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gravamen; grave; graved; gravedigger; gravediggers; graveled; gravelled; gravelly; gravels; gravely
  1. It is common in sand and gravel at low-water mark from Cape Cod to New Jersey.

  2. It is found on the New England coast in sand and gravel at low-water mark.

  3. It is found floating in masses and forming strata on rocks and gravel from New York northward.

  4. By this time the rudimentary plan of sorting the gravel on one's claim had, of necessity, been superseded.

  5. I marked out the site for my reservoir just below the gravel deposit, at a spot where the fall of the hillside was about one in fifteen.

  6. But before I got half-way through the heap my heart leaped to my throat, and I almost swooned with ecstasy there in the middle of the spread-out gravel glittered a diamond.

  7. The first couple of days' work gave splendid results; from the gravel cleared off a space about eight feet square we got, so far as I can remember, about a pound weight of gold.

  8. Tailings" are the waste products of the sluice-box, the sand and gravel carried away by the stream of water which flows over the "ripples.

  9. For those whose holdings lay close to the edge of the mine the problem was simple enough; all they had to do was to keep one or two natives, with barrows, removing the sand and gravel as soon as these had been sifted and sorted.

  10. One burrow was exceptionally deep, and the gravel thrown up from it looked exactly like that of the claim in which I had been working.

  11. When I thought the light strong enough, I crouched down and began sorting the gravel on the board.

  12. When I spoke of the burrow and the resemblance of the gravel at its mouth to the diamondiferous soil in which we were working, this was made a pretext for derision.

  13. I finished sorting the heap of gravel and again filled the sieve.

  14. In an open space in the shadow of a building young men played baseball, the shouts of the spectators rising above the murmur of the voices of people on the gravel walk.

  15. They laughed and shouted at each other and at the children, calling them back from the gravel driveways filled with moving carriages.

  16. By the iron gate at the end of the gravel walk they turned and faced each other.

  17. He rubbed his hands together to brush the bits of gravel out of the flesh.

  18. Then he began looking at the ground and kicking up the gravel with his foot.

  19. Filled with a thousand messages of love and tenderness she longed to pour into his ear she stood in silence on the gravel path with her hand on his shoulder.

  20. McGregor and Edith walked up the gravel walk and stood by the front door of the Ormsby house.

  21. Two women coming along the gravel walk stopped under a tree and looked back.

  22. Now at the end of the day they continued to come, a steady stream of humanity flowing along the gravel walk past the bench where the two men sat in talk.

  23. When she had her mind fixed and ready Margaret and McGregor were already half way down the gravel walk to the gate and the opportunity to distinguish herself had passed.

  24. We can eat; we can lay a dish before ourselves and feed; But the gravel sets our teeth on edge and ever from our eyes there flow invisible tears.

  25. All the diseases spy upon us, ulcer and abscess, epilepsy and shaking palsy and at the last, comes gout and the gravel that clogs urination.

  26. The yellow tussocks were bending all one way, perfectly flat to the ground, and the shingle on the gravel walk outside rattled like hail against the low latticed windows.

  27. I could do nothing but gaze on the strange figure of the silent swagger, who knelt yes, positively knelt, on the still wet and shining shingle which formed an apology for a gravel path up to the back-door of the little wooden homestead.

  28. These, in my hand, look as if they had been swept down with the gravel and gold; only we can trace the gravel and gold to their native rocks, but not the diamonds.

  29. There are great reefs of gravel in the limestone valleys of the central bog district of Ireland.

  30. It was composed of heterogeneous materials,--large and small pebbles and boulders impacted together in a paste of clayey gravel and sand.

  31. Eva was rather restless, and strolled a little way down the gravel path, and, on turning, found that her father had left the others and was walking toward her.

  32. Down one side of the lawn ran a terrace of grey stone, bordered by a broad gravel walk, and over the terrace pale monthly roses climbed and blossomed.

  33. The flower-beds gleamed like jewels in the sunshine, and he could see two figures strolling quietly down the gravel path toward the river.

