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Example sentences for "dappled"

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dantur; danza; daoine; daown; dapper; dappling; dar; daran; darauf; daraus
  1. Some weeks later the doe reappeared, accompanied by a wobbly, long-legged fawn, its dappled coat giving the effect of sunlight sifting through a leafy screen of branches.

  2. On the north bank, in the densest part of the thicket, lay a fawn, his dappled coat like a garment of invisibility against the sun-flecked background of brown leaves.

  3. The sound was music in my ears, as the good, remorseless ash sapling bent round the Quaker's dappled hind-quarters.

  4. Round her the bees hummed carelessly, the blossom dropped, the dappled sunlight covered her with a pattern as of her own fine lace.

  5. The late afternoon light, burning in through the clerestory slits, dappled the somber floor.

  6. Beyond the loggia rose the snow-clad peaks of the distant mountains, rose-dappled now by the kiss of the late afternoon sun, and with strips and spaces of blue and soft purple sky between them.

  7. The man standing there bareheaded, the lines strong on his kind face, his dark, white dappled head conspicuous under the low hanging elm branches, looked wonderingly at her, seeing the tears cloud her eyes.

  8. Together they stood, the tall man with the dark dappled hair and the little shaver in blue linen, shouting such names as occurred to them up to the little garret window.

  9. His head, dappled dark, was picturesque; the curious grim look of his dark face made him conspicuous among the couples that interlaced each other in pacing, gliding, backing measures.

  10. I saw a lovely maiden sleeping; On a clover-sheaf her head was pillow'd; On her bosom lay two snowy dovelets; In her lap there was a dappled fawnkin.

  11. Fresh as love is the breeze of June, In the dappled shade of the summer noon.

  12. Jansen steered his dappled span close up alongside the pavement and brought them to a standstill, Judge Priest looked back and with what he saw was well content.

  13. Jansen's pair of dappled white horses and driven by M.

  14. Six feet from the floor the soot from the fire stopped abruptly, and there was a dappled patch of bricks, half of them clean and red, half of them blackened by soot, five feet broad, and four feet high.

  15. Guerchard set his left hand against the wall of the chimney-piece between him and the drawing-room, and pressed hard with his right against the top of the dappled patch of bricks.

  16. On all sides about you, from the eastern sea to the western ocean, you will have the great central plain, dappled with lakes and ribbed with silver rivers, another third of the island.

  17. Up to the foot of the hills spreads a level country of pastures dappled with lakes, broken into a thousand fantastic inlets by the wasting of the limestone rock.

  18. I see your feet carelessly passing over the lawns dappled with anemones.

  19. From the villages far down the sound of bells came up: first from a village nestling in a hollow at the foot of the mountain, with its dappled thatched roofs, dark and light in patches, covered with thick, velvety moss.

  20. It was a dappled gray he rode, with flowing mane and tail of silvery white; a crimson rosette was fastened to its crimped forelock, and the long saddle-cloth was richly embroidered.

  21. As they drew still nearer, riding on his dappled gray in the midst of them, I recognized Melinza!

  22. A red-dappled cow and her calf were tethered to a wheel of the wagon, and at a little distance from them were two battered crates of drooping and drowsy fowls.

  23. It was not this fact which startled him, but that the scissors' blades were dappled with blood and blood, too, was on the handkerchief.

  24. It was a pair of scissors with the handle wrapped about with a small handkerchief dappled with brown stains.

  25. Its fierce strophes rolled like thunder along the ranks to the tread of marching feet, and the multitude of hide shields dappled the plain far and near, and the wavy lines of spear-points flashed and sparkled in the sunlight.

  26. Grasmere excessively solemn, the whole lake calm, and dappled with soft grey ripples.

  27. Helm Crag in shade, the larger mountains dappled like a sky.

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