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brunette; brunettes; brung; brunt; brused; brushed; brushes; brushing; brushwood; brushwork
  1. He always insisted on putting on and taking off my boots, carried me once through the Waipio river, helped me to pack the saddle-bags, and even offered to brush my hair!

  2. Some thornless thistles, a little brush of sapless-looking indigo, and some species of compositae struggle for a doleful existence.

  3. There was now and then the formality of saying a lesson, but if you had not learned it, a brush across the shoulders (just enough to disturb a fly) was the sole remonstrance.

  4. He led the way back to the gully and pointed to a pot of tar and a brush which rested by it.

  5. The stream was calmer now, and to one side of the cut he saw a narrow strip of band, leading up to a shelving of rocks, with here and there a tiny brush struggling for existence in a spot which the sunlight never touched.

  6. As he did so Sam leaped for the tar brush and secured it.

  7. Then Baxter caught up, a brush full of tar and advanced upon him.

  8. He got away, but not until I had let him have that tar brush right in the neck," answered Sam.

  9. His brother was willing, and as well as they were able they pushed their way through the brush toward the fire.

  10. He came up to Tom and leaped all around him, wagging his brush as he did so.

  11. With extreme care the old miner let himself down from one clump of brush to another.

  12. A thick stick came flying through the air, hitting his arm and sending the tar brush spinning to a distance.

  13. Less than half a mile had been covered when, of a sudden, there came a shot, and a bullet cut through the brush beside them.

  14. Then he moved down the hillside to where some brush promised abundant firewood and better forage for his horse.

  15. Never will she bring herself to lay aside the pollen-brush for the trowel; never will she suspend the foraging which is occupying her at this moment to begin the work of construction which is not yet due.

  16. First, she dives head foremost into the cell, to disgorge the contents of her crop; next, she comes out and at once goes in again backwards, to brush her abdomen and rub off the load of pollen.

  17. To come home again from the verge of the horizon is wonderful in itself; to come home with a well-filled pollen-brush is superlative economy.

  18. I must brush my hair and wash my hands first,' I said, 'and I daresay mamma won't want me without Clement.

  19. And there was a very pretty brush and comb put out for us--Beryl's own.

  20. After the Mahalas had picked the spot which had been selected as clear of sage-brush and rocks, as the back of a child's hand, they reared their rude and disgusting banners around it.

  21. Near it, we had a little brush with the Walker Indians, which did not detain us very long.

  22. The Bannocks who are waiting for the dawn, number more than the leaves of the sage-brush my brother has seen, before he laid himself down to rest.

  23. Brush and branches, hewn from the trees, had been then heaped upon his body and set fire to.

  24. A clump of sage-brush would have hidden me from the rapidly approaching Indian, even had the dawn been already breaking.

  25. His body was scratched and cut by the brush he had stricken against in the commencement of the route, while the flesh had been actually torn from his feet by the jagged shale he had passed over.

  26. We had not rested long after this brush till we heard a firing in our front, where indeed it was expected.

  27. This day Lord Paget had another brush with the French cavalry, who, being apprized of our retreat, had advanced to Majorga.

  28. But on the 1st of October, in the afternoon, we were ordered to fall in, it having been previously intimated to us that we might probably have a brush with the enemy.

  29. Stewart, with the 2d division, had had a smart brush with the enemy on the day we captured Mont de Marsan.

  30. Our cavalry had a little brush with some squadrons of the enemy a little further on in the plain, and captured a few prisoners.

  31. We all got out in May to strengthen the dam, hauling brush and stone.

  32. Marshall was cleaning his buckboard and the Boss, sort of easy like, picks up a brush and starts to brush the cushion.

  33. So Mrs Penhaligon's feather-brush always spared this one spot in the room, every other inch of which she kept scrupulously dusted.

  34. He could hear the sound whenever her brush intromitted its harsh whoosh-whoosh and she paused to apply fresh soap.

  35. Brush ore is a hydrate with protoxide of iron, and frequently, if not much mixed with calcareous earth, contains from 60 to 65 per cent.

  36. It's tall paintin', makin' the brush walk at that price.

  37. I thought I never should get the sut out of my hair, and then never get it out of my brush again, and my eyes smarted so, they did nothing but water, and wink, and make faces.

  38. Cleansing the teeth of sticky deposits by running fine threads between them, in addition to the use of a brush and a simple powder, prevents deposits from becoming the starting point of decay.

  39. Also a pastry brush to spread the melted butter upon the corn.

  40. A good morning scrub of the teeth with a brush saves many hours of pain.

  41. Illustration: Camp Tooth Brush] The Teeth If the tooth brush gets lost make one out of a dry stick, about six inches long, which can be frayed out at the ends like the illustration.

