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Example sentences for "amaze"

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amator; amatorious; amatory; amaurosis; amavit; amazed; amazedly; amazement; amazes; amazing
  1. When I heard that Santy was going to amaze this country with his dinky old flying machine, I resolved to have a little harmless amusement with him.

  2. You know he came over here with his old flying machine, and was going to do stunts to amaze the gaping multitudes.

  3. Now woman, like a Meteor vapor'd forth From dunghills, doth amaze our eyes; Not shining with a reall worth, But subtile her blacke errors to disguise.

  4. His words did indeed amaze Viola, and she protested she knew him not, nor had ever received a purse from him; but for the kindness he had just shown her, she offered him a small sum of money, being nearly the whole she possessed.

  5. Such a prophetic greeting might well amaze him, who knew that while the king's sons lived he could not hope to succeed to the throne.

  6. The kick had brought out the rage in Belllounds at the expense of the amaze and alarm.

  7. His life had been one long succession of shocks, so that it seemed nothing the future held could thrill him, amaze him, torment him.

  8. Fear and presentiment and blank amaze and stricken consciousness left him in the lightning-flash of divination that was recognition as well.

  9. I am a new comer among you, but I will confess that you amaze me.

  10. And then you will see her ears, and then you will see her tail and it will amaze you.

  11. Slowly the day wore on, but quickly the headlands and bays of the southern shore of Ireland glided by; and great was the wonder and amaze of those who looked to seaward from that shore.

  12. What, then, was her amaze at finding the phorontrom filled with armed men, headed by the rejected and vindictive Wooden!

  13. Turn a bibliographer loose upon a poet's works, and he will amaze the poet with an account of his own doings.

  14. Poetry should be great and unobtrusive, a thing which enters into one's soul, and does not startle it or amaze it with itself, but with its subject.

  15. He was looking in amaze at this old woman, who had now come forth from her nook behind the table, and was speaking to him without any assumption of prophetic power, but as one anxious human creature to another.

  16. Dyson hurried away with the posset, and the two girls stood gazing at each other, a light of welcome and amaze in both their eyes.

  17. Cuthbert's eyes grew round with amaze at the sight of all the good cheer before him.

  18. But of this wonder, what doth most amaze Is that we know our love is held for praise.

  19. Christ is minded to amaze the world, and to show that he acteth not like the children of men.

  20. Will it not amaze them to be unexpectedly excluded from life and salvation?

  21. Her caustic condemnation of the fantastical Mistress Clo had gradually lapsed into a doubtful wonder, which later became open amaze not untinged with a pretty spitefulness and resentment.

  22. The other men uttered exclamations of amaze and dread.

  23. Neale, aghast and full of bitter amaze and shame at himself, fled from the gambling-hall where he had struck Beauty Stanton.

  24. Allie was to amaze Neale again before the sun set on that memorable day.

  25. When we had turned clear round, what was our amaze and terror to see the swordfish, seemingly more tigerish than ever, thresh and tear and leap at us again.

  26. It used to amaze me and fill me with sadness.

  27. Imagine my amaze to beach a little fish that weighed scarcely more than two pounds!

  28. They hoped to amaze their friends by their account of the underground banquet.

  29. And then Raimundo would amaze her by some inconceivably childish and innocent proceeding.

  30. Ye gods, it doth amaze me, A man of such a feeble temper should So get the start of the majestic world, And bear the palm alone.

  31. Lionel, staring in blunt amaze at the elderly-looking personage beside him; "yet true, he told me so himself.

  32. I promised I would reveal some strange facts--facts that will amaze you-- but I was prevented by illness.

  33. Yes; when you know the truth about her it will amaze you.

  34. I can tell you, however, that when the truth is out, although my reputation may be blighted, some revelations will be made that will amaze you.

  35. The enormous amount of money expended on these shrines will amaze any foreign visitor, as well as the profound reverence shown by the Japanese for these resting places of the shoguns.

  36. The letter was dateless, and Phoebe's amaze grew as she read.

  37. Great was the amaze of good Mrs. Jones, the housekeeper, at the arrival of Miss Lucy, and equal disappointment that she would neither eat nor rest, nor accept a convoy to No.

  38. At last we came to an island, where we fell upon the reeds so much spent that it was long before we found that our refuge was shared by a bear and by Randolf's old cow, to the infinite amaze of the bull-frogs.

  39. Springing to the window, her eyes seemed to stiffen with amaze as she beheld in the clear, full moonlight, on the frosty sward, the distinctly-traced shadow of a horse and cart.

  40. I'd make Miss Charlecote take me everywhere, and quite forget all my science, unless I wanted to amaze some wonderful genius.

  41. Yet there be times when one shrinks in amaze from all one sees and hears.

  42. A little buzz of amaze and gratulation went round the room as the Queen spoke thus.

  43. Miss Margland,' she cried, 'you shock and amaze me!

  44. Camilla was in the utmost amaze and deepest vexation.

  45. Then silence fell; no word Spake either judge or minister, while with profound amaze Each fixed upon the other's face his horror-stricken gaze.

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