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Example sentences for "gravely"

Lexicographically close words:
gravel; graveled; gravelled; gravelly; gravels; graven; graver; gravers; graves; graveside
  1. The fine face of Mrs. Benoit looked gravely attentive, and a little anxiously watchful of Daisy's.

  2. Daisy looked up at him with a loving face; a wise little face it always was; it was gravely considerate now.

  3. In his presence Preston was mute; attending to the doctor's manipulations as gravely as the doctor himself performed them.

  4. She was overwhelmed, and he was gravely unsocial.

  5. Standing motionless, gazing at the pale oval face bending gravely towards her from the gloom, she felt for a moment the radiance of stars above her and heard the rustle of leaves.

  6. In each case she smiled gravely and required the cake to be described.

  7. Emma was going very gravely about the room collecting her work-basket and things for raccommodage.

  8. Moreover, eftures is gravely quoted in Halliwell's Dictionary, with a reference to Sir T.

  9. Rosalie stood gravely for a moment, then nodded and returned to Chandler.

  10. He reflected gravely that he could understand now how generations of country maidens had been dazzled and despoiled.

  11. He saw that he ought to have been gravely upset by Sissie'a prank and he was merely amused.

  12. In Thrigsby he saw his solicitor (an old pupil), who was professionally sympathetic, but took his instructions for the sale of his house and furniture gravely and promised to keep his whereabouts and all communications secret.

  13. Would that I were still young, as are many of you; would at least that I had followed the angel of my youth as gravely and steadfastly as he invited me; but the world taught, applauded in another direction, and I was at fault.

  14. Gravely but kindly Mr. Ward said he was surprised to find that her idea of "a few friends" differed so widely from his own; he was sorry she had not consulted him more freely, and begged that in the future she would do so.

  15. Number two, and he gravely held up a second finger: Always before when this idea had come to bother him it had faded after a moment or two, leaving him merely uneasy and dissatisfied.

  16. The priest gravely vouched for the accuracy of this narrative, and Clement made a note of it in his parchment roll.

  17. The sheik stood stroking his beard gravely as Sidi spoke.

  18. Gradually the other parties of horse gathered there, and the sheiks gravely consulted together.

  19. But what wonderful gossip it does seem to be writing gravely round and round from Leamington to London, and from London to Leamington, about!

  20. Oh, do let me in," cried I in very emphatic English to the sentry, who gravely shook his head.

  21. At four o'clock he executed a running jump, gained the roof of the chicken-house and leaped to the ground outside, whence he sauntered gravely to the house.

  22. Bill spoke gravely and slowly, with no hint of the anger that was raging within.

  23. The other puppies came sprawling toward him, to Collie's great disgust; and he gravely permitted them to clamber and tumble over him.

  24. There is nothing in this world," he said gravely "that I would so gladly do as help you, Cynthia.

  25. She gravely inclined her head in response.

  26. But he thought otherwise, and gravely shook his head.

  27. He thus diminished gravely the area of his prospects.

  28. The Templar here rose, and was about to interrupt the deliberations of the court, when the Duke gravely assured him that he should be heard in behalf of his friend, so soon as the council had finished their deliberations.

  29. Another little boy in the hospital is always spoken of gravely as "the civilian.

  30. At the typhoid hospital we gravely offered the cases of milk which we had brought with us as an earnest of our good conduct, but even the hospital was nearly empty.

  31. Jason," said Jimmie Dale, gravely again, "you have had reason to know that on several occasions my life has been threatened.

  32. Then, gravely courteous: "I'm sorry to have intruded.

  33. That's bad, Jimmie," he muttered gravely to himself, as he noted an almost imperceptible tremour.

  34. Major Covington, who made a point of never admitting that he didn't know everything, nodded gravely and murmured the name over to himself as though he were trying to remember Gatins' initials.

  35. As though he had put a question to them several of the jurors gravely inclined their heads.

  36. Taking me on her knees, she would then very gravely ask to see my little finger, and when I held it up, she would scrutinize it carefully, and from its appearance tell me whether I had been good or naughty.

  37. He took me home with him, for I was his special pet, and talked gravely and gently to me, reminding me that I was now eight years old and of the age of reason, going to confession and capable of sin.

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