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Example sentences for "ambient"

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  1. Around him dance the rosy Hours, And damasking the ground with flowers, With ambient sweets perfume the morn; With shadowy verdure flourished high, A sudden youth the groves enjoy; Where Philomel laments forlorn.

  2. Over and above the beauty of the surroundings and the exhilaration of the clear and ambient air his naturalist soul had already begun to find interest in the unfamiliar birds and insects, which fluttered or crept.

  3. When any one turns round rapidly, till he becomes dizzy, and falls upon the ground, the spectra of the ambient objects continue to present themselves in rotation, and he seems to behold the objects still in motion.

  4. Thus when a child revolves some minute on one foot, the spectra of the ambient objects appear to circulate round him some time after he falls upon the ground.

  5. They are highly attenuated humours much more subtile than the ambient air; and in order that they may occur, bodies are required produced from humour and concreted with a considerable degree of hardness.

  6. As in the somewhat long stone A, the vigour is extended to the ambient limit F C D, equidistant on every side from the stone A.

  7. Or is it something imperceptible to us, which flows out from the substance into the ambient air?

  8. The massive suggestion, the pressure of the ambient will, is out of all proportion to the present call for action.

  9. In order to escape these sophistications, it suffices to revert to immediate observation and state the question in its proper terms: nature lives, and perception is a private echo and response to ambient motions.

  10. Some mammals are able to thermoregulate very well at high ambient temperatures via panting or sweating, whereas others have a very limited capacity.

  11. Metabolic ability to defend body temperature against low ambient temperatures, therefore, is well developed in these procyonids.

  12. These are short segments of filaments consisting of a few cells which disengage themselves from the ambient jelly, if it be present, in virtue of a peculiar creeping movement which they possess at this stage.

  13. Yet what is the harm, if only we move and change inwardly in harmony with the ambient flux?

  14. Among the shades of yonder whispering grove The green palmittoes mingle, tall and fair, That ever murmur, and forever move, Fanning with wavy bough the ambient air.

  15. As falling is part of the stone's nature, it would be unreasonable to assert that its falling was due to the reaction exerted by the ambient air.

  16. Otherwise we would have to assert that it is this same reaction of the ambient air that makes fire ascend, which is absurd; because the fire, by the rapidity of its motion, forestalls this reaction.

  17. Ye rocks, and rills and forests primeval List to my sighing soul, trembling on the tongue To vent its echoes in ambient air.

  18. What is earth bosom'd in these ambient orbs, But, faith in God imposed, and press'd on man?

  19. Embryos we must be, till we burst the shell, Yon ambient azure shell, and spring to life, The life of gods, O transport!

  20. In ambient waves plunge thy polluted head, Wash the dire stain, nor shock the Continent.

  21. We have just seen that, in the Cueva del Guacharo, the water of the river is nearly 2 degrees colder than the ambient air of the cavern.

  22. Notwithstanding the similarity of structure existing between the different species of the same genus of plants, each of them requires a certain degree of temperature and rarity in the ambient air to attain its due growth.

  23. A thin transparent Body, which is denser than its ambient Medium, exhibits more brisk and vivid Colours than that which is so much rarer; as I have particularly observed in the Air and Glass.

  24. So then the thickness of a Plate requisite to produce any Colour, depends only on the density of the Plate, and not on that of the ambient Medium.

  25. Note that all animal life is cold-blooded, with a negligible difference between body and ambient temperatures.

  26. Within thy ambient and viewless folds Imprisoned in the air, May not the spirits wait their earthly moulds?

  27. I tell you that because you are sympathetic, because you have imagination," Miss Ambient was good enough to add, interrupting my expression of horror.

  28. This made Miss Ambient very serious, very serious indeed, and she sank into a bench, with dilated eyes, hugging her elbows with crossed arms.

  29. Mrs. Ambient left me and went to meet them; she stopped and had a few words with her husband, which I did not hear, and which ended in her taking the child by the hand and returning to the house with him.

  30. I wandered back into the garden, and five minutes later Miss Ambient came forth from the house to greet me.

  31. Ambient went on, while the boy swung his hand.

  32. I was by no means sure that I should dare to say even so much as this to Ambient himself, and there was a kind of rapture in speaking it out to his wife which was not affected by the fact that, as a wife, she appeared peculiar.

  33. On entering the drawing-room at this hour, I found Miss Ambient in possession, as she had been the evening before.

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