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Example sentences for "ambiguous"

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  1. Such words if spoken without context are of ambiguous signification.

  2. The blacks and whites and reds and golds were all there, unchanged, not a breath of the ambiguous discipline upon them.

  3. There was nothing ambiguous in her words or manner.

  4. Kitty's subtlety did not make her animal: it made her more than ever like an angel; but an ambiguous angel; and to feel that he did not understand her made her strange.

  5. In this ambiguous feeling, however, the sense of attraction immensely prevailed.

  6. But Monk, whether from conviction of their inexpedience or to atone for his ambiguous delay, had determined to prevent any encroachment on the prerogative.

  7. This overture being communicated to Rome by its agent, was of course, too tempting to be disregarded, though too ambiguous to be snatched at.

  8. The execution of Charles the First has been mentioned in later ages by a few with unlimited praise, by some with faint and ambiguous censure, by most with vehement reprobation.

  9. There is, indeed, an ambiguous word in the petition.

  10. Persons who want to puzzle and to deceive, always pursue a contrary practice; they use as great a variety of unmeaning, or of ambiguous words, as they possibly can.

  11. Any sense can be given to the ambiguous language in which the most important articles are couched, and their interpretation is not to be left to ordinary civil tribunals.

  12. More than a year ago, I wrote that any interpretation could be given to some of the ambiguous terms in which the law was couched, and that this ambiguity was deliberate and intentional.

  13. This is at once a very remarkable statement and a mild specimen of Mr. Froude's command of ambiguous language.

  14. I have repeatedly before now pointed out that this is an ambiguous party word which conveys absolutely nothing; its apparent opposite, "spiritualism," could quite easily be substituted for it.

  15. The expression "homotheism" is ambiguous and etymologically objectionable, but more practical than the cumbersome word "Anthropotheism.

  16. Due to the extent of his boredom, to Boi he was a suspicious character, an ambiguous puzzle needing to be solved and a landscape of contrasts to set his claim upon.

  17. But it is a terribly ambiguous way of expressing the fact.

  18. And if he likes to say that the vital is caused by the physico-chemical, let him do so; but he must define the exact sense in which he uses the ambiguous word cause.

  19. No doubt this is one of the meanings which the ambiguous words force and cause may carry.

  20. With an apparent vagueness and laxity almost unparalleled, force is used in wellnigh every conceivable sense of this ambiguous word--except, perhaps, that which is now sanctioned by definition in mathematical physics.

  21. This may be quite right, but it leaves ambiguous what is the exact force and what the connexion of the line-- Nature and grace doe all, and nothing Art.

  22. By dropping the bracket Chambers has left at least ambiguous the construction of 17-18: And the divine impression of stolne kisses That sealed the rest.

  23. It was an ambiguous business when a private American adventurer was landed with his pieces of artillery from an American war-ship, and became prime minister to the king.

  24. In spite of his strong determination not to be taken in by Italian wiles, the king, together with his gentle mistress, was already caught and snared by the ambiguous phrases and doublings of this pompous and humbugging loquacity.

  25. Of late, Harriet had been getting much into the habit of this ambiguous kind of remark when in her cousin's company.

  26. True, that warmth of feeling had come to represent merely a temptation to him; but was not that the consequence of his own ambiguous attitude?

  27. It is however, less ambiguous than where the hyphen is omitted and is therefore preferable.

  28. Either of the other forms would be ambiguous or impossible in meaning.

  29. Grief choked her speech; and the recollection of Manfred's late ambiguous discourses confirmed what she heard.

  30. In looking back she could feel with satisfaction that her reason had dominated the scene as a lighthouse beacon shines steadily over tossing and ambiguous waters.

  31. But Mary was not to be turned aside by such ambiguous apology.

  32. Valerie stooping to her flowers, mysterious, ambiguous indeed, in her shadow, her silence.

  33. For a long moment her hand continued to grasp his, before, as if taking in the ambiguous comfort of his final definiteness, it relaxed and she drew it away.

  34. She hoped, through the ambiguous years, for Imogen's young-womanhood; looking forward to taking her place beside her when the time came for her first steps in the world.

  35. Jack, in appearance more ambiguous than either, looked neither useful nor ornamental; but, in point of fact, he was a much occupied person.

  36. Mrs. Upton, in her corner of the sofa, had been turning the leaves of a rare old edition, glancing up quietly at the speakers while the innocent ripples slid on from the afternoon's first sunny shallows to these ambiguous depths.

  37. Her mother seemed quite content to let Imogen's silence stand for apology and retractation, quite willing to go on, for the little further that they had to go together, in an ambiguous relation.

  38. But if Mr. Greenwood were evasive and ambiguous to the Whig whipper-in, he was clear and lucid to the Tory one.

  39. I stammered for some time, and became embarrassed in one of those labyrinths of ambiguous phrases under which one conceals thoughts that will and will not come to the point.

  40. Didot's face was as unexpressive and as ambiguous as an oracle.

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