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Example sentences for "blanked"

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blandness; blando; blank; blanka; blanke; blanket; blanketed; blanketing; blankets; blankety
  1. He said he was a pious man, and had always tried to lead a different life, and do the fair thing, but hereafter he would be blanked if he wouldn't kill every blanked cow that he came across.

  2. Cawn't a chep mike a bloomin' blanked nigger awnswer a question when a gentleman arsts 'im one--hy?

  3. What are you waiting for, you blanked idiots?

  4. Then he realized that it was only his mental eyes and ears that were blanked out as though a curtain had been drawn across them.

  5. Trying to keep my mind blanked and under control for hours.

  6. Mavering thought, "Blanked if I don't admire him!

  7. Blanked if I don't read his blanked letter!

  8. Got some blanked tracts in his saddle-bags.

  9. No; as the port in the automatic brake valve to which the distributing valve release pipe is attached is blanked in this position of the valve.

  10. Blackness blanked out the screen as the set plunged into the ground, passing through the curvature of the Earth's surface.

  11. The vision glass was blanked out by the lapping flames that crawled and writhed over the screen outside the glass.

  12. Half the cursed bonds that they were making such a blanked fuss about were handled by these hypocrites--blank them!

  13. The trail that you came by, over the ridge, drops straight into this gully, and you saw what that would mean to any blanked fools who might try it.

  14. Why not ride round by the blanked drift and come down the bank?

  15. He may have killed a hundred blanked `Sheenies' for all I care.

  16. A blanked `Sheeny' if ever there was one.

  17. Hi didn't want no blanked mourners foolin' round that corp till it was properly planted; after that they might git in their work.

  18. And as for the others, he thought that the pall-bearers had a blanked sight more to do with the plantin' than them giddy mourners.

  19. Come round here, will you, and shove your blanked second-handed trash down our throats?

  20. Your blanked Sky Pilot, and he's a beauty, a pretty kid--looks too tender for this climate.

  21. Well how do you know a blanked son of a she jackass when you see him?

  22. There ain't $700 in the hull blanked outfit.

  23. It's by the sound he makes when he opens his blanked jaw.

  24. Then along comes this blanked red-head and turns it all upside down.

  25. They blanked the Jackrabbits easily in the first inning, and, obedient to orders, attacked the pitching of the youngster, Hoskins, with every art known to them.

  26. Blanked heavy bar on to-day, mister," said the skipper of the lighter, cramming a pipe from a rubber pouch.

  27. What the deuce did we come to such a blanked place for?

  28. This is too much, my friend--a blanked sight too much.

  29. They have a blanked sight more than you and your friend seem to have, I can tell you.

  30. I can count a hundred as good as any blank man in this yere town, but I'll be blank blanked if I can count a hundred of you blanked Yankees.

  31. The mech went limp, its mentrols blanked by the distant criminal who controlled it.

  32. They'll end up with blanked memories and new faces like those who tried before them.

  33. You needn't be so blanked swift," he growled apologetically.

  34. Mexico" paused, then said thoughtfully, "Blanked if I can git on to his game!

  35. You paw around my head like a blanked bull in a sand heap.

  36. You owe him more than you can ever pay, you blanked fool!

  37. I'd have bust his blanked tires for him, anyway!

  38. He didn't call himself one of your blanked scientific miners, but his head was level!

  39. I've ridden Morgan stock and Blue Grass thoroughbreds bareback, sir, but I've never thrown my leg over such a blanked Chinese cracker before.

  40. The carrying party is supplied by a sister battalion, and makes the night thoroughly well acquainted with its views about a unit that can't supply blanks to carry their blanked rations for their blanked selves.

  41. You are sometimes too blanked smart for your own good,” said McRaffle.

  42. I’ve done many things, but I’m blanked if I ever quoted Scripture to cover my meanness.

  43. Well, I wish you’d do it quick, for I’m blanked tired of this business, I can tell you!

  44. Fired us out straight away cos we was 'avin' a bit of a spell and a drink to keep the life in us after we'd close up killed ourselves lifting that there ladyship's blanked hundred-ton weight of pianner on to the dray.

  45. It'll be our turn soon to burn all you blanked capitalists off the Leura.

  46. You made me lose fifty dollars on yer blanked horse wid yer blanked lies.

  47. And though he had rightly got the unit by the hairs which should have been short we felt it to be exceeding the limit on his part to refer to us as blanked musicians.

  48. Had he taken up his duties in a dashed glee club or in a blanked choral society, he wanted to know?

  49. Turn your blanked oxen round, and trek back--d'you hear?

  50. And a sailmaker was a dash-blanked tradesman and should never be blankety well asked to stand a watch under any dashed circumstances!

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