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Example sentences for "blankets"

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blanke; blanked; blanket; blanketed; blanketing; blankety; blankly; blankness; blanks; blanky
  1. I called to the seƱora when I went after the bar, and she will lay two blankets out in the plaza for us.

  2. I will get the blankets and we will pass the night out there.

  3. Then Rosendo wrapped himself in one of the blankets which he had picked up as he passed through the plaza, and lay down upon the shale.

  4. After supper we raised a few poles and threw our blankets over them for shelter.

  5. He had some blankets at Oak Creek, a distance of thirty miles from Silver Cliff.

  6. It rained hard all the next forenoon, but the men wrapped their blankets and the skirts of their hunting shirts round their gunlocks, and hurried on after Ferguson.

  7. Instead of allowing his family to use the wool raised on his farm, he saved it to make blankets for the Continental army.

  8. It was days, however, before the girls' blankets were free from the irritating porcupine quills that Timothy had shed so generously.

  9. There were plenty of warm blankets in the sleigh and the livery stable man had put in a fur lap robe that made Twaddles think of a big black bear.

  10. Bobby lifted the sled into the sleigh and the four children settled down cozily again, under the warm blankets and robe.

  11. After being once driven back to our refuge we managed to reach the mainland, with the canoes half full of water and our blankets and clothes soaked.

  12. The following morning we started with two sleigh-loads of fish for the dogs and provisions and blankets for ourselves.

  13. Without a murmur he shared his blankets and his provisions, although he knew that there was a good chance of starving himself in the spring.

  14. The pace was fast for men in our condition, but we kept up a steady walk, leaving our blankets when there seemed a certainty of reaching the house that night.

  15. The particular class of blankets represented in this illustration is woven in the estufas, and is used almost exclusively in sacred dances and ceremonies of the tribe, all other garments being made in the houses or in the open air.

  16. He overhauled the bunk and spread the blankets out on the wild rose bushes to sun while he cleaned the floor.

  17. Groaning and mumbling he led her out of the gate and helped her into the cart, wrapping her in the dry blankets on which he had been sitting.

  18. I brought him cups and spoons and blankets and moccasins enough for an orphan asylum.

  19. The rest of us swam over and ran for blankets from the tent.

  20. Bill was wrapped in one of the blankets and the other was used as a stretcher, on which we carried him to the tent.

  21. We thought we would spend the next night in our tree house, and so, right after breakfast, we packed up our blankets and some provisions and started for the Jacob's Ladder.

  22. The woolen bags were made of blankets sewed together and provided with flaps at the upper ends to cover the head of the sleeper.

  23. Having been well fed and supplied with shawls and blankets of brilliant colors, childlike, the Indians were now anxious to go home.

  24. At this place the Indians prepared a bed upon a low scaffold, which was furnished with abundant blankets and furs, where the girls lay until daylight.

  25. Here the first stop was made and the girls were allowed to rest on some blankets on which they sat together, not daring to lie down to sleep.

  26. Then the girls were laid with their faces downward on blankets near the center, just leaving room for the Indians to pass between them and the pole.

  27. Our blankets are worn out and we could do no better.

  28. He went out and left her alone, in the little wood-walled bedroom with its high, latticed windows, and Indian blankets and birch-bark trimmings.

  29. The lama had forbidden him to set blankets or get food.

  30. The mattresses and the blankets were not even tied together.

  31. Only the pillows and upper blankets had had time to get wet, and we had but to remove the coverings and turn the pillows.

  32. When I began to write, in my bedroom tent, wrapped in all the blankets of the bed that should be Anthony's, I had the place to myself.

  33. When they came to the mountains they found it such hard going that they were obliged to throw away their blankets and every thing else except their rifles, hunting-shirts, leggings, and moccasins.

  34. They made beautiful baskets of fine cane splints, and very handsome blankets of turkey feathers; while out of glazed clay they manufactured bowls, pitchers, platters, and other pottery.

  35. Stories of the conflict were told as the soldiers revelled over the hot and hearty meal and not until the late hours did the tired comrades wrap themselves in their blankets and fall onto their beds of pine needles or hard board bunks.

  36. At least, the blankets will save the paint," she remarked facetiously.

  37. At nights we pitched the tent and made down blankets for the girls, but Jack and I slept under the stars.

  38. And then her light went out, and I lay under Jack's warm blankets listening to the roar of the storm and hoping Jack was quite all right, and marvelling at the amount of happiness one human heart can hold.

  39. The far away flashing of heat lightning continuously lit my room with a vague twilight; my blankets had become unbearable, and I threw them off.

  40. Under the blankets I was warm enough, but the breath with which I filled my lungs was the breath of the Arctic.

  41. Silas quickly stripped of its blankets a spare bed that stood in the room and carefully hung them up over the window upon the shade-roller, so as to prevent any ray of light straggling through to the outside.

  42. Then he took down the blankets from the window, carefully and noiselessly raised the sash, jumped out into the darkness and disappeared.

  43. By slipping my hand under the blankets I had ascertained that the hot water bags were sufficiently warm.

  44. He undressed me as tenderly as a woman could have done, and, wrapping a warm bathrobe over my nightdress, for I was shivering as if from a chill, tucked me in between the blankets of my bed.

  45. They lounged on the blankets in the shelter of the camp, and recuperated from their fatigue, discussing their chances of still reaching the cabin in time to do any good.

  46. All the blankets had been destroyed; the rifles were charred about the stocks, but could still be used; the kettles and tinware were not much injured; but the boys found only one box of cartridges that had not exploded.

  47. Blankets and bedding were strewn pell-mell; the contents of the dunnage sacks were tossed upon the floor.

  48. Meanwhile, Peter and Fred stood close behind him, ready to stuff the blankets into the hole in case the occupants should try to bolt.

  49. At night when they rolled themselves into their blankets they were too tired to talk.

  50. They carried him up to the camp, put him on the blankets and examined his cranium.

  51. Many of the fleets went straight down the river to New Orleans, others came up from there with beads and gewgaws and spun silk and threads of various colors, calicoes and blankets and coarse thick stuffs for tents.

  52. Uncle Gaspard made a sort of settle on which they could put some cushions and blankets so that she could be brought out to the living room and watch Mere Lunde at her work.

  53. So they carried some of their stores and blankets to a sheltered place up above to await the result.

  54. Spreading blankets over her, she tucked her in securely, and, patting the top one, meant for love to the child, she turned away.

  55. He folded the blankets around the two, who certainly looked comfortable in their rocky bed.

  56. Sometimes this was plastered on the inside, but oftener blankets were hung, which gave a bright and cheerful appearance, and warmth in winter.

  57. Twenty minutes later, barefooted and barelegged, her skirts tucked up above the knees, the young washwoman was trampling blankets in the tub.

  58. He tossed on the bunk, burying his face in the blankets in a vain effort to blot out the picture.

  59. Blankets and a flannel nightgown were hanging over the backs of chairs to warm.

  60. Some rolled up in their blankets near the fires.

  61. Tell her to take the blankets from the bed an' warm 'em.

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