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Example sentences for "enforces"

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enforce; enforceable; enforced; enforcement; enforcements; enforceth; enforcing; enforme; enformed; enformyd
  1. He enforces his theory by the example of Tacitus who preferred violating the laws of history to running risk of personal danger.

  2. He advocates the policy which adjusts itself to the conveniences and changes of the times, and enforces this reasoning by the conduct and aims of the Emperor which left the Italians no hope but in war.

  3. In the one case the law both creates and enforces a duty, in the other it only enforces it.

  4. A governing body or committee elected by the members enforces observance of the rules, and members who fail to meet their engagements on the market, or to conform to the rules, are liable to suspension or expulsion by the committee.

  5. Yet they doe winke and yeeld, as Loue is blind and enforces Burg.

  6. It is the Prince of Palfrayes, his Neigh is like the bidding of a Monarch, and his countenance enforces Homage Orleance.

  7. We also add an extract from the speech of Ulysses, in the play of Troilus and Cressida, that beautifully illustrates and enforces our thought.

  8. The master enforces decent morality in all.

  9. If this explanation be just, it enforces my argument for ascribing to causes, other than the alleged sinfulness of the institution, the Apostle's omission to utter specific rebukes of slavery.

  10. The law not only recognizes the right of the apprentice to a reward for his labor, but appoints the wages, and enforces the payment.

  11. It enforces indeed justice as between man and man.

  12. It not only restates old and adds new laws but enforces the basal truths of the prophets, and in this enforcement breathes the ethical fervour of Amos and Isaiah as well as Hosea’s tenderness and his zeal for education.

  13. The same canon enforces the surplice and hood for deans, canons, &c.

  14. Slavery enforces obedience in the inferior to a superior power, for the reciprocal benefit of both.

  15. The question thus runs to the origin of what gives a good title, to wit, the condition that enforces one to be sold, or to sell himself, a slave, in favour of life.

  16. Therefore the true use of all these predictions is that which Christ enforces here; namely, that they should lead us to prayerful watchfulness and to living above earth, its goods and cares.

  17. Verse 26 tells in what that losing oneself consists, and enforces the original exhortation by the declaration of a future appearance of the Son of man.

  18. It is here that the author sets forth the dismal career of 'the poor man's son, whom heaven in the hour of her anger has curst with ambition,' and enforces his favourite moral lesson of contentment and tranquillity.

  19. Secondly, What is the power or faculty of the mind that discovers and enforces it?

  20. The most original feature of his literary character is his preference in a rhyming age for blank verse, which he enforces in theory, but is far from recommending by his practice.

  21. Dryden was probably betrayed into these lapses, not so much by mere haste and carelessness, as by the trick of the heroic metre, which in dialogue almost enforces balanced antithesis.

  22. His judgment is often greatly at fault, he commits himself to plainly untenable propositions, and enforces them with the confidence of one displaying self-evident truths.

  23. Let us have faith in the little ones sent to teach it; they tell us slavery enforces Christianity!

  24. Society has established the licentious wrong,--the law protects it, custom enforces it.

  25. In the first words of our text, he enforces his counsel by an appeal to his apostolic authority; but he so presents it that, instead of separating himself from the Roman Christians by it, he unites himself with them.

  26. And, lastly, this great truth of my text enforces the solemn lesson of the necessary sanctity of the Christian life.

  27. The bureau of navigation gives out and enforces the secretary's orders to the officers of the navy, enlists sailors, keeps the records of the service, and has charge of the naval academy.

  28. While the State, therefore, enforces a general system of public schools, it leaves all the details of local management with the people most closely related to the particular school.

  29. White tries to hold back Black's Queen's Pawn as long as he can, but finally Black enforces the advance.

  30. It is true that the greater part of the conductor's work is done at rehearsal, at which he enforces upon his men his wishes concerning the speed of the music, expression, and the balance of tone between the different instruments.

  31. Joel mentions no crime, nor enforces any virtue: how could he have done so in so strong a sense that “the Judge was at the door”?

  32. But none of them constructs the elaborate allegories which he does, or insists upon the religious symbolism which he enforces as indispensable to the standing of Israel with God.

  33. But the Law he enforces is not that which God delivered to Moses on the plains of Shittim, but that which He gave him in Mount Horeb.

  34. Now the Book of “Malachi” enforces a practice with regard to the tithes, which agrees more closely with the Priestly Code than it does with Deuteronomy.

  35. The Book of “Malachi” takes up each of these in turn, and proves or enforces it according as the people have formally doubted it or in their carelessness done it despite.

  36. However this be, the new section enforces the need of the people’s repentance and return to God, if He is to return to them.

  37. Again and again he enforces sincerity and the love without dissimulation.

  38. Malachi” observes and enforces the demands of the Deuteronomic law under which his people had lived since the Return from Exile.

  39. Indeed throughout the book the truths it enforces are always more pushed to the front than the facts.

  40. Closely connected with the law of contrast is a law which enforces the unity of opposite things, by giving to each a portion of the character of the other.

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