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Example sentences for "commissionaire"

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commissariat; commissaries; commissario; commissary; commission; commissionaires; commissionate; commissioned; commissioner; commissioners
  1. When we rejoined him, Nayland Smith was talking to the commissionaire at the door.

  2. Smith thanked the commissionaire for his information and we quitted the gallery.

  3. He had been back at his rooms in Buckingham Street half an hour when a club commissionaire arrived with Mr. Paramor's promised letter.

  4. And as she looked again the heaven with the golden gates turned into a bank with a commissionaire at the door.

  5. Victoria jumped out of the cab and walked up the steps, handing the liveried commissionaire two shillings to pay the cabman.

  6. I have watched you pattering along, John Murray in hand, through every narrow street and ill-paved square, conversing with your commissionaire in such French as it pleased God, and receiving his replies in equivalent English.

  7. Leaving word with the commissionaire to wait and report to me at the hotel, I turned back to the table d'hôte.

  8. Suddenly the door opened, and the commissionaire called out, 'No letter for Monsieur O'Leary!

  9. The cab pulled up with a jerk, and a commissionaire threw open the apron.

  10. Miss Strong and I arranged it, after the second act, and I sent a commissionaire down for a table.

  11. This patient became a Commissionaire some ten months later.

  12. A year later the man was earning his living as a Commissionaire porter.

  13. At once, both in the person of the commissionaire and in the persons of the footmen, there sprang to life the same reverence as had arisen in the lacqueys of the hotel.

  14. The commissionaire saw him leave, I understand, and one of the waiters saw something in his hand.

  15. The commissionaire helped us on with our coats and summoned a hansom.

  16. I should like to know what the commissionaire told you," she answered.

  17. Just as I was giving it up in despair, the commissionaire at a night cafe in Montmartre told me exactly what I wanted to know.

  18. Afterwards, at the cafe where I lunched, I found a commissionaire who told me more about our friend.

  19. The commissionaire was able to tell me something about it.

  20. One day I had with me a clever fellow, a commissionaire or guide, and consulted him.

  21. The commissionaire who was with me--poor devil!

  22. The commissionaire from the restaurant approached them.

  23. The commissionaire went on: "But I have brought back a motor-cab as Madame directed me to do.

  24. The commissionaire by whom Sylvia had sent her note to Madame Wolsky walked into the room.

  25. The commissionaire had already called him a taxicab.

  26. Just then a tall commissionaire leaned over from behind and touched him on the shoulder.

  27. The Commissionaire who usually stands at the door was looking very surprised and angry, while the page boy was grinning all over his face.

  28. He put on his hat again and waited while the commissionaire called them a taxicab.

  29. A commissionaire telephoned his name to the first floor, and in a very few moments a pale-faced French man-servant, in sombre black livery, descended and bowed to Bellamy.

  30. Involuntarily, I glanced round at the others as the Commissionaire scowled threateningly at me.

  31. The little crowd pressed in upon me closely and listened awe-struck as the Commissionaire spoke to me, in French, of course.

  32. When he in his turn disappeared into the building, I beckoned the Commissionaire to my side.

  33. I was still moralising in this fashion when a smart equipage drove up to the steps, and the Commissionaire once more went forward to do his duty.

  34. Then turning to the Commissionaire who stood before me, I enquired if it were in his power to tell me the name of the lady to whom I had rendered so small a service.

  35. The Commissionaire bowed before him as if he were a foreign potentate, while the maitre d'hotel received him with as much respect as if he had been an American millionaire.

  36. A commissionaire came with a bouquet for Dora and Father is fuming.

  37. Welcomed by the suave commissionaire of the Cunard Line, it was invited to rise in the elevator.

  38. One commissionaire thought he remembered two ladies coming out early and driving off in a carriage, but he couldn't say, he was sure, what they were like.

  39. The commissionaire plumped down into a chair, and stared from one to the other of us.

  40. When the commissionaire had gone, Holmes took up the stone and held it against the light.

  41. With this idea uppermost, I walked out into the court-yard to look for a commissionaire to guide me in my search.

  42. When you are most inclined to think the Private an irresponsible good-for-nothing, look hard at the next Commissionaire you meet on the street.

  43. Look hard, honoured sir, at the next Commissionaire who comes across your path, and you will never again be disposed to regard the soldier as an insensate good-for-nothing.

  44. The commissionaire took us to a sort of pleasure-garden, occupying the ascent of a hill, and presenting seven different views of the city, from as many stations.

  45. Suddenly she saw a commissionaire coming up the little flagged passage to the door.

  46. At nine o'clock he crept out into the frosty daylight, found a commissionaire who was accustomed to do errands for him, and sent him with a letter to Lerwick Gardens.

  47. Over the modest portals of the Commissionaire Barracks in the Strand might well be inscribed the legend, "To all the military glories of Britain.

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "commissionaire" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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