  42. Insist upon the bringing of a tooth brush to camp.

  43. The impression of power is accentuated by the rolling gait, the rocky aspect of the troubled brow under the rough brush of hair, the bony thickness of the aquiline nose and the ample curls of beard.

  44. Now, Marianne, look at her brush dabbing so fast in the water!

  45. In a few minutes they had cleared away a lot of the brush directly beneath the two poised stones.

  46. Thorny brush and thick, tall weeds shrouded the base of the cliff for a height of eight or ten feet.

  47. But as they pushed through the brush separating them from the cliff; in the face of which was situated the cave entrance, a sudden sound brought them to an abrupt standstill.

  48. As they came up Rob was pointing to an opening at the base of the cliff which the cleared brush had revealed.

  49. Rob realized in a flash that it was a trapdoor cleverly concealed by brush and earth that had just opened.

  50. The watchers concealed in the brush below saw a new figure join the group on the cliff summit, a man with a great, bushy, black beard and shifty black eyes.

  51. Tall brush was hemming them in on all sides.

  52. The Boy Scout had just reached these conclusions when a sudden stir in the brush behind him made him look up.

  53. He had almost reached the open space where they had chopped down the brush when, without an instant's warning, the figure of Stonington Hunt strode into view.

  54. A moment later the giant moose lay beating the brush in his death throes.

  55. The next instant she had disappeared into the brush that surrounded them on every side, nor had he seen which way she had taken.

  56. The scene before him was one to inspire an artist's brush or lend fire to a poet's pen.

  57. No sound came to him save the crashing of brush and rending of branches, yet even as he looked he caught a gleam of bright red among the tamarack trees.

  58. Trees had been blazed here and there, and brush cleared away.

  59. She turned to nod at the rude brush shelter beneath which, deep in his sleeping bag, the old man slumbered.

  60. Being young and strong, possessed of a healthy body and a vigorous mind, he did not trouble about the future for long, but springing out into the storm, began dragging in dry brush and logs.

  61. Occasional rough black roads wind through the brush and into the towns, and die into grass tracks along the wire fences.

  62. When the whole is thus minced, brush it up hastily with a new clothes-brush, and stir round rapidly and capriciously with a salt-spoon or a soup-ladle.

  63. I--I kin brush flies," cried he exultantly.

  64. Beth took down a brush and brushed out the snarls while she talked.

  65. The entrance or open front faced to the northwest, and to protect it from the evening sun a temporary shelter of piƱon brush was put up, as shown in the illustration.

  66. Sage and other brush is used largely in the construction of shelters of this sort, as the few timbers which are essential can be procured only with great difficulty, and usually must be brought a great distance.

  67. Without the use of a brush or other implement the trickling stream is guided to form intricate designs.

  68. Our moralist had for some time been glancing at a broad, handsome old country mansion on the top of a wooded hill backed by a swarm of mountain heads all purple-dark under clouds flying thick to shallow, as from a brush of sepia.

  69. In this work the brush triumphs over the pen, its decorations are essentially pictorial, and many of them recall, if not the hand, at least the style, of Memling and Van Eyck.

  70. With the brush so charged, trace out the required form or pattern, and upon this lay the gold leaf, pressing it lightly down with cotton-wool.

  71. The "tip" is the brush with which the gold-leaf is applied.

  72. Paper thus prepared needs only to have a wet flat camel-hair brush passed over the back; it can then be laid down, and will adhere very firmly.

  73. Above all things never let the paint-brush go near the mouth, and never attempt to correct or retouch a tint while it is in process of drying, as doing so will infallibly make it look streaky and muddy.

  74. The colour should be of the consistency of thick cream, and should run from the brush on being raised from the pot in one thread; if it run in several, it is too thin.

  75. Vermilion is ground up with the size before it is applied, to render it opaque; and if it does not leave the brush freely, it should be thinned with oil of turpentine.

  76. The mode of using it is as follows:--Take a small brush saturated with water, and thoroughly charge it with the size.

  77. On he went, forcing his way through the under-brush until, reaching the clearing, he halted suddenly and faced about, fancying he had heard a rustle in the leaves hard by.

  78. She presently moved her eyes over the house, and I felt them brush me again like the wings of a dove.

  79. Betty put her brush back on the table and gave her head a shake.

  80. I'm just trying to brush some of the flies out," and to Betty's surprise a thin flaccid hand was thrust into hers.

  81. Neale came crashing through the brush after a time.

  82. She went back to the clump of brush overlooking the sands.

  83. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "brush" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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