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Example sentences for "gourmand"

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goun; goura; gourd; gourdful; gourds; gourmands; gourmet; gourmets; gous; gout
  1. I'm dying for one of mother's sour, peppery pickles.

  2. There's nothing left in that dry, hot city to be regretted.

  3. A gourmand couple have at least once a day a pleasant occasion to meet, for even those who sleep apart (and there are many) dine together.

  4. He was also a gourmand of the highest grade.

  5. Monjucla, known as the author of an excellent history of mathematics, made a Dictionary of Gourmand Geography; he showed me portions of it during my residence at Versailles.

  6. Who ever says truffle, pronounces a great word, which awakens eratic and gourmand ideas both in the sex dressed in petticoats and in the bearded portion of humanity.

  7. It is as easy to become a gourmand in pure living and high thinking as in the pleasures of taste or sight or sound.

  8. The cultivated gourmand cares only for subtle tastes and perfect flavors; but he is as blind as the merest peasant to the fact that there is anything beyond such gratifications.

  9. But at last their fate is the same as that of the gourmand and the drunkard.

  10. The gourmand gnaws in haste because The plates so soon grow cold.

  11. Why would a great gourmand make a very clumsy dressmaker?

  12. You may sometimes be right, but it certainly often happens that the greatest gourmand is the worst carver, and complains sadly during that very long process, saying to himself “I am last to be served, my dinner will be cold.

  13. I am like a gourmand without a stomach, who presumes to talk of good cheer,--is it not strange that I should be giving a lesson to a married woman?

  14. The most illustrious, the most profound gourmand of Europe.

  15. I ought to have guessed you were here; one such gourmand is enough to corrupt a whole brigade.

  16. An old gourmand in a red nightcap, whose flushed and blossoming countenance appears through a goodly string of sausages; a gridiron, a basting ladle, a cucumber, and other indications of creature comforts complete the emblems of this figure.

  17. A Titanic gourmand with an entire sucking-pig impaled on his fork.

  18. Parisian cook was related to me by the gourmand Lord ----, the last time we dined at his house.

  19. One is a gourmand as one is an artist, as one is learned, as one is a poet.

  20. The famous Doctor Gasterini, equally celebrated as a gourmand and as a physician, had restored Onesime's sight.

  21. Who has not heard of the greatest gourmand in the known world?

  22. He is moreover the greatest gourmand in the kingdom, and condescending to honour the denounced Christians with his company at the house-warming, did ample justice to the novel viands that were placed before him.

  23. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gourmand" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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