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Example sentences for "dined"

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dinanzi; dinar; dinars; dindon; dine; diner; dinero; dineros; diners; dines
  1. They dined on dry biscuit and another thimbleful of water apiece and took watch by amiable agreement.

  2. They had dined together in Soho that night, but Mrs. MacDermott had not enjoyed the meal.

  3. III They dined in Soho, and when they had finished their meal, they walked to Oxford Circus and once more climbed to the top of a 'bus that would take them along the Bayswater Road.

  4. That night they had dined with Lord Mallow, and she saw that his attentions had behind them the deep purpose of marriage.

  5. Lord Mallow had ability and knew how to use it; and he was never so brilliant as on this afternoon, for they dined while it was still daylight and hardly evening.

  6. He made you an offer that night we dined at the priory?

  7. A servant came in with Mr. Moore's candle and tea; for the tutor and his pupil usually dined at luncheon time.

  8. That evening, when all the Fieldhead family dined at Nunnely Priory, decided the business.

  9. The Association of Merchants and Manufacturers dined together at Stilbro', and one and all went home in such a plight as their wives would never wish to witness more.

  10. Baron de Coutelier often went and dined with his friends, as much with the object of telling them of the shots he had made, as of anything else.

  11. Every day I was busy with cleanings and plantations; I hunted a little, I used to go and dine with the officers of the neighboring fortified posts, or else they came and dined with me.

  12. He dined at an hotel with some friends, and when he got home he found a note in which the Princess begged him to pardon her, and promised to justify her conduct, for which purpose she would see him at eight o'clock that evening.

  13. They dined in silence face to face, ate a little bread and butter after the soup and drank a glass of cider.

  14. On Monday afternoon upward of two hundred members dined together, Sir David Brewster presiding.

  15. I dined two days ago at Monsieur de Guerchy's, with the Count de Caraman, who brought me your letter.

  16. I dined at the Duc of Praslin's with four-and-twenty ambassadors and envoys, who never go but on Tuesdays to Court.

  17. They said he had just dined and gone to his office.

  18. At evening March and Fair dined together in Hotel Swanee.

  19. At four o'clock he went into his family sitting-room, dined at five, and after dinner took a walk or a carriage-drive.

  20. Every winter he dined and wined them, and, although his dining-room in the Morgan House was of goodly size, he was forced to make a three days' job of it.

  21. That evening the Prince dined at the British Legation, where Lord Lyons had invited the Diplomatic Corps to meet him, and the next morning he left for Richmond.

  22. By chance it happened that Adam Badeau took the lower suite of rooms at Dohna's, and, as it was convenient to have one table, the two men dined together and became intimate.

  23. One no longer dined at two o'clock; one could no longer skate on Back Bay; one heard talk of Bostonians worth five millions or more as something not incredible.

  24. For years he had not dined out of his own house, and in public his face was as unknown as that of an extinct statesman.

  25. They dined together and went to hear "William Tell" at the Opera.

  26. Take Marshall for hero and Alice for heroine, surround them with the old gentlemen who dined at the table d'hôte, flavour with the Italian countess who smoked cigars when there were not too many strangers present.

  27. We dined in a gargotte, and afterwards we went to a students' hall; and it seems like yesterday.

  28. I lived at home, but dined daily at a fashionable restaurant; at half-past eight I was at the theatre.

  29. OSWIN Markham dined at the hotel late in the evening, and when he was in the act Harwood came into the room dressed for a dinner-party at Greenpoint to which he had been invited.

  30. The dormitory arrangements of the prince and the chief when they had dined in company were of the simplest nature.

  31. Larenaudiere made good his engagement, and dined with me at five, in the salle à manger.

  32. Lamouroux: for he has dined with me, and quaffed the burgundy and champagne of Lagouelle, commander in chief of this house.

  33. He spoke of the Kaiser's having dined in our apartment, which von Schoen had then occupied; and then he came to the point.

  34. Mr. Burt dined at two, and Miss Hope sat opposite her grandfather at table; Hiram waited.

  35. Do you remember Mrs. Plumer, the large, handsome woman from New Orleans, whom you saw when we dined at your Uncle Magot's last summer?

  36. He dined sumptuously that very day, and dressed very carefully that evening, and at eight o'clock was sitting alone with Grace Plumer.

  37. Eaton lunched with Blatchford, dined with Blatchford and Avery--Blatchford's presence as a buffer against Avery's studied offense to him alone making the meal endurable.

  38. The Lapps undressed to their shirts, and squatted on the floor, and dined off reeking fish and strong rye-bread.

  39. It was in that room just opposite that we dined on that memorable evening.

  40. Dined with the master of Trinity in hall.

  41. But he dined in his dressing gown, and I had some chat with him in his room after lunch.

  42. She was a figurante at the Porte-Saint-Martin, and on the day of our first rendezvous we dined at the Vendanges de Bourgogne, Faubourg du Temple.

  43. Chubb's was a port for him when gales blew too high; but when you dined there and Hunky went for your steak you never knew whether he would come to anchor in the kitchen or in the Malayan Archipelago.

  44. Heaven knows why the barbed wire; for every man who dined Parisianly there would have died in her service.

  45. North and I dined on the top of a hotel; and here, for a few minutes, I thought I had made a score.

  46. Little did I think, when I dined with them at mess that last night, and they were telling me all their precautions against a raid, that I should depend upon them for our lives.

  47. He had dined at the mess, and the officers had told him how quickly they could take the field.

  48. The woman has a genius for spending, which is much rarer than a genius for saving," said a distinguished gourmand, who dined twice a week at Antonia's lodgings.

  49. Dinner was announced, and they went downstairs to that spacious dining-room, which had been so gloomy an apartment when Lord Kilrush dined there in his later years, generally alone.

  50. Nothing was more common than for gentlemen who had dined with ladies, and meant to rejoin them, to get drunk.

  51. When Scott dined at Carlton House in 1815, the Prince Regent is said to have been particularly delighted with his guest's anecdotes of the old Scottish judges and lawyers.

  52. Next evening, in response to a telegram, Muriel Moore met me, and we dined together on the balcony of Frascati's Restaurant, in Oxford Street.

  53. Having risen late after a dance, I had spent the afternoon over a book, dined at home in my chambers in Charing Cross Mansions, and had afterwards gone out for an idle stroll across Leicester Square and up Piccadilly.

  54. I saw him dozens of times--dined with him, played billiards with him, and was visited here by him.

  55. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dined" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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