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Example sentences for "diner"

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  1. As to the "diner sur l'herbe" itself, it was a shocking travesty of a real dinner.

  2. The train consisted of two first-class, two second-class sleepers, a diner and a baggage car.

  3. Such a feat as crossing Siberia without giving a tip in the diner could not be performed.

  4. Il m'invita un jour a diner a son club et au moment de me faire asseoir a cote de lui, il me retint et me dit: 'Je voudrais vous demander de m'accorder quelque chose.

  5. The next Pullman also, at first glance, seemed to have been deserted in favor of the diner forward or of the club-car further back.

  6. We carries the diner through--from the Coast to Chicago.

  7. This glade folk to diner they hem sette; (1020) In Ioye and blisse at mete I lete hem dwelle A thousand fold wel more than I can telle.

  8. In the entrance are bay trees in green tubs and a framed bill of our celebrated diner du jour at half-a-crown.

  9. A white sea of linen separated each diner from the diner opposite and created a forced intimacy with the person seated next to him.

  10. One of the most notable of modern events connected with the Elysée Palace was the diner de ceremonie offered by the president of the Republic and Madame Fallières to Mr. and Mrs. Roosevelt in April, 1910.

  11. In the same Salle, two years later, which took the name of Salle des États, the emperor gave a diner de gala to the generals returning from the Italian campaign.

  12. Then he entered in triumph, and announced, "Le diner est servi.

  13. The tyme com, fro diner for to ryse, And, as hem oughte, arisen everychoon, And gonne a while of this and that devyse.

  14. Up the steps he jerked the big battered hulk and tossed it in the corner of the vestibule, just as the girl came through the car, making for the diner up ahead.

  15. At the first call for luncheon, he entered the diner and was given a seat at a small table.

  16. The seat opposite him was unoccupied, and when the girl entered the diner alone and was shown to this vacant seat, Farrel thrilled pleasurably.

  17. Baked-clay cups were put at the right hand of each diner and filled with the wine-like beverage common to Sephar and Ammad; an alcoholic drink fermented from a species of wild grape.

  18. At five-thirty they went to the diner for dinner, and Mary Jane had some good chicken and hashed-brown potatoes and apple dumplings with ice cream, before she went back to finish playing with her dolls.

  19. And are we going to sleep on the train and have hashed brown potatoes in the diner and live at a place by the ocean just like when we went to Florida?

  20. Mary Jane happily, "then you could eat in the diner with us and sleep and everything!

  21. Diner a la Russe is the Russian fashion introduced into society many years ago.

  22. The Usual and Fashionable Mode of serving Dinner= is called Diner a la Russe, although at small or friendly dinners the host sometimes prefers to carve the joint himself in the first course, and the birds in the second course.

  23. Mrs. Merrill joined them in a minute to say that the diner was taken off in the night and that breakfast would be served in the observation car.

  24. So they strolled into the diner and ate chicken (and of course hashed brown potatoes!

  25. At the high door of the kitchen end of the diner stood a grinning negro.

  26. You remember the good ones we had on the diner coming home from Grandmother’s last summer?

  27. You see, madam,” explained the man, “the cook on the diner we carry has made friends with the pigs on the way and he always likes the children aboard the train to see the fun.

  28. To-night was the diner de contrat, to-morrow the diner de noce.

  29. Juanita, my old housekeeper, tells me she is quite equal to preparing you un diner maigre.

  30. To-day, too, I have my diner de noce, and must be back early.

  31. We could crowd twenty men into one of those diner trucks, and Heraga could take us in.

  32. Can you arrange for the diner and the uniform?

  33. He floated a diner in there a few hours ago.

  34. Immediately behind the first turn of the corridor, the diner paused a few seconds.

  35. He dragged himself out-of-doors to a cool, invigorating morning and drove somnolently to the diner he'd patronized before.

  36. He wasn't tired, but he wanted to think things over so he drove to a nearby diner and got coffee and a roll and reflected with satisfaction upon his accomplishment.

  37. That evening they went to the diner alone, but Gerald was not as pleased as was his sister.

  38. Not wishing to thrust his acquaintance upon the girl, who so evidently did not desire it, the man passed their table on his way from the diner without pausing.

  39. By noon he declared that he was quite strong enough to go to the diner for lunch, and, while there, the excited children pointed out to him their friend Mr. Packard.

  40. We never should have come down here this month when our well needs watching every minute," the young Indian added after they had entered a nearly empty diner and ordered ham and eggs which neither of them really wanted.

  41. He stopped short, and jumped off the diner stool as though it had suddenly become hot.

  42. Debra and David and the others have all gone out to the diner down the road and Dr.

  43. Everybody else went out for a bite, probably that diner down the road.

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