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Example sentences for "bothers"

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bothe; bother; botheration; bothered; bothering; bothersome; bothies; bothy; botome; botryoidal
  1. But you are on the water now, worse luck--and that's what bothers me.

  2. Nobody in a New York apartment house ever bothers to know who his neighbors are or what their business is, so long as they present a respectable appearance.

  3. It is the peculiar way she is acting that bothers me.

  4. An' there's another thing that bothers me," he said, continuing his audible cogitations.

  5. If we can only find a decent opening where we could make a get-away again, that is the only thing that bothers me," Frank replied.

  6. Because of you the little bothers of the world are gone, and the big bothers never did exist, because of you.

  7. Tell the truth, and shame the Devil;" i kno lots ov people, who can shame the devil easy enuff but the tother thing bothers them.

  8. What bothers me most is how we manage to breathe, havin' no gills, like fishes have.

  9. She had, as usual, started late, for in Spain nobody bothers about punctuality.

  10. If Musgrave has straightened out the tangle that bothers our Spanish friends, he deserves a reward.

  11. If the possum only had hare on the tail i could account for him fully, but this lack ov the hirsute attachment bothers me.

  12. This iz another thing that bothers the philosophers, and i aint agoing to explain it unless i am paid for it.

  13. I dont never hav enny trubble in regulating mi own kondukt, but tew keep other pholks straight iz what bothers me.

  14. I haven't mutch doubt that man sprung from the monkey, but what bothers me, iz, whare the cussid monkey sprung from.

  15. When a woman has nothing in the world to do except get her clothes fitted and attend to what she calls her "social duties," it is no wonder that her head bothers her.

  16. Fly where he will his creation follows him and bothers the life out of him, killing a friend, strangling his bride, and making existence intolerable.

  17. The fear of death is one of the dreads that bothers young as well as old, and, curiously enough, as its inevitable approach becomes more certain, men are prone to dread it more.

  18. Nearly one-fourth of the male world carries its {474} varicocele around with it and never bothers about it.

  19. The door of the room, which is half open, bothers me.

  20. Because that pillow that is down there on my feet bothers me.

  21. Go tell that timber-legged friend of yours that if he bothers us again he will either get a bullet through his real leg or land in jail or both.

  22. Since the book is now professedly and confessedly a boy's and girl's hook, that darn word bothers me some, nights, but it never did until I had ceased to regard the volume as being for adults.

  23. It never floors me at the time, but later I have to admit that it bothers me.

  24. It bothers me that I'll be waiting a maximum of 7 hrs.

  25. It is easy enuff tew git religion, but tew hold it is what bothers a fellow.

  26. You and Flossie coast as much as you like, and if Danny bothers you any more let me know.

  27. Bert generally manages to hold his own when Danny bothers him.

  28. What bothers me is to say how we should work ef they makes across, taking advantage of every bit of cover.

  29. There's something about that Mr. Bradley that bothers me, my dear," he had said.

  30. This here lyin'-down position bothers him fine," he cried.

  31. No one bothers about your soul, but they judge your figure across the street.

  32. I was going to say that I wish, well--I wish I were going with somebody else than Buckley; he bothers me all the time.

  33. Late rising puts everything out of joint for all day, and bothers the poor servants sadly.

  34. So come to me if anything really bothers you.

  35. The only thing about the flattened orange is that the child just sees this orange disporting itself in blue air, and never bothers to associate it with the earth he treads on.

  36. One is habituated to the bad, like a person who all at once sees a fearful hurly-burly beneath him--and one was the counterpart of him who bothers himself with things that do not concern him.

  37. But who bothers his head about the theologians any more--except the theologians themselves?

  38. There's only one thing that bothers me about this plan.

  39. That pirate you belted with the pistol bothers me, though.

  40. But one of his maxims was: "If anything bothers you, go and find out about it.

  41. When anything bothers him he goes over and sits down in there, because--do you know what he thinks sits with him?

  42. Nothin' else bothers it, but during a hoss race it sure stands on end.

  43. What bothers me," said Charley, "is to know how to put up our aerial.

  44. But what bothers me more just now is to know what we are going to do during Easter vacation.

  45. And Bob never bothers about what he does.

  46. It isn't that that bothers me at all, Bob.

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