heard songs that sounded like a caress and his whole being was permeated by a sense of delicious freshness.

  43. He would wind his arms around the young saplings, he would tear the berries from the bushes, pressing them against his thirsty lips, and imagining their odoriferous sweetness to be a fond caress from the loved one.

  44. Whence comes all this to bless me, The soft wind to caress me, The life which does my strength renew For purer visions of the true?

  45. The soothing, whispering wind's caress Was bliss to weary brain, The songs of birds had power to bless As in fair childhood's reign.

  46. She seemed to caress them, her quick fingers seemed to see.

  47. So the child journeys through the forest of sounds, and round him he is conscious of thousands of forces lying in wait for him, and calling to him to caress or devour him.

  48. Perhaps he instinctively felt in his mother's eyes a caress which made it possible for him to complain.

  49. Jean Michel moved his lips, and tried to caress his head with his hand, but then he fell back into his torpor.

  50. So he continued to caress her--every moment growing more and more enchanted with her loveliness.

  51. And you can now caress and weep over my hands, believing them to have been crimsoned with the life-stream of your first and best friend?

  52. One more caress of the canary's greyish green wings, one more kiss on the monkey's velvety snout, then the door closed behind her forever.

  53. The one caress he permitted himself was to lay his arm lightly on her shoulder when they sat side by side.

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