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Example sentences for "entrust"

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  1. Alexander was said to have divided the government of Egypt among so many men, because he was surprised at the natural strength of the country, and he thought it unsafe to entrust the rule of the whole to a single person.

  2. Accept her, I implore, O goddess, for thine own, whom now I entrust to the chance of air.

  3. Did we urge him to quit the camp or entrust his life to the winds?

  4. The orders which my master has given me are to entrust all the rights of Persia to the clemency of Rome; and I therefore do not even bring with me any conditions of peace, since it is for the emperor to determine everything.

  5. She would leave the hired man in charge of her neighbors' children, but was too wise to entrust her own child with him and the lamp.

  6. In the former case he would not entrust to others what was to be said, and in the latter he feared the men even in their bonds.

  7. He would not entrust the killing of her to the Pretorians.

  8. My plan is this: I intend to go on trying until I can find somebody sufficiently interested in my scheme either to advance me the money, or to entrust me with a ship.

  9. The king's weakness was already too great to allow of his taking the field; and he was forced to entrust the war in the Netherlands to the one Englishman who had shown himself capable of a great command.

  10. Rochester therefore was told in the opening of 1687 that the king could not safely entrust so great a charge to any one who did not share his sentiments on religion, and on his refusal to abandon his faith he was deprived of the White Staff.

  11. She warned the King of it, and prevailed on him to fill a very large portfolio with all the papers he was most interested in preserving, and entrust it to me.

  12. Will not the Athenian people, too, entrust their affairs to you when they see that you have wisdom enough to manage them?

  13. And do they entrust their property to him rather than to you?

  14. Afterwards she frequently resumed the same discourse, and acquainted me with very particular circumstances; at last I imagined she was desirous to learn my secrets, and to entrust me with her own; this thought engaged me strictly to her.

  15. He would entrust the command to his mate.

  16. Entrust her grandson to the Triton, and let him awaken in him the love of maritime adventure, as he had done with Ulysses?

  17. Next to these are those who are appointed to have the general care of all those public sacrifices to the tutelar god of the state, which the laws do not entrust to the priests: and these in different states have different appellations.

  18. Entrust not his training to another and to one whom despite thy love for him I cannot trust.

  19. Could he entrust her happiness to the care of such a man?

  20. Why do not the powers assemble and choose some one to whom they may entrust the guidance of the host?

  21. Another affair remained, which was to put away all her playthings; but this she had deferred so long that the carriage was ready before she had concluded, so with that, likewise, she was obliged to entrust her brothers.

  22. It was the custom at York, according to the Statutes of the Cathedral, which are dated 1307 but merely codified the customs which had prevailed since the eleventh century, to entrust the government of the choristers to the precentor.

  23. Priests ought always to have a school of schoolmasters in their houses and if any devout person wishes to entrust little ones to him for instruction, they ought to receive them willingly and teach them kindly.

  24. Begone," said Kapchack, who was not going to entrust power to one of royal descent.

  25. Another treaty with Choo Hoo was out of the question, for the overbearing rebel would throw in his face the assassination of the envoy, and even could it be thought of, who could he entrust with the mission?

  26. Let us look at the question from another point of view: Are not the rulers in a State those to whom you would entrust the office of determining suits at law?

  27. And to men like him, I said, when perfected by years and education, and to these only you will entrust the State.

  28. Zayd was truly worthy of the post of command with which I did entrust him.

  29. And if they ever are forced to entrust some choice enterprise to their assistants, they are irritated and displeased at the latter's renown.

  30. But Scipio and Cato reached an agreement as being far in advance of them all, the former in esteem, the latter in understanding, and won over the rest, persuading them to entrust everything to Scipio.

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