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Example sentences for "brooms"

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  1. Well, here the brooms are tied and sewed through by hand, over at those benches.

  2. He idly picked up one of the finished brooms and examined it.

  3. This is where the whisk-brooms are made," said the warden.

  4. On the ground floor men worked at lathes, turning out the wooden handles to the brooms that were finished, sorted and tied up-stairs.

  5. Down beyond the foundry the beginning of the line, the head of the serpent, was lost at the stairway leading to the second floor of a long, narrow building in which whisk brooms were manufactured.

  6. Brooms are rarities; such as exist are besoms made of split stick.

  7. But some trees were not so thoughtful, for "the brooms and the chick-peas rustled and crackled, and the flax bristled up.

  8. In Bohemia, for instance, the young men collect for some weeks beforehand as many worn-out brooms as they can lay their hands on.

  9. He watched them with interest as, having shovelled all the coal into the hold, they turned the hose on the deck, and with brooms and swabs worked hard to remove the coal-dust which coated everything.

  10. Indians were sweeping the Alameda as I passed through, with brooms of dry bushes tied on to long sticks.

  11. His good furniture from Europe arrived in such a state that he said nothing was needed, as case after case was unpacked, but brooms to sweep out the debris.

  12. The chief young lady in charge of this broom booth should be dressed to represent the famous old woman, and each of her helpers should wear miniature brooms made of a few broom-splints and a toothpick for badges.

  13. Trimming the booth and displayed on its counter you must have brooms of all sizes.

  14. He carried brooms soon to Pittsfield, to New London, and in 1805 to Albany and Boston.

  15. So rapid was the increase of manufacture that in 1810 seventy thousand brooms were made in the county.

  16. Girls could whittle as well as boys, and often exchanged the birch brooms they made for a bit of ribbon or lace.

  17. From this he made between one and two hundred brooms which he peddled in a horse-cart in neighboring towns.

  18. Brooms and brushes were made of it in Italy nearly two centuries ago.

  19. Throughout Vermont seventy years ago the uniform price paid for making one of these brooms was six cents; and if the splints were very fine and the handle scraped with glass, it took nearly three evenings to finish it.

  20. Major Robert Randolph told in fashionable London circles about the year 1750, that when he was a boy in New Hampshire he earned his only spending-money by making these brooms and carrying them on his back ten miles to town to sell them.

  21. There was a constant demand in Boston for them, and sometimes country stores had several hundred of the brooms at a time.

  22. To the right leg of each man a cow-bell was tied; with their brooms swinging a preparatory flourish, the six stood ready to commence the game.

  23. Two or three men charge on one another and brooms fly in splinters all round.

  24. Then came six contadini, young men and stout, each armed with a broom three or four feet in length, made of rushes tied together, resembling our birch-brooms without their handles.

  25. The bath servants, with their aprons tucked up, went into the dens where yawned the marble vats; through the doors came the noise of the bubbling mineral water and the swish of the brooms in the baths, with a strong whiff of sulphur.

  26. Why we scarcely know how to weave homespun cloth; hemp-shoes are fast disappearing; our home-made water-jars are growing quite scarce and even our brooms are brought from England.

  27. But John is old; his hand is the hand of a squaw; his tomahawk is a hatchet; brooms and baskets are his enemies— he strikes no other.

  28. Make witches' brooms by tying slashed paper tied on any old sticks or brooms to give the effect.

  29. Disbelieven the ansers they giv in regard to their ages, I endevered to open their mouths and look at their teeth, same as they do with hosses, but they floo into a vilent rage and tackled me with brooms and sich.

  30. Your brooms is fine, and your apple sass is honest.

  31. Sometimes they sweep misfortune out of the house with brooms made of the leaves of certain plants and sprinkled with rice-water and blood.

  32. Hence about Oels, near Strehlitz, the people on that day arm themselves with old brooms and drive the witches from house and home, from farmyard and cattle-stall, making a great uproar and clatter as they do so.

  33. Brooms used to sweep misfortune out of house, 5 Broomsticks, witches ride on, 162 Brown, Dr.

  34. At Trieste on St. Sylvester's Eve people form processions and drive the evil spirits with sticks and brooms out of the houses, while they invite the good spirits and good luck to come and dwell there.

  35. But in our palace in India the Glorious the ovens of my lady mother, which are under her own care, are made of hard glazed tiles, while her oven brooms are of silk dipped in honey dew.

  36. Before her would come a great army of men armed with shovels, and then another army with brooms to make all clean on the pathway, and then a third army laying cloth of brilliant scarlet upon the tawny sand.

  37. A corner containing some brooms and cloths was cleaned out, and the boys soon located a piece of board about eight inches square, covered with a sheet of tin painted the same color as the wall.

  38. Two of them carried torches made of old brooms dipped in tar.

  39. Likewise, I've a sink closet there, where I keep me brooms and me brushes and such.

  40. Carried through the air on brooms and spits.

  41. Sometimes a witch, in company with others of the fraternity, is carried through the air on brooms or spits, to distant meetings or Sabbaths of witches.

  42. A plant having twigs suitable for making brooms to sweep with when bound together; esp.

  43. Ever-picturesque argot has given them a name of ridicule, and calls them les peintres and their brooms their inspired brushes.

  44. They use up seventy thousand brooms a year, and the filth they gather is rotted in pits and sold for manure, yielding about seven hundred thousand dollars a year.

  45. After every round trip that a car makes, it is taken to the stable, the mats are taken off the floor, and two men with brooms and specially constructed brushes give it a thorough sweeping and brushing.

  46. Everything movable is taken out of it, and water is played from a hose on the inside and outside, while four men with scrubbing brushes and stiff brooms remove whatever dirt has accumulated during the day.

  47. Dey face one 'nother and step 'cross de brooms at de same time to each other and takes hold of hands and dat marry dem.

  48. Dey lays de brooms on de floor and de woman put her broom front de man and he put he broom front de woman.

  49. So Alderete went with the sweep, carrying some of his brooms for him.

  50. The brooms used in Scotland are usually made of "broom," sometimes of birch twigs, and occasionally of heather, as one or other may be found most convenient to the place of playing.

  51. The handles of the brooms or embers from the fire are preserved and stuck in gardens to protect the vegetables from caterpillars and gnats.

  52. Sometimes the boys run down the hillside in troops, brandishing the blazing brooms and shouting.

  53. Children and lads carried torches, brooms daubed with tar, and poles swathed in straw.

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