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Example sentences for "devolve"

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  1. Fate, alas, has willed that it should be otherwise, and on others, duly trained, must devolve the delightful task of following up the clew we have been so fortunate as to discover.

  2. In spite of all their differences it must have come as a shock to him, the more so that the responsibility for the direction of his friend’s work was now to devolve on him.

  3. The plan of using the ban as a disciplinary measure was, however, brought to nought by the efforts of the Court and the lawyers, who wished all proceedings of the sort to devolve upon the government as represented in the consistories.

  4. By the death of Crispus, the inheritance of the empire seemed to devolve on the three sons of Fausta, who have been already mentioned under the names of Constantine, of Constantius, and of Constans.

  5. Who is my wealth to devolve to but you and him?

  6. I am very economical; for all that I acquire is solely intended for my child, and when it shall please heaven to call me, it will devolve to you, my dear Sir.

  7. The Constitution declares that in case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the same shall devolve upon the Vice President.

  8. The Constitution also provides that if no candidate for Vice President receives a majority of the electoral vote the choice shall devolve upon the senate, in which case the election shall be made from the two highest on the list.

  9. On him then was to devolve the office of an executioner, that of lopping off.

  10. Either the President must do it himself, and be all the while active in it, or "Devolve it on some member of his Cabinet.

  11. Mr. Yancey had received no intimation from any source that authority to negotiate commercial treaties would devolve upon the Commission.

  12. The important task would probably devolve on men, who, with inferior capacities, would in other respects be little better qualified.

  13. Even the management of foreign negotiations will naturally devolve upon him, according to general principles concerted with the Senate, and subject to their final concurrence.

  14. It is more than probable that the final adjustment of these claims will devolve upon my successor.

  15. The burden of a brother's trespass is the most painful that can devolve upon a Christian man.

  16. Gentile Church had come to devolve on Paul.

  17. But no rights and duties of neutrality devolve upon foreign States as regards the insurgents.

  18. Foreign States can either become a party to the war or remain neutral, and in the latter case all duties and rights of neutrality devolve upon them.

  19. In the first case, the rights and duties of neutrality devolve upon foreign States as far as the legitimate Government is concerned.

  20. I have thought it right to take no part myself in proposing measures, the execution of which will devolve on my successor.

  21. She does not complain of being confined at home, but is entirely satisfied to attend to the duties which devolve upon her.

  22. However this may be, I am sure it is her greatest happiness to deserve his respect and love, and honourably to perform all the duties which devolve upon her in her married life.

  23. If Paul were to write or lecture on pastoral theology, would he not give more prominence to the duties that might devolve upon his students in foreign lands?

  24. And in respect to all improvements in society indirectly connected with his main work, must the task of introducing them and of urging them on, devolve entirely on him alone?

  25. All, or nearly all, must devolve on the mother.

  26. Either the President must do it himself, and be all the while active in it, or Devolve it on some member of his cabinet.

  27. No previous President ever had such a sudden increase of official work devolve upon him as President Lincoln during the early months of his administration.

  28. Either the President must do it himself, and be all the while active in it, or Devolve it on some member of his Cabinet.

  29. Either the President must do it himself, and be all the while active in it, or, "Devolve it on some member of his Cabinet.

  30. To dream of writing an obituary, denotes that unpleasant and discordant duties will devolve upon you.

  31. Nickel coins, imply that work of the lowest nature will devolve upon you.

  32. To dream of bobbins, denotes that important work will devolve on you, and your interests will be adversely affected if you are negligent in dispatching the same work.

  33. To see elbows in a dream, signifies that arduous labors will devolve upon you, and for which you will receive small reimbursements.

  34. To cook a meal, denotes some pleasant duty will devolve on you.

  35. Fulfilment of wishes may be expected and pleasant duties will devolve upon you.

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