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  1. I feel alive to everything connected with the interest, happiness, and reputation of the United States.

  2. They do not know what has become of me, are afraid I have died of the yellow fever, scold me in case I am alive for having neglected to write, and tell me that neither my barn, my meadow, nor my house are finished.

  3. But he never let go his grip, his sense of resistance, his impulse to fight the worst, the unshunnable obligation of being alive and going on with the game, succeed or fail.

  4. Early one morning in April the men cutting timber inland were startled to notice the underbrush alive with warriors armed.

  5. On the morning of the 20th the woods were seen to be alive with ambushed men; and Haswell had the cannon loaded with canister fired into the woods.

  6. I'd give anything to know for sure that he's alive and safe!

  7. Wait till daylight If you shed your clothes now and go in, the mosquitoes will eat you alive before you're dry again," he warned them.

  8. These hours of audience were also his hours of work, and here it was that he wrote those stirring appeals which aroused and kept alive the spirit of his countrymen.

  9. Kleber is my son; and so that he is alive and well, I care little if a general or simple soldier.

  10. She felt half penitent as she saw his discomfited face, but her coldness arose from having become alive to a possible danger.

  11. She knew they usually hunted in couples, and her busy mind was alive with conjecture.

  12. Personal praise from Du Meresq, however expressed, was not unwelcome to Cecil, who was sensitively alive to her want of beauty.

  13. Geraldine, fully alive to the importance of the request, exclaimed with a gesture of impatience-- "How provoking!

  14. George have not the same haunting loveliness as the earlier nameless kings and queens, which are ill-drawn, and unknown indeed, but alive for ever in their human simplicity.

  15. He, like Thibault, had taken the Cross in 1189, but, unlike the Count, returned home alive and well.

  16. Together with his wife he is roasted alive in the belly of a brazen bull.

  17. Buzzel, whom he found alive in the cause of Reformation.

  18. Returning to Pittsford on the 8th, he passed several days in social conversation and public discourse with the Christians of his community, who were alive in the joy, light and peace of the kingdom of God.

  19. But he was a a leader, and when so, the cause he espoused was alive with interest and accumulated power.

  20. Of late, I have been more than ever encouraged, and, notwithstanding my embarrassment on account of ill health, my spirit is alive to the good work, and my heart is warm to the interests of Zion.

  21. His fine and sensitive nature, with all its composure and heroism, was alive to the influence of surrounding circumstances.

  22. Almost at the risk of presenting too much of a good thing, I venture to quote a mere fraction of some of these letters, each line of which is so fully alive with the sincerity and earnest faith of the writer.

  23. Universal Directory for Taking Alive and Destroying Rats, and all other Kinds of Four-Footed and Winged Vermin, etc.

  24. Universal Directory for Taking Alive and Destroying Rats, and all other Four-Footed and Winged Vermin, etc.

  25. It was clearly manifest to every man alive now that C├Žsar was the actual master of Italy.

  26. I doubt, however, whether there was enough of patriotism alive among Romans at the time to create the feeling which so great a loss and so great a shame should have occasioned.

  27. Cicero was all alive to what was going on in the world, but still was honest!

  28. Of you, who are alive no one has known anything.

  29. But then every listener was critically alive to the fact whether the speaker before him did or did not perform his task as it should be done.

  30. They were, none of them, men who when alive had interested themselves in the matter.

  31. We have none of the words ever written by Atticus to Cicero, but we have light enough to show us that the one friend was keenly alive to the honor of the other, and thoroughly appreciated its beauty.

  32. A man now may hate and say so while his foe is still alive and strong; but with the Romans he might continue to hate, and might republish the words which he had written, eight years after the death of his victim.

  33. While the Consuls had been alive he could obey the Consuls; and at the Consuls' death he could for a while follow the spirit of their instructions.

  34. His soul was quiveringly alive to all those instincts which now govern us.

  35. But that you may be always alive to protect the Republic, know this.

  36. If you win you can try this fool trick, if I win the bronch is mine to do the same thing, or use him to keep us both alive till a chinook blows up.

  37. That'll keep you alive for six days with a little flour I'll leave you.

  38. The other half would keep you alive till I could bring a rescue party on snowshoes and dog-train.

  39. Mrs. Moss, more alive to the subject, and interested in everything that affected her brother, listened and put in a word as often as maternal preoccupations allowed.

  40. And he clutched passionately the possibility that she might love him; perhaps the feeling would grow, if she could come to associate him with that watchful tenderness which her nature would be so keenly alive to.

  41. She had become almost indifferent to her mother's habitual depreciation of her, but she was keenly alive to any sanction of it, however passive, that she might suspect in Tom.

