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Example sentences for "amazement"

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amaurosis; amavit; amaze; amazed; amazedly; amazes; amazing; amazingly; ambas; ambassade
  1. Both boys viewed in amazement the object Pep had extracted from the little chamois bag.

  2. And meantime, he took stock of Milly Boon, and, after his first amazement at her beauty and her lovely voice, and beseeching eyes, he studied her character.

  3. And six weeks later William and Milly were cut loose, without any fuss on her part but to the undying amazement of Thorpe-Michael.

  4. When a fallen foe was furious and bearded John and shook a fist in his face, as sometimes happened, he'd look the picture of sorrow and amazement and express his undying regrets.

  5. They gazed at the stone with oaths and exclamations of amazement and admiration.

  6. Then, as if one starry ray had shed illumination in its passing, a daze of horror and amazement seized him.

  7. I think that his amazement was even greater than mine, as he stared at the slip on which his subordinate had written my name and from it to me.

  8. And without waiting to hear my reply he went, leaving me in such amazement that I could have almost shouted for joy.

  9. The name seemed to strike me in the face, and a sharp cry of amazement was out before I could check it.

  10. The risk was, of course, that in her amazement Nessa might give everything away.

  11. Diana raised to her mother her large blue eyes, in which profound amazement could be read.

  12. As they behold the bride and groom, now unmasked, there is a stare of wonder in every face, and expressions of intense amazement are heard on all sides.

  13. She half unfolded the document as if to examine it, when a sudden shock went quivering through her frame and a look of amazement overspread her face.

  14. He saw the stony amazement in hers give way to a momentary alarm, which was succeeded by an expression of resignation.

  15. The sight of it was always startling, and however often seen always produced a mixed sense of amazement and fear.

  16. With a cry of amazement he recognised the identical map of Bowers's Island, which he had last seen in the hands of its namesake.

  17. Miss Vickers, who heard the news from Mr. Joseph Tasker, received it with an amount of amazement highly gratifying to his powers as a narrator.

  18. Silver uttered a shout of amazement and pointed with his uninjured hand before the lightkeeper could get the telescope focused.

  19. And to their amazement the hail came from this seaward direction.

  20. Corporals, captains, commandants, gazed in amazement and awe at the massive figure of the war-correspondent, as he challenged the horizon with his binoculars and then dipped to his map for consultation.

  21. A little gasp of amazement came from the soldiers about the body.

  22. Judge you the amazement they both were in to find themselves in this posture when they were thoroughly awake.

  23. My Lord Hollis explaining this to the foreigner, he was overcome by amazement at the charge; and when asked what he had thrown into the house, made answer he had not flung anything.

  24. And Reb Nochumtzi, overcome by amazement and enthusiasm, nearly shouted: "You are so unfortunate!

  25. My father remained with his fork in the air, staring in amazement at the possessor of so long a name.

  26. The boys stared at each other in amazement and from Dr.

  27. A roar of laughter now caused him to look, and to his amazement every one on the float was convulsed, holding their sides and swaying back and forth.

  28. For my own part, I think his amazement is justified.

  29. The only really amusing part of them is to watch the amazement on the faces of one half of the guests that the other half is there at all!

  30. An exclamation of amazement burst from both Michael and Margaret simultaneously.

  31. John Hampstead read this particular paragraph in The Sentinel with a sense of utter amazement at the wicked mendacity of public rumor, since what he had said to Doctor Mann was merely "Humph!

  32. Mr. Mitchell asked, while an expression of amazement grew upon his face till it became a laugh.

  33. I say I have hardly thought of them," she repeated, with an asperity entirely sufficient to recall the young man from his amazement at her manner to the real object of his visit.

  34. To John's utter amazement the woman was Marien.

  35. And even then, harried through an open country, where there was no place to hide, it was a matter of amazement how long a chase the highwayman led them.

  36. He leaned back in his seat in dumb amazement for the instant.

  37. Amazement burned through her now at the thought; because this man had been well looking, fairly interesting and amusing and got on well both with her father and herself and because he cared for her, she had supposed she could marry him.

  38. Eaton went back to bed, but amazement would not let him sleep.

  39. All torment, trouble, wonder, and amazement Inhabits heere: some heauenly power guide vs Out of this fearefull Country Pro.

  40. They did so: To th' amazement of mine eyes that look'd vpon't.

  41. Your Nobles will not heare you, but are gone To offer seruice to your enemy: And wilde amazement hurries vp and downe The little number of your doubtfull friends Iohn.

  42. All this amazement can I qualifie, When after that the holy rites are ended, Ile tell you largely of faire Heroes death: Meane time let wonder seeme familiar, And to the chappell let vs presently Ben.

  43. But looke, Amazement on thy Mother sits; O step betweene her, and her fighting Soule, Conceit in weakest bodies, strongest workes.

  44. The Anglican party was in amazement and terror, for it would now be exposed to the free attacks of its enemies on every side.

  45. The next day the king, attended by his own guard and a few gentlemen, went into the House to the great amazement of all; and the Speaker leaving the chair, the king went into it.

  46. They voiced their amazement when Tatini announced our wish to find a navigator and vessel to Tautira.

  47. But those same fish that I gazed at in amazement in the tanks of the museums are spread out here on tables for my buying.

  48. A couple of lads on the opposite bank volunteer much information concerning the depth of the creek at different points; no doubt their evident mystification at not being understood is equalled only by the amazement at my answers.

  49. I am in the habit of taking a constitutional spin every morning; by means of which I have figured as an object of interest, and have been stared at in blank amazement by full half the wonder-stricken population of the city.

  50. The girls stared in amazement at the mad performance.

  51. The fierce band paused in amazement at the sight of his temerity; it was something those savage men had not known before.

  52. But you have not told me of Gwenny and her father,” quote Twm, in amazement at his demeanour.

  53. The whole party stared with amazement at the unexpected reply.

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