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Example sentences for "blankness"

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blanketed; blanketing; blankets; blankety; blankly; blanks; blanky; blare; blared; blaring
  1. Though it was only a little after nine, many of the houses showed the blankness of unlit windows, but in the place where we had stopped a fan-light over the door glowed in a yellow semicircle.

  2. He told me he thought the expression on it of stunned, crestfallen blankness would have given him away to an idiot.

  3. Darsie looked at him with satisfaction, but with a disconcerting blankness of mind as to what to say first.

  4. That it had really been written, however, very much on the lines he dictated was clear to him from the subsequent surprise which Lady Agnes's blankness didn't prevent his divining.

  5. Never, since she was a child, had she felt anything like this blankness and desolation.

  6. And when the mist departed a skeleton world and blankness alone remained--a terrible prospect for the eyes of the living to behold.

  7. She had discerned the break in his resolution, the blankness in the heart of his vision.

  8. She was not prepared for a sort of tremble in the blankness of his voice.

  9. In this blankness he stood passing his handkerchief over hands and lips, which were very dry.

  10. This blankness lasted a certain number of seconds.

  11. Then again indifference and blankness came upon him, and he could only move feebly on, seeing everything in a blur and mist.

  12. To hang on a man’s lips, to feel a foolish sense of blankness when he isn’t there, and a great wave of joyful pain when he heaves in sight again.

  13. The discolored wood--set in the blankness of a long brick wall--was scrawled over with chalk inscriptions and sketches by the urchins of the neighborhood.

  14. What an irony their honey-moon in Paris, in Florence, the ardors of artistic renascence yoked with the blankness of boredom!

  15. In the blankness of her disappointment she scarcely grasped what he was saying about the dinner hour being early and his sister being indisposed.

  16. He envied the unrevealing blankness of his eyes.

  17. Even in the blankness of her stupefaction, Sylvia was aware of a rising note in his voice that was by no means dismay.

  18. At the candid blankness of her face he showed a boyish flash of white teeth in a tanned face.

  19. He had come to Fairfield with certain lively hopes and expectations, for which my lady was mainly responsible, and already he was experiencing sensations of blankness worse to bear than disappointment.

  20. Gradually a cloud of blankness grew--a cloud, like some smoke that hung about them.

  21. They saw the ship restored, and its great screen of blankness out, protecting it from all known rays.

  22. From the outsiders came beams, for now that their slowly created screen of blankness was up, they could work through it, while they remained shielded perfectly.

  23. Overhead, a roof of cloud With its weight of thunder bowed; Underneath, to left and right, Blankness and abysmal night.

  24. The wayside travellers, as they pass, Mark the gray disk of clouded glass; And the dull blankness seems, perchance, Folly to their wise ignorance.

  25. Oblivion's blankness claims Wiser and better names, And well my own may pass As from the strand or glass.

  26. I am laughing by the brook with her, Splashed in its tumbling stir; And then it is a blankness looms As if I walked not there, Nor she, but found me in haggard rooms, And treading a lonely stair.

  27. Let your place all vacant be; Better blankness day by day Than companion torn away.

  28. II Seasons of blankness as of snow, The silent bleed of a world decaying, The moan of multitudes in woe, These were the things we wished would go; But they were staying.

  29. In the first half-hour, while Kate roamed from room to room, she could hardly endure the appalling blankness of the place.

  30. I hope never to come back to Chicago, Kate," Honora said, lifting her ravaged face toward the staring blankness of the windows.

  31. The idea seemed to gather force within her, and she remained in a fixed attitude nearly ten minutes, when a certain finality was expressed in her gaze, and no longer the blankness of indecision.

  32. She has forgotten her effort to conceal the blankness of her dismay.

  33. They walked in radiant single-file down the gangway, the faces of all three women changing to sudden blankness at the appalling rigidity of earth, after recent days on a swaying deck.

  34. The girl gazed out now, motionless, beyond Hagane into the wet blankness of the garden.

  35. But at the mingled anger and blankness of her face, he coloured.

  36. She looked at him with such absolute blankness that his resolution was swiftly overturned, and showed him a different face.

  37. A blankness came over the girl's face as a light cloud will cross the moon.

  38. He looked at her as she stood there repressing under a stoical blankness of expression, emotions which he thought must sum up to a worm-wood bitterness of spirit.

  39. At first he did not even marvel at the stunned, groping blankness of the unmoving features.

  40. She realised, perfunctorily, as the successful do, the blankness of defeat.

  41. She laughed mischievously as she imagined the blankness of Alwynne's face, when she should be confronted by silence and a closed door.

  42. She could not have told how long it was before thoughts began once more to drift across the blankness of her mind like the first imperceptible flakes that herald a fall of snow.

  43. And in that moment some instinct prompted Jock McChesney to shake his head, ever so slightly, and assume a blankness of expression.

  44. He ruminated, tapping his teeth with a pen-holder, and eying the pair before him with a maddening blankness of gaze.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blankness" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    coldness; constraint; detachment; discretion; distance; emptiness; fatuity; foolishness; inanity; introversion; modesty; oblivion; opening; passivity; quietism; repression; reserve; restraint; reticence; retirement; suppression; tranquillity; vacancy; vacuity; vacuum; void; withdrawal