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Example sentences for "cuss"

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  1. Joe Raines up and allow: 'Next time he cuss you, do lak I do, just cuss him back.

  2. Some make um wuk haa'd all day, and 'cuss um plenty.

  3. You never cuss him lak I cuss him, or you'd a never got a whippin'.

  4. Joe Murray allow: 'How you cuss him then, Joe?

  5. De marster put a cuss on de pa'tridges for dat, and ever since, they can't fly over tree tops.

  6. De next time cuss him but be sure to go way off somewhere so he can't hear you, nigger'.

  7. Say Joe Raines very slow, 'Well when I cuss Marster Ed, I goes way down in de bottoms where de corn grow high and got a black color.

  8. She sure could 'cuss out slaves if they made her mad.

  9. Ye gods, from great Jupiter down to the nude little cuss with the bow and arrows, inclusive!

  10. Independent as a clam at high tide the old cuss was even then).

  11. A durned nasty old cuss he is, and don't you forget it!

  12. I thinks we'll never get there, 'n' I begins to cuss Peewee fur bringin' me.

  13. I goes on the stage just because I starts to cuss a dog I owns one day," said Blister.

  14. You jest guess there's a cuss around chasin' glory at your expense.

  15. He'll tell you jest how notions can make a cuss of any life, an' how to get shut of sech notions.

  16. A man has jest naturally got to have something to cuss around and boss, so's to keep himself from finding out he don't amount to nothing.

  17. You can't see red like me without being a more dangerous cuss than you mean to be.

  18. I should have thought that you'd be the kind of cuss who would.

  19. I can cuss like a beauty when I get warmed up to my subject, and will you believe me, sir, when I come out I'm as cool as a cucumber.

  20. I just lock myself up in my cabin where nobody can get to me and I can get to nobody, and I cuss everybody and everything that I can get my mind on--you ought to hear me!

  21. What she'd orter done wuz to married some big cuss like Link Overshine er Luther Hitchcock.

  22. I want to tell you I don't cuss like I used to.

  23. I don't want her to hear me cuss an' go on like that.

  24. I ain't the same ornery cuss I wuz a couple of year ago.

  25. Cuss them, if I doos n't sarve them out for it, my name's not Thomas Draw!

  26. You Joe Teachman, what are you lazin there about, cuss you?

  27. Look sharp, cuss you, else we'll pull off the ruff of the old humstead.

  28. Cuss Philip Moore, and all others of his class," muttered the raftsman, moodily.

  29. I begrudged it to poor Tim; and cuss him, it's going down his gullet!

  30. I'll just bet it's my luck to have some inquisitive cuss come buttin' in here on my pasture," he mumbled sleepily that night as he pulled the blankets up to his chin.

  31. There's no tellin' what cuss may be snoopin' around.

  32. By all this you will judge what a comical little cuss Betty is, but all the same I am quite serious in urging you to come home before I grow desperate.

  33. Pete was right sober for him and spruced up owing to facts I am now coming to and when Pete's sober there ain't a more sensible cuss than what he is nor a gentlemaner.

  34. Just sot still an’ chawed his tobacco, like he didn’t give a cuss for nothin’.

  35. He was a shiftless cuss that got out into the island somehow 'bout ten year ago, an' begun beggin' for a livin'.

  36. So the poor cuss was in luck by the affair after all, for he got a mass said over him.

  37. That had been done by some cowboys who were in town the day before, and the fellow they 'd done for was an ornery cuss of a half-breed Mexican, who was a whole lot better off dead than alive, anyway.

  38. Funny what he says to the little cuss that done the damage.

  39. He don't care a cuss for you--in fact, I know he hates you like poison.

  40. I wouldn't care a cuss ef I never saw it.

  41. He had old Muirhead under his thumb for some ship-scuttling job which he did for some one, and the old cuss was in dead fear it would be found out, and he would do any dirty work your uncle asked him to do.

  42. Be durned if he ain't the queerest cuss I ever seed.

  43. She can cuss in two or three languages not specified in the guarantee.

  44. We can cuss the men all we want to, my dear, and some of us unfortunately have a nasty experience with one now and then.

  45. DEAR GIRL: I have caught my breath, so to speak, but I doubt if ever a more forlorn cuss listened to the interminable clicking of car wheels.

  46. The cuss of the matter is, we don't fall in with them.

  47. Cuss the hour, I says, that ever we fell in with this barque!

  48. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cuss" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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