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cusped; cuspidate; cuspidor; cuspidors; cusping; cuss; cussed; cussedness; cusses; cussid
  1. The molar teeth of these animals are characterized by multiple cusps arranged in parallel rows.

  2. The cusps on its molars, instead of being blunt points, had developed into crescentic patterns, somewhat like those in deer or camels.

  3. The six cusps of the moulding are ornamented by bosses of carved foliage.

  4. The head of each light of the north window has two cusps on each side.

  5. Schiaparelli fixed his attention upon round, defined, lustrously white spots, the presence of which near the cusps of the illuminated crescent has been attested for close upon two centuries.

  6. Sometimes two cusps were added on each side.

  7. The character of the cusping changed again, the cusps becoming club-headed in their form (Fig.

  8. A leaf-shaped form produced by adding cusps to the curved outline of a window head or piece of tracery.

  9. Here the horseshoe cuspings are on the out-most of the five orders of mouldings, and the chevron on the fourth, while there is also a series of pointed cusps on the second.

  10. The fat round outer moulding with its projecting curves and cusps is very unpleasing, the shafts at the sides are singularly purposeless, and the carving is coarse.

  11. The cusps end in knobs like thistle-heads, and are themselves rather branchlike.

  12. The arch itself is terribly decayed, but one of its orders still has the remains of a series of large cusps, arranged like the horseshoe cusps at Santarem but much larger.

  13. As at Golleg√£ from the outer side of this moulding large cusps project, one on each side, while in the middle it rises up in two curves forming an irregular pentagon with curved sides.

  14. Yet no one who sees it can help falling a victim to its fascination, for perhaps its only real fault is that the great cusps and finials are on rather too large a scale for the rest.

  15. Beyond this moulding a plain flat band runs up the jambs and round the top cutting across the base of the cusps and of the pentagon.

  16. On the lower row are interlacing semicircles in high relief forming foliated cusps and painted blue.

  17. The trefoils form large hanging cusps in front of the complicated inner arch.

  18. The blade when fully developed has three cusps (i, 2 and 3), but the anterior is always small, and often absent.

  19. The cusps of the blade, of which the hinder (2) is the larger, are separated by a notch, generally prolonged into a linear fissure.

  20. Aeluropus and Aelurus) having three outer cusps and a broad bicuspid inner lobe, giving an almost quadrate form to the crown.

  21. The blade in these cases is generally placed obliquely, its flat or convex (outer) side looking forwards, so that the two lobes or cusps are almost side by side, instead of anterior and posterior.

  22. The second molar is less than half the length of the first, with a pair of cusps placed side by side anteriorly, and a less distinct posterior pair.

  23. In common with the true palm-civets, they have a dentition numerically identical with that of Viverra and Genetta, but the cusps of the hinder premolars and molars are much less sharp and pointed.

  24. In the genus Mydaus the dentition is as the last, but the cusps of the teeth are more acutely pointed.

  25. Defn: The space between the cusps in Gothic architecture; a rounded or leaflike ornament, in windows, niches, etc.

  26. Having or designating teeth with three cusps or tubercles; tricuspid.

  27. Next, a cingulum was developed, and the three cones became arranged in a triangle, the two smaller cusps having moved to the outer side in upper and to the inner in lower molars.

  28. We must proceed in the same way for the other planets and place them in the map according to their positions in respect to the degrees on the cusps of the houses.

  29. The cusps of the Houses are represented by that line between each house.

  30. The grinding surface of the teeth has many layers of enamel, and the cusps are well developed.

  31. Ribs of the original chapels that once flanked the eastern end, behind the present chapels of Sant Iago and Santa Catarina, have been broken off flat against the exterior walls, and the cusps of the lower arches have been closed.

  32. This appears in the figure ornamentation in the archivolts around the circular-headed opening, the angel heads that cut it as it were into cusps and the treatment and feeling of some of the figures in the larger panels.

  33. All but the upper cusps of the windows of the side aisles have been filled in by masonry, painted with saints and evangelists in place of the translucent ones originally placed here.

  34. The details are poor (note the absence of cusps in alternate windows of nave), and the fan tracery (original in choir only) is exuberant.

  35. Quatrefoils are made by arranging four cusps within a circle.

  36. If you put two cusps into the head of a pointed arch you will find that you have made a trefoil-headed arch.

  37. The hypocycloid derived from the same circles is shown as curve d, and is seen to consist of three cusps arranged internally to the fixed circle; the corresponding hypotrochoid consists of a three-foil and is shown in curve e.

  38. In the particular case when the radii are in the ratio of 1 to 3 the epicycloid (curve a) will consist of three cusps external to the circle and placed at equal distances along its circumference.

  39. Some of its cusps are broken, but there seem to have been six of them originally.

  40. The arrangement of the six cusps or tubercles in two rows, in fig.

  41. A twilight is decidedly visible at the cusps of the crescent-moon, especially near the first and last quarters.

  42. A suggested nomenclature for the cusps of the cheek teeth of rodents.

  43. These cusps are spoken of as septal, marginal and infundibular, from their position.

  44. The left auriculo-ventricular valve has three membranous cusps with chordae tendineae attached to them, but the right auriculo-ventricular valve has a large fleshy cusp without chordae tendineae.

  45. The chordae tendineae are fine fibrous cords which fasten the cusps to the musculi papillares and ventricular wall, and prevent the valve being turned inside out when the ventricle contracts.

  46. The aortic valve has the same structure as the pulmonary, though the cusps are more massive.

  47. The mitral and tricuspid valves are formed by the shortening of the auricular canal which becomes telescoped into the ventricle, and the cusps are the remnants of this telescoping process.

  48. Molars in general characters resembling those of Sarcophilus, but of more simple form, the cusps being less distinct and not so sharply pointed.

  49. In other species the summits of the ridges are divided into conical cusps, and may have accessory cusps clustering around them (as in M.

  50. Dorsetshire Purbeck; the latter having the three cusps of the cheek-teeth rotated so as to assume a tritubercular type.

  51. Of the Old World forms, the family Triconodontidae is typified by the genus Triconodon, from the English Purbeck, in which the cheek-teeth carry three cutting cusps arranged longitudinally.

  52. The teeth are bunodont and brachydont, with the cusps not uniting to form lophs.

  53. These cusps do not stand in the line of the long axis of the jaw, but are placed very obliquely to it.

  54. There is in addition to these cusps a distinct basal cingulum, most prominent in the region of the heel.

  55. As compared with the Raccoon, the second premolar is more complex in that it has two cusps instead of one.

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