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gravedigger; gravediggers; gravel; graveled; gravelled; gravels; gravely; graven; graver; gravers
  1. Gaut); here and there over the barest and hardest of the gravelly mesas (Bailey, Tex.

  2. I hear the sound of hoofs upon the stones as they renew their way, the dragging of the chain upon the gravelly bed, and the receding form is lost in the darkening road.

  3. It hasn't had time to thaw down far yet; but you skin off some of the gravelly top, and try it.

  4. My experience of pike fishing has been chiefly in the Hampshire Stour, which has a gravelly bottom, so that those fish, which are apt to be muddy in flavour, were superior to any I have tasted caught elsewhere.

  5. On the gravelly bottom of a certain portion of the water, I found a red Palmer very attractive to the roach which were there in considerable numbers.

  6. At three miles is a gravelly bar in the river; four miles beyond this the Kimooenim (Snake) empties into the Columbia, and at its mouth has an island just below a small rapid.

  7. We then passed over to the left (east) side, opposite the entrance of the rapid fork, and camped on a large gravelly bar, near which there was plenty of wood.

  8. He found the soil a reddish, somewhat gravelly clay, and so worn out from years of cropping that it did not support two cows and a horse.

  9. A rocky, gravelly ground is not suited for carp; the water should be the same depth all the year, as variation has an injurious effect on the fish.

  10. At four we crossed the river, as broad but a little less deep than the Kurdistan (both have gravelly bottoms), and resumed our march.

  11. We gradually ascended now through broken ground to the edge of a level gravelly plain, beyond which about four miles distant we could see the red line of the real Nefûd.

  12. It prefers swift streams with sandy or gravelly bottom, and loves the deep pools, where it lies in small schools.

  13. If the ridges were further apart--if each rocky or gravelly knoll were not in close proximity to a strip of bog or morass--it would be different.

  14. Whoever has a gravelly field will wisely prefer this for Apples, not merely to clay but to sand as well.

  15. Forests, hill-side pastures, and most dry gravelly or sandy tracts, I place in this category.

  16. A gravelly or sandy loam is generally preferred for orchards; yet I have known them to flourish and bear generously on heavy clay.

  17. Huckleberries flourish on the timbered slopes, and kinnikinick gladdens many a gravelly stretch or slope.

  18. Kinnikinick is widely distributed over the earth, and is most often found on gravelly slopes or sandy stretches.

  19. The snow lay several feet deep in the woods, but as the gravelly distance before me was bare, I took off my snowshoes.

  20. We now went directly to the mouth of the cañon we had decided to take, and traveled up its gravelly bed.

  21. In the morning we were off again down the cañon, limping some as we trod its coarse gravelly bed with our tender feet and stiffened joints, but getting limbered up a little after a bit, and enduring it pretty well.

  22. Above the rough bed of the cañon the bottom was gravelly and narrow, and the walls on each side nearly perpendicular.

  23. Here we found a gravelly creek with but little water, but as soon as we passed this point we saw the valley suddenly widening out, and beautiful groves of live oak trees scattered all around.

  24. The plants possess succulent leaves which store water and thus enable them to grow in dry, rocky or gravelly situations.

  25. The march was through broad gravelly valleys, among 'monstrous protuberances' of red and yellow gravel, elevated by their height alone to the dignity of mountains.

  26. The water-weed grew in long filaments from the gravelly shallows.

  27. She walked up the dry bed of a tributary brook, and searched among the gnarled roots and the dry, brown grass fringing the gravelly watercourse.

  28. All these parts were discovered in their natural relative positions, indicating, as Mr. Darwin observes, that the gravelly formation in which they were discovered had not been disturbed since its deposition.

  29. The body of the Rhinoceros had been buried in coarse gravelly sand near this hill, and the nature of the soil, which is always frozen, had preserved it.

  30. The distribution of these bones in the middle of the gravelly argillaceous mud is as irregular as possible.

  31. The river widens I think it may be generally Calculated at from 500" yards to half a mile in width more Sand and gravelly Bars than above.

  32. Hardy throughout New England; grows almost anywhere, but prefers a rich, loamy or gravelly soil.

  33. Hardy throughout New England, preferring a moist, fertile, gravelly loam; young trees are rather more vigorous than those of the sugar maple, and easily transplanted.

  34. Hardy throughout New England; does well in various situations, but prefers a light, sandy or gravelly soil near running water; grows more rapidly than U.

  35. Dry, gravelly soils, occasional in swamps and frequent along their borders, often springing up on burnt lands.

  36. Hardy throughout New England; found in a wider range of soils than any other species of the genus, but seeming to prefer a gravelly or peaty loam in positions where its roots can reach a constant supply of moisture.

  37. Interglacial beds occur under similar circumstances in both continents; and the same is the case with the gravelly moraines and fluvio-glacial accumulations.

  38. Other gravelly moraine mounds occur higher up the same valley, as near Grubbit Mill.

  39. In this low-lying district most of the ridges are composed of superficial deposits of stony and gravelly clay and sand, and the same is the case with those that sweep round the north-eastern spurs of the Cheviots by Coldstream and Ancroft.

  40. It is this gravelly and sandy aspect of the American moraines that is most conspicuous, water-assorted materials seeming everywhere to form their upper and outer portions.

  41. The kames of Wisconsin again and again reminded me of the gravelly moraines that cover the ground for many miles round the lower end of Lake Garda.

  42. A few weeks' scuffling over the gravelly ground, or a single day's steady sliding made them the subjects for half-soling, and then it was a question of only a very little time.

  43. They pictured to me a remote place, with a few huts standing on a gravelly hill, surrounded by holes and pools of mud.

  44. Small heaps of gravelly soil, of a light-red colour, lying close to each other, covered the ground in all directions, almost as far as the eye could reach.

  45. Two miles and a half more on a course of 135 degrees brought us out on some gravelly barren plains, and just before coming to these, and in passing through a scrub, we raised a flight of white cockatoos, of a species new to me.

  46. For several mornings lately I have heard and seen one on a dry, gravelly hillock in a field.

  47. Upon a small, gravelly hill in the highway along which I was in the habit of walking, I have seen them several seasons, but in no other place upon that road.

  48. Although they had been cast up on the surface of gravelly soil, they contained extremely few bits of rock, the largest of which was only 0.

  49. The soil beneath the layer of lime was either gravelly or of a coarse sandy nature, and differed considerably in appearance from the overlying dark-coloured fine mould.

  50. The specimen was picked up from the gravelly beach at the mouth of the Babbage River.

  51. Many small rivulets flow from the rising grounds into the sea, through wide gravelly beds, indicating that at times they swell into large torrents.

  52. In our way we fell among gravelly reefs, and arriving at the same time suddenly in smooth water, we effected a landing on one of them.

  53. Afterward I rode around to Gravelly Run Church, and found the head of Warren's column just appearing, while he was sitting under a tree making a rough sketch of the ground.

  54. The corps had no artillery present, its batteries, on account of the mud, being still north of Gravelly Run.

  55. From Warren's headquarters I returned, by the Boydton road to Dinwiddie Court House, fording Gravelly Run with ease.

  56. G] Boisseau's to Gravelly Run Church, though the distance was but two miles.

  57. This carried us to army headquarters, which were established south of Gravelly Run in an old cornfield.

  58. Boisseau's, running north, where it crosses Gravelly Run, he having gone down the White Oak road.

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