  34. Then she heard footsteps on the garden gravel path below her window.

  35. Bernhard sat drawing hieroglyphics in the gravel with his cane.

  36. It was a handsome modern residence, with beautifully kept grounds and immaculately rolled gravel drive.

  37. It looks as if a bicycle had been here lately," said Katrine, examining some tracks on the gravel as she opened the gate.

  38. Then for some unknown reason all the big joint-trees died, and the sand, mud, and gravel levelled off the swamp.

  39. The good brick she sets in a place of honour, and the poor one she grinds into gravel for the workmen to walk on.

  40. A gravel walk leading from the door to the road in front was encrusted at the sides with more moss--here it was a silver-green variety, the nut-brown of the gravel being visible to the width of only a foot or two in the centre.

  41. At a bed of gravel near the mouth of the river the remains of an elephant and rhinoceros have been discovered.

  42. The crunching of the gravel and the rattle of the sentry's musket at salute recalled him to his high office and to the duties of the morning.

  43. In the barren Ghor I have often watched it perched unconcernedly on a knot of gravel or marl in the plain, watching apparently for the emergence of beetles from the sand.

  44. He dug the fine hall in the gravel bank in my stream.

  45. Halfway up, a stone upon which he was standing became dislodged and tumbled to the bottom, carrying a rush of gravel with it.

  46. He struck the loose gravel and rolled down with the gravel sliding after him in a great wave.

  47. In order to insure against a stoppage of water, as above referred to, gravel was first put into the bottom of the bowl and the flap-valve was then rubbed down and held tightly while the pipe was filled.

  48. Plate XXVI,[D] may be seen a typical bank of gravel and sand; it shows the well-defined slope of sand adjacent to and in connection with the cohesive properties of gravel.

  49. For instance, it is inconceivable that 1 or 2 tons may sometimes be allowed on a square foot of soft clay, while the load on firm gravel is limited to from 4 to 6 tons.

  50. The writer's practical observations have convinced him that it is frequently much safer to put four times 6 tons on a square foot of gravel than it is to put one-fourth of 2 tons on a square foot of soft clay.

  51. The wheels of another carriage crunched over the gravel of the drive.

  52. Very faintly he could hear the irregular trickling of the fountain, and every now and then the scrunching of the gravel as footsteps passed him by.

  53. I am in a very bad condition both with the gravel and rheumatism; but I had much rather die than decline any kind of service that offers.

  54. Fort William Henry was an irregular bastioned square, formed by embankments of gravel surmounted by a rampart of heavy logs, laid in tiers crossed one upon another, the interstices filled with earth.

  55. The rampart consisted of two parallel walls ten feet apart, built of the trunks of trees, and held together by transverse logs dovetailed at both ends, the space between being filled with earth and gravel well packed.

  56. They rode out of urgency when the gravel of that well-raked drive shifted under the hoofs of their mounts.

  57. The roan's hoofs spurned gravel from the track line now.

  58. They turned into the drive, the gravel crunching into his holed boots while the tree shadows made a green twilight.

  59. Croaker came to a stop, and Drew's eyes raised from the gravel to the line of one step and then another.

  60. Beyond was the green of trees, a whole line of trees curving along a gravel carriage drive.

  61. There was more than one "projecting rock," and he dug over all the sand and gravel to the depth of a foot in the vicinity of every part of the cliff which answered to the description given.

  62. As he spoke he kneeled down on the beach, and scooped out of the sand and gravel a hole about a foot deep, into which he dropped the bag of gold.

  63. An imperfect skull of the musk ox was found in a bed of gravel near Maidenhead in 1855, and is now in the Natural History Museum at South Kensington.

  64. In some of the Berkshire gravel beds there is a hard irony conglomerate, and this has been used as a building material.

  65. Gravel covers a good deal of the surface in Berkshire.

  66. These, which are at least as old as the gravel in which we find them, are nearly all of flint, and often beautifully made.

  67. The illustration on page 40 shows three sarsen stones lying at the bottom of a thick bed of gravel in a gravel pit on Chobham Ridges.

  68. The fossil sponges in the gravel are abundant and beautifully preserved, and they seem to have lived on the spot.

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