  42. There is always this possibility of a word or look from a stranger to keep alive the sense of human brotherhood.

  43. He had a hundred friends alive and well, but he could not measure David by any of them.

  44. But tell me which is the more likely, that she be alive or dead?

  45. Should he be yet alive perchance he will speak, and tell us of his case.

  46. She says to them from inside: "Gently, gently, there is someone alive inside here.

  47. The son of the widow engages himself to bring the king's son to Rome alive or dead, and the other binds himself to serve and aid him as long as he has a drop of blood in his veins.

  48. The three charcoal-burners, after having been dressed in a coat of sulphur, were burnt alive in the midst of the market-place.

  49. The king fell into a great rage, and condemns the queen's sisters to be burnt alive in the midst of the market-place, with shirts of sulphur on them.

  50. Our runner falls down, and they do not know whether he is alive or dead; and the old woman says: "I renounce him, and all those who are in this ship.

  51. The one who was left alive takes a blade of grass and touches the dead and rekindles his life.

  52. She gets up all alive again, and the priest says to him: "Do sell me that flute, I beg you.

  53. The Spaniards who remained alive cast themselves down from the castle into the sea, choosing rather to die precipitated by their own selves (few or none surviving the fall) than to ask any quarter for their lives.

  54. The Governor being dead, and the corps du garde surrendered, they found still remaining in it alive to the number of thirty men, whereof scarce ten were not wounded.

  55. They had not left behind them any beast whatsoever, either alive or dead.

  56. Kirkwood, needlessly attaching himself to the reins near the animal's head, pried his sense of observation open and became alive to the fact that he stood in a quarter of London as strange to him as had been Bermondsey Wall.

  57. If old Krams were still alive we could let the matter go unconcernedly, for he directed 12 contrabasses who had to do what he wanted.

  58. It was expected as early as the 25th that he would pass away in the following night; yet we found him still alive on the 26th--breathing, if that was possible, more stertorously than on the day before.

  59. But let the public be alive to the advantages of education, and rank it first among the necessaries of life, and almost any system will be attended with eminent success.

  60. A phenomenon so rare, and so important in its bearings upon astronomical science, was, indeed, well calculated to agitate the soul of one so alive as he was to the great truths of nature.

  61. And behold, the moment that I awaken to anything noble and right, I find the old serpent alive and strong at my throat!

  62. He had chosen to be a god; to kill and to make alive by his own will and law; and behold, he had become a devil by that very act.

  63. But the mob, after battering the door for a few minutes, had yielded to the agonised entreaties of Peter, who assured them that if those incarnate fiends once broke out upon them, they would not leave a Christian alive in Alexandria.

  64. Do you not see that if we can keep the notion alive but a week our cause is won?

  65. Victoria was still alive and busy: but Augustine's warning had come true-she had found trouble in the flesh.

  66. And the group of listeners laughed, with that frank laughter of school girls keenly alive to the ridiculous in other people.

  67. So the time wore on until the last week in July, and then all the school was alive with excitement, and every one was looking forward to the great event of the term, 'breaking up.

  68. Why, I have murdered all my rivals in my dreams, and they are still alive and painting with great eclat pictures entirely inferior to mine!

  69. Having inclosed the seed of a dog in a vial, he says, that numbers of the animalculae died the first day; the second and third there died still more, and very few remained alive the fourth.

  70. Virgin Mary were alive and visitable, he would not hazard himself in a Covent-Garden-pit-door crowd to see her.

  71. Russell Street, Covent Garden, a place all alive with noise and bustle, Drury Lane Theatre in sight from our front and Covent Garden from our back windows.

  72. I believe his strong faith in that power kept him alive long after another person would have given him up, and the physicians all concurred in positively saying he would not live a week, many weeks before he died.

  73. Anyway, I'm still alive and that shows you did a fine job.

  74. The awesome blackness of the void seemed alive with millions upon countless millions of tiny, distant, pinpointed lights he knew were giant suns.

  75. If he is alive why didn't he come back to Mother and if he is dead why didn't Mother know it for sure?

  76. He wouldn't like to be 'dopted hisself when his mother might come alive any time an' he'd be gone off with his name changed an' everything.

  77. The children changed laps every now and then, as though to make sure that both parents were really alive and well and belonged to them, Polly and Peter.

  78. I can tell you on my word of honor that he intended to marry his step-brother's widow, Mrs. Stephen Waller, and nothing but the timely coming alive of Captain Waller prevented his trying to carry out his plans.

  79. He has been ill with lumbago and on top of that the shock of finding his much loved brother, Stephen Waller, to be alive and well has been too much for him.

  80. I know he is alive because if he had died I'd have felt it.

  81. Why am I, your own brother, the last person to hear that you are alive and, I hope, well and returned to the bosom of your family?

  82. One time after a big fight he was missing and still some of the men in his regiment say they saw him alive but they don't seem to know just where.

  83. It is hardly fair to keep them in ignorance of their dear father's being alive just for the pleasure we might get in surprising them," said the mother.

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