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completer; completes; completest; completing; completion; complexes; complexion; complexional; complexioned; complexions
  1. Such things are known among primitive peoples--known and carefully guarded--like the properties of certain drugs, the uses of hypnotism and complex natural laws.

  2. It is the last raw outpost toward the last unknown continent of Papua, and those who resort to its blistering grid among the reefs are folks that have largely reduced their human complex to the simple thirst.

  3. Here lay a broken spar half buried in the sand, part of the complex fabric that once enabled some fair ship to skim the waves.

  4. Complex now, but how much simpler and more intelligibly organised may it not become in another hundred thousand years?

  5. In complex trains of thought signs are indispensable.

  6. He abstracts this one quality from the complex bundle of qualities which constitute the object, and he makes this one stand for the whole.

  7. I pass over a few paragraphs, and pause at this second example of a sentence simple in structure, though complex in its elements, fed but not overfed with material, and almost perfect in its cadence and logical connection.

  8. If you have never seen an acid combine with a base you cannot instructively speak to me of salts; and this, of course, is true in a more emphatic degree with reference to more complex matters.

  9. It rejects whatever is superfluous; but the question of superfluity must, as I showed just now, be determined in each individual case by various conditions too complex and numerous to be reduced within a formula.

  10. Obviously a work must have charm or it cannot succeed; and the charm will depend on very complex conditions in the artist's mind.

  11. In a complex civilization there is room for everyone to contribute to the whole.

  12. The simple inexpensive life of the past has given place to a more complex way of living, which calls for greater expense and harder work.

  13. The adjustments are too numerous and too complex for an animal made with simple tastes and for a pastoral life.

  14. Today, biology and allied sciences are devoted to unraveling the complex causes responsible for individual development.

  15. Complex business interests, combined with the constantly increasing value placed on property, were always calling for new statutes.

  16. If this be true, it clearly follows that in order to conserve any vestige of a civilization, we must realize the fact that property crimes are the normal results of the complex activities making up the treadmill called civilization.

  17. And it is evident that if Mr. Parker's lady had not died from the effects of a mosquito-sting, that gentleman would never have been in such a complex funk as to suggest a procession to the worthy priest.

  18. He was filled, too, with that peculiar pensiveness which troubles complex people when they have done a kindly act.

  19. After complex and costly negotiations they had allowed themselves to be embarked, for this one night only, in a capacious sailing boat to Nepenthe, in order to pleasure Mr. Keith's guests.

  20. And the situation was rendered none the less complex by the attitude of Miss Wilberforce herself.

  21. Consider the complex conditions under which a Northern family is obliged to live.

  22. He is well known for his indirect induction techniques, which, because of the complex and unusual perspective they reflect, we cannot deal with at any length here.

  23. The personal lives of the real persons that are portrayed here are immeasurably more complex and multifaceted than short reports can bring out.

  24. Their focus is on developing interventions--or therapeutic strategies--that will have a real impact on the complex patterns of interaction that have come to paralyze a couple or a family.

  25. Far down in the depths of her complex nature there was, beneath all the coldness, malice and selfishness of disposition and of custom, a vague instinct of chivalrous generosity.

  26. Atoms have a mind as much smaller and less complex than ours as their bodies are smaller and less complex.

  27. A broken piece of granite used for macadamising a road is a more complex instrument, about the toolishness of which no doubt can be entertained.

  28. This appears more plainly when we reflect that a very complex machine, if intended for use by children whose aim is not serious, ceases to rank in our minds as a tool, and becomes a toy.

  29. The term is restricted to the action of heat upon complex organic substances out of contact with the air.

  30. The digestive tube divides into two branching halves, the excretory organs consist of delicate branching tubes, and there is a complex set of hermaphrodite reproductive organs.

  31. Only now we know that no one of these is more than a single glimpse at a vast complex of phenomena, most of which lie for ever beyond our ken.

  32. But as the complex nature of society became more evident in the age of democracy, the economic or sociological history gained ground.

  33. The condition of Wales at the opening of the thirteenth century was far too complex to admit of analytical treatment within such a brief space as this.

  34. Mark my words, the longer you remain one, the more steeped in selfishness you are likely to become in this modern and complex and sense-satisfying life which so many people lead.

  35. The feelings of Augustus Flint when he heard this question were of a complex nature.

  36. I venture to hope, still, that this extraordinary change in you may not be permanent, but merely the result of a natural sympathy with the weak and unwise and unfortunate who are always to be found in a complex civilization.

  37. Yes, she had read me, she alone had entered into the source of that prevarication, the complex feelings from which it sprang.

  38. On the contrary, all subjects requisite for a wide culture, as well as for the ability to cope with existence in a highly complex civilization, are insisted upon.

