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Example sentences for "completion"

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completeness; completer; completes; completest; completing; complex; complexes; complexion; complexional; complexioned
  1. The difference between a man with his house and a mollusk with its shell lies in the number of steps or phenomena interposed between the fact of individual existence and the completion of the building.

  2. Permit me to congratulate you upon the completion of a work which, in the nature of things, must attract the general attention of scholars.

  3. I sincerely congratulate you upon the completion of such an important and illuminating work.

  4. The first bundle of corn is deposited at the threshold of the home, and a libation of water is made as a completion of its offering.

  5. Meanwhile, no doubt, Jodoc Vyt had secured his services for the completion of the Ghent Polyptych: probably it had been an understood thing all along that John was to finish the work at the first opportunity.

  6. On the completion of "The Tower," according to Cruikshank, he suggested to Ainsworth "The Plague and the Fire of London.

  7. Again the chimes began their peal for the completion of the last quarter.

  8. Mr. Bancroft is now exclusively occupied in the completion of this work.

  9. The effect produced is more that of greater roundness and completion than of absolute change in old historical verdicts.

  10. Before the completion of this work he had resigned his pastoral office and removed to Brookline, near Boston.

  11. Subscription towards the completion of the Milton Gallery.

  12. Then, as if in congratulation at the completion of the ceremony, they all kissed each other, in the Oriental fashion, on each side of the head.

  13. A subject of large importance to our country, and increasing appreciation on the part of the people, is the completion of the great highway of trade between the Atlantic and Pacific, known as the Nicaragua Canal.

  14. The Director advises that every needful effort is being made to push this great work to completion in the time limited by the statute.

  15. At the completion of such a hunt I have seen Eskimo so excited and worked up that they were taken violently sick with vomiting and headache.

  16. That was before the completion of the Lion House.

  17. I like to feel myself necessary to the completion of high events.

  18. Urged by these strong considerations, Marion and Lee persevered throughout the night in pressing the completion of their works.

  19. This ceremony is known as Dharam Tika, and after its completion the bride's parents will take food in the bridegroom's house, which they abstain from doing from the date of the betrothal up to this washing of the feet.

  20. I hope, however, to indicate what the motion is that produces heat before the completion of this work.

  21. Now I wish to submit the whole theory as propounded in this work in its completion and in its entirety to the reader, and to ask him if the Rules of Philosophy have not been adhered to throughout the whole work?

  22. Upon completion of the song all children return to their own seats, singing-- Boo-hoo!

  23. Assume erect position; bend forward and encircle body with arms and return hands to hips upon completion of the sentence.

  24. Stamp feet twice, in place, at the completion of the entire activity.

  25. Vault over seat, (Upon completion of vault, the hands assume normal position.

  26. After the conclusion of the address, the President and his Cabinet, the Governor, and hundreds of others, paid their respects to Colonel Roebling, and did honor to the man the completion of whose work they were celebrating.

  27. And up to the completion of the railroad nine-tenths of the business of the Mormon people was conducted on a system of barter.

  28. During all the excitement of the day, while cannon thundered and the multitude cheered, an invalid sat alone in his house on Columbia Heights, and regarded from afar the completion of his toil of years.

  29. The completion of the Union Pacific Railroad, although it deprived the Mormons of that isolation which they sought, has been of vast benefit to them in material ways.

  30. With the completion of this bridge the continent is entirely spanned, and one may visit, dry shod and without the use of ferry boats, every city from the Atlantic to the Golden Gate.

  31. In 1852 direct communication with the east was gained by the completion of the Michigan Central and Michigan Southern railroads, while more than one western railroad was projected, and some of them were in actual progress of construction.

  32. But their completion was for various reasons delayed several months.

  33. The former Principal, Sir William Dawson, lived to see realised the two dreams for the fulfilment of which he had worked so arduously--the completion of the Science Buildings and the erection of a women's College as part of the University.

  34. They were still determined that pending the completion of the proposed building, Collegiate teaching should be undertaken at once in Burnside House.

  35. Since he remained at Eleusis as long as it was possible for him to do so after the completion of his initiation, it is not rash to assume that he was inspired by something more than curiosity or even by a desire to show respect.

  36. He alone was permitted to reveal to the fully initiated the mystic objects, the sight of which marked the completion of their admission into the community.

  37. As a connected story it did not profess to come down later than the year 1873, nor has the time yet arrived for its continuation and completion on the same lines.

  38. Upon the completion of the baptismal font, about 1260, that assemblage of paintings was there executed, which may now be regarded as one of the finest remaining monuments of the ancient manner that upper Italy has to boast.

  39. The great re-modelling of the nave, the outer walls of the presbytery, and the continuation of the Lady Chapel range in date of completion from the end of the fourteenth to the sixteenth century.

  40. Besides this evidence, we have additional proof in the fact that he left by his will certain property to be devoted to the completion of the nave.

  41. The Ritual Song depicts the task of planting to its completion and compares the rows of little brown hills to lines of buffalo following one another down the slope.

  42. The dancers should be careful to remember the rhythm of the second, fourth, sixth and eighth measures, as these can be used to emphasize "footprints" and also the completion of the task.

  43. Alvarez therefore begged me not to wait for the steamer, the completion and equipment of which he would hasten, but at once to sail for Chili in the Rose merchantman, then on the eve of departure.

  44. Chili and Peru, the liberation of the latter and the completion of independence of the former cost me £.

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