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Example sentences for "gravediggers"

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grava; gravamen; grave; graved; gravedigger; gravel; graveled; gravelled; gravelly; gravels
  1. The nimble, jolly gravediggers do not look so far forward.

  2. A grave was supposed to be six feet deep, and local gravediggers had been conscientious.

  3. The gravediggers may not enter their houses till they have bathed and so removed from their persons the contagion of death, in order that the soul of the deceased may have no power over them.

  4. The old clerk was an obstinate believer in it, for he had seen it with his own eyes; the sexton had seen it with his, and two gravediggers had seen it with theirs.

  5. After his burial, suspicion arose that he had not come fairly to his end, and the coroner had issued his mandate for the disinterment of the body, and the sexton and two gravediggers proceeded to their task.

  6. They had not, however, done more than gather up their instruments when the wind brought to their notice the noise of a vehicle rapidly driven up the same lane from Sidlinch which the gravediggers had lately retraced.

  7. The gravediggers bore the coffin and set its nose on the brink, looping the bands round it.

  8. The gravediggers took up their spades and flung heavy clods of clay in on the coffin.

  9. A mound of damp clods rose more, rose, and the gravediggers rested their spades.

  10. Corny Kelleher opened the sidedoors and the gravediggers came in, hoisted the coffin again, carried it out and shoved it on their cart.

  11. The gravediggers put on their caps and carried their earthy spades towards the barrow.

  12. When the poor old man had reached this point in his narrative, there entered the inn two gravediggers of sinister bearing and repellent look.

  13. A private of the South Wales Borderers tells how some Germans disguised as gravediggers attempted to rush a British trench.

  14. We knew that the Germans had a recognized corps of gravediggers," he says, "but we found that the supposed gravediggers now advancing were armed not only with picks and shovels, but with rifles also.

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