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Example sentences for "gout"

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  1. Now, ye'd better think it over; ye've got gout and that makes ye hasty.

  2. I suppose, when death was torturing poor Reddy, (for he died of the gout in his head,) he forgot that the horse had been then skinned more than a twelvemonth.

  3. At this unfortunate period he had passed his seventieth year, and was such a martyr to the gout that his hands were wrapped up in flannel; and half carried, half hobbling upon crutches, he proceeded to the place of execution.

  4. He made the most courtly of his bows, and grinned and waved his hat in as graceful a manner as the gout permitted; and her Ladyship and I replied to the salutation with the utmost politeness and elegance on our parts.

  5. From "Poor Richard's Almanac") 61 V Dialog with the Gout 68 VI A Proposal to Madame Helvetius.

  6. At present my gout is too much upon me to write copies of them.

  7. To return to dinners, next to them, headaches, stomach aches, and indigestion often explain the loss of a game, whilst an acute attack of gout is considered rather advantageous than otherwise.

  8. The gout had mounted to his chest, and they feared every moment that he would be stifled.

  9. Therefore, you could have the gout without having deserved it, and you could have well deserved it, as I believe, and not have had it.

  10. We shall never suffer from gout or nervous troubles there.

  11. At times the pursuer is too badly afflicted with gout in his legs to maintain the pursuit, and the pursued has to come to his assistance to keep the flirtation going: How are you, my good Papa?

  12. In one letter to Small, he tells him that he had found relief from the gout by exposing his naked foot, when he was in bed, and thereby promoting the process of transpiration.

  13. He was above the common size, remarkably handsome, strong and athletic, though subject to gout towards the close of his life.

  14. Therefore, if the ladies of Passy had had more of that kind of Christian charity, that I have often recommended to you in vain, I would not have the gout at present.

  15. When he sent to the Brillons his French translation of his Dialogue between the Gout and M.

  16. He died at eighty-six years of age, of shrub-gout and usquebaugh, beloved and respected.

  17. Gout de travers rules the understanding of the illiterate!

  18. I sent it to Drury-Lane house to be acted; and here it is return'd by the wrong gout of the actors.

  19. And your new friend Gordon, do you intend cherishing his grey hairs, too, till the gout puts them under the sod?

  20. In acidity, flatulence, and dyspepsia, especially when complicated with gout or debility.

  21. Other formulae for gout pills will be found under the respective names.

  22. An excellent sudorific; in chronic gout and rheumatism.

  23. Where inflammation of the bladder arises from gout or rheumatism, it must be treated as for these diseases.

  24. By this date he was sixty-eight, and his fits of gout had become so severe, that he had ceased to make his annual descents upon London from his Surrey hermitage.

  25. By this time, Mr. Crisp was seventy-six, and had long been a martyr to the gout to which he finally succumbed.

  26. This drug is a West Indian gum, and is one of those remedies we are glad to say will do no harm, while in rheumatism and gout it is most beneficial.

  27. Lady Langrishe, who nursed my uncle through an attack of the gout before he married her, has just presented him with an heir.

  28. Supposin' the gout was to go to his heart!

  29. I never was freer from gout in my life, Matilda," he said, with indignation.

  30. I fancy you've an attack of gout coming on, Denis," she said.

  31. She may be contrairy enough to give the General the gout in his big toe and the twisht in his timper, as often she's done.

  32. I hope it isn't the suppressed gout she'll be giving him the next time!

  33. Rheumatic gout is a great humbler of the spirit.

  34. The imperial residence was besieged by crowds of furious women, clamouring to have their babes christened, and guards were doubled at every gate, while Charles sat within, enfeebled by gout and reluctant to face the coming peril.

  35. Charles was suffering from gout and fever, and Christina was shocked to see his altered appearance.

  36. The doctor had said, after hearing that the gout had almost entirely disappeared, "You have made a bad bargain in exchanging gout for hypertrophy.

  37. This is what my husband himself wrote to his friend:-- "The worst of me just now for making inquiries, is that on getting up this morning I found I had an attack of gout in my right knee.

  38. And now that their father was subject to attacks of gout and not so sure of immunity from colds, was he to continue to have the care of horses and to drive in an open carriage in all weathers?

  39. Perhaps when you take less exercise the gout may return, and the heart be relieved at once.

  40. It is admirable wine--true Falernian--but I have already exceeded my prescribed quantity, and the gout holds me in its horrid clutch.

  41. The king was ill, the gout chained him to his chamber, and during the last few sleepless nights a presentiment weighed upon the spirit of the ruler of Prussia.

  42. There he rallied a little, and returned to Cambridge, where, on the 24th of July, he was seized with a severe attack of gout in the stomach.

  43. But hold--I feel my gout decrease, My troubles laid to rest, And truths which would disturb my peace, Are painful truths at best.

  44. Just as gout is said to skip a generation and pass from grandfather to grandson, resemblances not uncommonly follow the same course.

  45. The attack of gout was protracted by the great winter cold and lasted some months.

  46. While Chatham was suffering from gout and Conway from indecision, Townshend had opportunities for mischief.

  47. Soon after its ignominious rejection the gout laid hold on Chatham, and he did not appear in parliament again for two years.

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