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enfolding; enfolds; enforce; enforceable; enforced; enforcements; enforces; enforceth; enforcing; enforme
  1. It was assumed that the Ballot Act would be enforced in Ireland and passive resistance to its enforcement was urged from the first number of the paper.

  2. Any such action would be an enforcement of a British law upon an Irish populace which refused it, would be a marshalling under the Union Jack.

  3. This partial enforcement of the Law of Nature is the main work of the criminal law of the State.

  4. The Christian precept to love our enemies is merely the enforcement of a natural obligation.

  5. The enforcement of laws, appointment of officers, and pardoning power were left in the hands of the governor and council.

  6. As the war progressed, the enforcement of the navigation laws became more and more difficult; piracy and smuggling increased, and the Dutch obtained a larger part of the carrying trade than formerly.

  7. The enforcement of the act was placed under the management of English commissioners who were empowered to appoint persons to attend in every court or public office in the colonies to see that the law was enforced.

  8. Laud became arch-bishop in that year and began a rigorous enforcement of the laws against nonconformists.

  9. Trouble had arisen in New York over the enforcement of the Quartering Act.

  10. From that time to the enforcement of the Proclamation of 1763 Canada was under military rule.

  11. The navigation laws were to be enforced, and if damages accrued from non-enforcement and were not settled within a year, the king had the right to take over the government of the colony until payment was made.

  12. Stringent regulations were provided for the enforcement of the Sugar Act and other navigation laws.

  13. An outside agency with enforcement powers (the state, the police, the courts, the law) are introduced by the players.

  14. But this is unconvincing without the existence of an Hobesian enforcement mechanism (a state is the most common one).

  15. Market players take for granted the existence and continuous operation of institutions - financial intermediaries, law enforcement agencies, courts.

  16. The enforcement of this proclamation had the effect of restoring peace and order among the Indians, and they are now quiet and well behaved.

  17. The rules and regulations governing the execution of the law upon the subject have been completely remodeled in such manner as to render the enforcement of the statute more effective and greatly increase its usefulness.

  18. They are properly enough called the wards of the Government; and it should be borne in mind that this guardianship involves on our part efforts for the improvement of their condition and the enforcement of their rights.

  19. This ready obedience upon the part of the General was better in effect than any order couched in the strongest terms for the enforcement of discipline.

  20. It placed the enforcement of its terms in the hands of federal officers appointed from Washington and so removed it from the control of authorities locally elected.

  21. The enforcement of the Molasses Act had been utterly neglected; but this Sugar Act had "teeth in it.

  22. They were for the enforcement of the non-importation agreement or they were against it.

  23. It demanded protection against the agitators, the enforcement of its rights in the case of runaway slaves, and equal privileges for slavery in the new territories.

  24. When the Department of Labor was established in 1913 the enforcement of the law was placed in the hands of the Secretary of Labor, W.

  25. It agreed to stop the importation of British goods into America, and the enforcement of this agreement it placed in the hands of local "committees of safety and inspection," to be elected by the qualified voters.

  26. Finally, to "put teeth" into the act, heavy penalties were prescribed for all who obstructed or assisted in obstructing the enforcement of the law.

  27. In their platform they sought to exorcise the evil spirit of partisanship by inviting their fellow citizens to "support the Constitution of the country, the union of the states, and the enforcement of the laws.

  28. In 1545 he had adjusted all minor differences with Paul the Third, and Pope and Emperor had resolved on the immediate convocation of the Council, and on the enforcement of its decisions by weight of arms.

  29. Let Senators, whose watchword is “the enforcement of laws,” begin by enforcing the statute which declares the Duel to be felony.

  30. Amendment to the Constitution for the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law: House Journal, 36 Cong.

  31. Meade's resolution on more effectual enforcement of the constitutional article on fugitive slaves.

  32. We have already noticed the Prigg case,[182] and its effect in relieving the States from any responsibility in the enforcement of the law.

  33. Prostitution, being a safeguard of female chastity, has facilitated the enforcement of the rule which enjoins it as a duty, but at the same time it has increased the inequality of obligations imposed on men and women.

  34. The enforcement of these penalties would engender a traditional sentiment against such unions, and these would be the unions primitively regarded as incestuous.

  35. Even this mode is not theoretically accurate; for theoretical accuracy would require that every man, who was a party to the government, should individually give his consent to the enforcement of every law in every separate case.

  36. Discussions, which do not interfere with the enforcement of their laws, are but idle wind to them.

  37. But there is no enforcement of the obligation to give the slaves religious instruction, or to allow them to attend public religious service.

  38. The intelligent thought of the world now demands the definite establishment of a World Federation for the enforcement of peace among nations.

  39. Captain Standish took one man with him, and with two others following at a distance as a re-enforcement in case of any difficulty, went to meet them.

  40. Upon the arrival of this re-enforcement General Prevost returned an answer to Count D'Estaing that the town would be defended to the last.

  41. Very many fell and the retreat was fast becoming a rout, when, near Lexington, the column met a strong re-enforcement which had been sent out from Boston.

  42. The Rebels had cut the railway between the two points, so that the re-enforcement did not reach Corinth until the battle was over.

  43. The strict enforcement of one single rule will keep every thing straight: "Have a place for every thing, and see that every thing is in its place.

  44. At about this same date, National Marine Fisheries Service enforcement officers flying fisheries patrols observed storm-petrels in abundance south of the Shumagin Islands (James Branson, personal communication).

  45. Legal restrictions have been suggested as a means to control or prevent introductions, but in the northern islands, little enforcement is likely.

  46. This problem must be kept under close surveillance, and the establishment and enforcement of international agreements will be critical.

  47. Enforcement of legislation in small and isolated communities is not always easy and sometimes may not be wholly politic.

  48. On the great scale, of course, a sure enforcement of the embargo was possible; the bulk of the shipping, especially the bigger, was corralled and idle.

  49. It was, indeed, ingeniously argued in Congress, by an able advocate of the Administration, that all the law required was the revocation in terms of the Decrees; their subsequent enforcement in act was immaterial.

  50. Learning their success, Winchester himself went to the place on the 19th, followed closely by a re-enforcement of two-hundred and fifty.

  51. Their successors came in prepared for extreme action in consequence of the Berlin Decree; but their hand was for the moment stayed, because its enforcement remained in abeyance, owing to the Emperor's continued absence in the field.

  52. On February 8, less than a month after the Enforcement Act became law, its principal supporter in the Senate[277] introduced a resolution for the partial repeal of the Embargo Act.

  53. No men suffered more than did the West India planters from its unrelieved enforcement after 1783; yet in their vehement remonstrance they said: "The policy of the Act is justly popular.

  54. Nonetheless, the perception remains among emergency response officials that there will be an increased need for law enforcement following the event.

  55. Sponsoring training to help improve the competence of specialized enforcement and other technical personnel.

  56. It seems to me that our people slid unconsciously from the enforcement of the rights of a c.

  57. Were not the local courts enforcing "formless" arguments long before the King's Court had developed the action of "assumpsit" for the enforcement of agreements not under seal?

  58. In the events at hand this statute will be a safeguard of the Republic, and its enforcement here will secure its enforcement everywhere.

  59. By the enforcement of this odious Act the Union has suffered from the beginning; for not a slave is thrust back into bondage without weakening those patriotic sympathies, North and South, which are its best support.

  60. It is not on the passage of the statute, or on its proposed repeal, but it is simply on its recognition as an existing statute, and the enforcement of its plain requirement.

  61. They were directed to be conciliatory toward the people, and under no circumstances to meddle with public worship, nor were they to press for any sudden enforcement of the revenue acts.

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