  39. But she was bewildered and entranced by the marvellous swiftness, accuracy and ease with which each of the complex machines, fed by human hands, performed its function.

  40. All three, law, politics and business, were interdependent, united by a nervous system too complex to be developed here.

  41. Perhaps the most disconcerting characteristic of that complex affair, the human organism, is the lack of continuity of its moods.

  42. Nor is it astonishing that she should not have understood the highly complex organism of the young lady we have chosen for our heroine, who was shaken, at the age of thirteen, by unfulfilled longings.

  43. Lucian saw a colored and complex life displayed before him, and he sat enraptured at the spectacle, not concerned to know whether actions were good or bad, but content if they were curious.

  44. They might be compared, he thought, much to their advantage, with more complex civilizations.

  45. Hence it must be that in the former army officer's plan lay some intent more complex than mere open-and-shut meeting and slaying: some carefully planned and guileful climax to be approached by indirection.

  46. It is in art as in nature: the further we penetrate the fewer and less complex become the governing forces and impulses.

  47. The more engineers we grow, the more complex society becomes.

  48. When society gets as complex as ours, it has to grow more and more engineers.

  49. Each apparition, even though it be momentary, is a phenomenon complex in more ways than our minds can follow.

  50. Whatever else, indeed, a "ghost" may be, it is probably one of the most complex phenomena in nature.

  51. The brief review already made will suffice to indicate the complex and separable nature of the elements of human personality.

  52. For here we find again just what we found in those inspirations--the uprush of a complex intellectual product, performed beneath the threshold, and projected ready-made into ordinary consciousness.

  53. His hallucinations are in most cases elaborate products--complex images which must have needed intelligence to fashion them--although the process of their fashioning is hidden from our view.

  54. The nervous system is probably tending in each generation to become more complex and more delicately ramified.

  55. On the other hand, we find that sleep is capable of strange developments,--and that night can sometimes suddenly outdo the most complex achievements of day.

  56. Perhaps, indeed, in this complex of interpenetrating spirits our own effort is no individual, no transitory thing.

  57. For of late years we have realised more and more fully upon how shifting and complex a foundation of ancestral experience each individual life is based.

  58. Ruling sovereigns will be guided by juster and more complex considerations.

  59. In the second place, all the extended literary allegories have each behind it a complex system of abstract theology or morals, or some other philosophy, which cannot be conveyed to children, but which cannot be hidden from the class.

  60. And as it is actually constituted, the literary drama, too, represents a life and presents an art-form so complex and so mature as to be beyond a child's grasp.

  61. Besides, it seems to produce an effect really alien to the cause; as in the penalties of the sufferers in the Inferno, the inevitableness of the effect is obscured by the many complex stages that intervene between it and the cause.

  62. But it is evident to every sympathetic student of childhood that this is not the period to present the complex situations, the difficult problems, the over-ripe experiences, that prevailingly constitute the material of literary drama.

  63. The literary essay, as it is actually constituted, is in subject-matter too abstract and remote, in mood too complex and intricate, and in style too allusive and evasive.

  64. These complex legends are reflected in Northern folklore also.

  65. It is, of course, impossible to measure the various forces which combined to produce the complex symbolical forms of physical evil.

  66. But, whatever may be said of this complex device, it is sufficient evidence that man's primitive demon which personified his hunger has ended with being consumed on his own altar.

  67. It is very difficult indeed, amid these complex motives, to know how far simple human nature, acting at its best, is capable of heroic endurance for truth, and of pure passion for the right.

  68. The demonic Dog is, if anything, a still more complex subject.

  69. There is nothing complex in the character and life of Christ.

  70. But we cannot imagine a mere biological trend towards producing interesting faces; because an interesting face is one particular arrangement of eyes, nose, and mouth, in a most complex relation to each other.

  71. Given this conviction that the spiritual phenomena do occur (my evidence for which is complex but rational), we then collide with one of the worst mental evils of the age.

  72. But, oddly enough, there really is a sense in which a creed, if it is believed at all, can be believed more fixedly in a complex society than in a simple one.

  73. The complex God of the Athanasian Creed may be an enigma for the intellect; but He is far less likely to gather the mystery and cruelty of a Sultan than the lonely god of Omar or Mahomet.

  74. How was Mark Twain to set himself up as a heretic, he who had involved himself over head and ears in the whole complex of popular commercial life, he who was himself one of the big fish in the golden torrent?

  75. We mean that individuality, the whole complex of personal desires, tastes and preferences, is inhibited from expressing itself, from registering itself.

  76. Those who were accustomed to the exercise of complex tastes and preferences found themselves obliged to conform to a single monotonous routine.

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