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  1. When the meal was over the priest took a broom and swept the souls out of the house, saying, "Dear souls, ye have eaten and drunk.

  2. All doors must be shut and each householder must kneel before his threshold with a broom and a dust-pan in his hand.

  3. Attired in mourning, which they wear the whole day, they make a puppet of straw, clothe it in a white shirt, and give it a broom in one hand and a scythe in the other.

  4. The green hue faded, the wild broom was grey and thin, and strange bluish-green plants grew among the bushes.

  5. They were sitting under a sand-hill, on which little birches and broom shrubs grew.

  6. Send for a whisk broom and bring me a parlor match, and I'll be all right.

  7. Only the rim of calcined stones at the summit seems to have betrayed the volcanic fire of old days, except that here and there a wreath of smoke coiled away across the elms and oaks and the pleasant scrub of broom and other underwood.

  8. With the broom they carefully swept out the crevices of the decomposed slate as it was exposed on the surface, and putting the resulting dust and fragments into the tin dish proceeded to dry blow it.

  9. I saw claimholders turning out to work equipped only with a small broom made of twigs and a tin dish.

  10. It is a favorite wood in Mississippi for pumplogs and broom handles.

  11. No other wood equalled hickory for "split brooms," the kind that swept the cabins before broom corn was known or carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners were invented.

  12. One of its common uses is for broom handles.

  13. In Louisiana it is converted into excelsior, and in Mississippi into broom handles, and parts of agricultural implements, particularly hoppers and seedboxes.

  14. Birch broom handles have been a commodity since the first lathe went to work on that product.

  15. The smooth finish which may be imparted to the wood constitutes its chief value for broom handles.

  16. I never saw a child with such influence over animals," said her mother, as Lloyd came around the house with the parrot perched on the broom she was carrying.

  17. Then she began beating the trunk of the tree with the old broom she had been carrying.

  18. She broke into gentle weeping, but Paulina Maria thrust a broom relentlessly into her hand.

  19. As Barney looked up and saw the admiral signalling from the window, he came across the lawn at a trot, dragging the broom after him.

  20. Drop that broom and salute your officer, you confounded old barnacle!

  21. When a couple wished to marry the man secured the permission of his intended wife's owner and if he consented, a broom was placed on the floor and the couple jumped over it and were then pronounced man and wife.

  22. Charlie's parents were married by the "broom stick ceremony.

  23. The broom was laid down on the floor, the couple held each other's hands and stepped backward over it, then the Master told the crowd that the couple were man and wife.

  24. Me and Julie jus' jumped over de broom in front of Marster and us was married.

  25. After a broom was placed on the ground a white minister read the scriptures and then the couple in the process of being married jumped over this broom.

  26. Whether he was in earnest about preventing the traffic, or whether he only wished to show that a new broom sweeps clean, I don't know.

  27. Sills and Broom used to say that it would be time enough by-and-by to begin learning navigation, and so weeks passed away, and they knew nothing whatever about it.

  28. It is a peculiar broom found nowhere else but in Teneriffe.

  29. Broom I found at times surly and quarrelsome, and inclined always to grumble.

  30. Sills and Broom came up, and inquiring what I thought of the state of affairs, bitterly regretted their folly in coming to sea, and asked me if I was not very sorry at having left home.

  31. The broom did not begin to answer, so we pieced out the measure with something else, in order to arrive at some kind of accuracy.

  32. The shipping-clerks and dustless-broom agents and lottery-ticket buyers of the world are made of his stuff.

  33. Mrs. Katzenstein leaned her broom in a corner, daubed at the mantelpiece with a flannel cloth, and regarded her daughter surreptitiously through the mirror.

  34. If I lose my temper and break your head with the broom handle, you won't beat me?

  35. See the proud, sensitive nostrils of that young woman sweeping the pavement with her broom in front of the house this morning; one can tell she is of the same race as Charlotte Corday.

  36. But I shall not soon forget the joy of this wild profusion of flowers scattered all along my path, for two thousand miles--the roses and lilies, the broom and the poppies.

  37. In half an hour our enemies were all upon the floor at the mercy of a soft broom and a dust-pan.

  38. At some of the broom factories girls are employed to assort the broom by laying perfect pieces of a certain length in one pile, and those shorter in another, &c.

  39. Artificial stems are added to the natural ones, and are usually made of broom straw or ravelled matting.

  40. Only strong, robust women could perform the entire process of broom making.

  41. When the hour of eleven has struck, he sweeps up the charcoal ashes with a broom and throws them out of the crucible.

  42. Afterward he throws pulverised clay and charcoal into the crucible, pours water over it, and sweeps it over with a broom into which a stick is fixed.

  43. Afterward, with a bucket he pours water into it and sweeps this all over the forehearth pit, and with the broom drives the turbid water into the furnace hearth and likewise sweeps it out.

  44. M--The broom in which is inserted a stick.

  45. Twigs and wood which float on the surface are lifted out with a broom made of twigs, and afterward all the sediment settles at the bottom of this vat.

  46. No, yer Washup; Dick 'ave a broom and crossin'.

  47. Ee wor doin' a tidy lot lately wid 'is broom and crossin'.

  48. Flo began to consider a broom and crossing quite a good trade, and rather contemplated taking it up herself.

  49. The other fourth that was missed by the invisible broom didn't hang around for a second sweeping.

  50. In fact, the arrival of those Soviet Ratas was almost as though invisible hands had swept an invisible broom across the skies, and taken three fourths of the German Messerschmitts along with it.

  51. Being a late and irregular comer, he would often find the charwoman dryly banging her broom among the chairs.

  52. Take an old whisk broom and remove the handle.

  53. Now remove the wire from the broom and sprinkle with baking soda.

  54. The broom behind the butt Call'd the dish-clout a nasty slut: Oh!

  55. For planting in poor, sandy or gravelly soils, or amongst stones and shingle, and where only a very limited number of shrubs could be got to grow, the Spanish Broom will be found an excellent and valuable plant.

  56. By placing three or five plants in clump-fashion, the beauty of this Broom is greatly enhanced.

  57. She shouldered her broom as if it had been the rifle of a giant, and trotted away to her work.

  58. With these treasures he hastened home, and found poor Little Christmas and her broom waiting for him outside the door, for the landlady would not let her in.

  59. You may bring your broom if you like, though,' he added, seeing a cloud come over the little face.

  60. Before they had gone twelve paces, he had the child in one hand; and before they had gone a second twelve, he had the broom in the other.

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