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  1. He was particularly admir'd too for the Gravedigger in Hamlet.

  2. Here they are at last," growled the gravedigger with the broken head and velvet breeches.

  3. And each of us'll back his own man," muttered in an aside the gravedigger with the broken head.

  4. The Transylvanian legend of "The Gravedigger in Heaven" also turns upon an invitation thoughtlessly given to a dead man and accepted.

  5. The entertainment is followed by a counter-invitation; and the gravedigger is forced to pay a return visit.

  6. Dig as hard as he could my friendly gravedigger had been unable to cover up all those brothers-in-arms who lay out in the wind and the rain.

  7. My gravedigger plucked my sleeve and showed me where he had buried a French cuirassier who had been shot as he kept a lonely guard at the edge of a wood.

  8. A gagging Polonius, Dogberry, Gobbo, or Gravedigger could scarcely expect much toleration from a modern audience; while it is true enough, that these famous personages do not often present themselves upon the scene in these times.

  9. Until now, no sense could be made of the first verse which the gravedigger sings.

  10. No doubt, the jest of the gravedigger is directed against them, when he says that if the mad Hamlet does not recover his wits in England, it is no great matter there, because there the men are as mad as he.

  11. After passing down several paths, bordered with cypress trees, by the side of many tombs, the Jew and the gravedigger arrived, at a little glade, situated near the western wall of the cemetery.

  12. Your very gravedigger has forgotten his avocation in his electorship, and would quibble on the Franchise over Ophelia's grave, instead of more appropriately discussing the duration of bodies under ground.

  13. He was well acquainted with the title-page of Blackstone's Commentaries, and argal (as the gravedigger in Hamlet says) he was not a person to be laughed at.

  14. No doctor, I say," answered the gravedigger slowly, "but a holy rabbi might save her.

  15. In the morning, when the gravedigger came home from his sad vigil, he went to see the sick child.

  16. Therefore the gravedigger did not believe that little Lea, "the child of atonement," would live.

  17. When the doctor is not called in, the gravedigger is sent for.

  18. She wished to beg them to come and tell her what was the matter with her child; for a Jewish gravedigger is required to visit the sick as well as to bury the dead.

  19. Recovering herself quickly, she rushed into the room of her neighbor, the gravedigger who had formerly been under her husband, and who had succeeded to his place.

  20. The laugh of the gravedigger followed his steps.

  21. I have a head worth something; I ask no gentleman to go by my word; I will make his own eyes the judge of what my trouble is worth," the gravedigger now led the way through one of the gates a little out of the city.

  22. She found the gravedigger enjoying his pipe in front of the gate.

  23. Reluctant to visit Father Fortier, with whom he stood on delicate ground, he ordered the mortuary mass of the sacristan, and engaged the gravedigger and the coffin-bearers.

  24. Fortier had proscribed the dead as unfit for consecrated ground, which the gravedigger had been ordered not to break for her.

  25. The cemetery-gates were closed but Billet respected the dead; he sent for the gravedigger who had the key, and Pitou brought it with two spades.

  26. In the older edition, the First Gravedigger says that the skull of the jester Yorick has lain a dozen years in the earth; in the edition of 1604 this is changed to twenty-three years.

  27. This task was alloted to Talha, the gravedigger of Al-Madinah.

  28. Yes, Willie had heard him, and Margery was certainly right in intimating that the young gravedigger was exceptionally fluent in cuss words.

  29. Well, the gravedigger was getting it worse than you, and I guess he had a right to be there, hadn't he?

  30. The incredible speed with which the poachers fled seemed to give the young gravedigger an erroneous idea of the fear that his presence inspired.

  31. Although still at a considerable distance, the young gravedigger caught the full meaning of the insult and almost exploded with rage.

  32. But the gravedigger has left his spade hard by; with it her friend can shovel away the earth that holds her down.

  33. The gravedigger happened to have a fever on All Saints' Day.

  34. Although in the best of health, he addressed the gravedigger and laughingly told him: “Come along with me.

  35. Mr. Fullerton quoted Dodge as an authority on matters of practical philosophy, and the old gravedigger became a sort of oracle at the Cottage.

  36. The old gravedigger paused at last in his toil, leaning on his pickaxe, and bringing a red cotton handkerchief out of his hat to wipe his brow.

  37. I never heard that part of the story before," said Lady Engleton, when the gravedigger had left.

  38. The gravedigger placed the coffin in position.

  39. They bought wreaths and the gravedigger took possession of the coffin.

  40. Then I went in, walking straight over the grass towards a gravedigger digging in the sunshine.

  41. Yis, I heer'd you telling the gravedigger the same thing.

  42. The rest of the little congregation had dispersed; the church door had been locked; there was a gravedigger at work in the garden-like churchyard, amidst long grasses and fallen leaves, and the unchanged ferns and mosses of the bygone summer.

  43. This being done, the gravedigger Bielke remarked that the coffins no longer lay in the order in which they had originally been placed, but had been displaced at recent burials.

  44. Having arrived there they placed their burden on the ground at the door of the so-called Kassengewolbe, where the gravedigger and his assistants took it up.

  45. When I ask this gravedigger whether this be indeed the grave of the holy man, he looks wise, plucks a bit of grass from a near-by grave, and seizes his opportunity for an oration.

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