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Example sentences for "dines"

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dined; diner; dinero; dineros; diners; ding; dinged; dingen; dingey; dinghies
  1. In addition there was an instrument called a Dines anemometer which supplied interesting tracings of the force, duration, and direction of the wind.

  2. He dines with the Duke of Devonshire to-morrow, and has a limited party to meet him in the evening--a ball.

  3. My uncle Tom comes up to town, and dines with me to-day.

  4. Dines paused to tread out the remaining fire, took up his branding iron by the cool end, and rode whistling down the canyon, swinging the iron to cool it before he slipped it to its appointed place below his saddle horn.

  5. Ugly rumors--Dines did this, Dines did that, Dines is a red hellion.

  6. Dines stuck it in the bosom of his flannel shirt.

  7. Some two weeks after the day when Johnny Dines went to horse camp, Charlie See rode northward through the golden September; northward from Rincon, pocket of that billiard table you know of.

  8. Cole moved over where Johnny Dines was making up his bed roll.

  9. Didn't you see him give Dines the papers?

  10. Jody Weir checked his horse and regarded Dines with a truculent stare.

  11. Dines took one look at them and directed a reproachful glance at his captor.

  12. I am curious to hear Mr. Dines state his motive in making so extraordinary a request from the court.

  13. Forbes was shot in the back, and Shaky Akins says Dines is just such another as Charlie See.

  14. No," said the judge; "I do not think Mr. Dines is trying to be funny.

  15. I would take a singular satisfaction in seeing young Dines hung.

  16. I happen to be in a position to state certainly, at first hand, something which modifies the other evidence," said Dines slowly and confidentially.

  17. He dines pretty much in the same fashion every day during the London season, and a great part of the rest of the year afterwards.

  18. I 'm obliged to be brief this time, for the post closes here whenever the postmaster goes to dinner; and to-day I 'm told he dines early.

  19. In the course of all this proceeding your Lordships will not fail to observe he is never corrupt, but he is cruel; he never dines with comfort, but where he is sure to create a famine.

  20. I am glad to hear that Brace dines here to-day, Kate, for I particularly wanted to see him.

  21. Antar asks the courtiers the name of every dish, and whether the king dines so every day.

  22. The colonel never quits the consulate; dines there every day, and tells stories about the Peninsular war and the Bellamont cavalry, just as he did on board.

  23. He dines with me on Tuesday at Strawberry Hill, when I shall find an opportunity.

  24. Nevertheless, although he dines in knee-breeches and a Breton waistcoat, with all his orders round his neck, he will turn Liberal when his ministers are Liberals.

  25. She knew the obligations which honour imposes on a citizen who dines at home, and she never failed to impress them upon Monsieur Bergeret.

  26. It has an excellent hotel, allied to the Touring Club de France (Hôtel Saubidet), where one dines well off the fare of the country with no imitation Parisian dishes.

  27. She it is who dines at the Viceregal Lodge and Dublin Castle.

  28. Here is a young fellow that dines with all the men in London, and yet he'll take his mutton-chop with you and me quite contentedly.

  29. He is quite well and breakfasts every day with Lord Collingwood, with whom he also dines three times a week, and he teaches William himself.

  30. Captain Waldegrave dines here to-day, you would be exceedingly pleased with him, for his manners are agreeable and his intelligence great.

  31. He dines at six or half-after, and occupies himself almost the whole day in writing.

  32. The Tzar lies next your library, and dines in the parlour next your study.

  33. I forgot to say that Hartman often dines there, and I draw my own conclusions," continued West.

  34. We have an excellent gentleman in this parish; he often dines here; and I am sure he would be most happy to attend you.

  35. You will not be able to get Pinto today," said Mr. Brancepeth, "for he dines with me.

  36. On one occasion I quoted that saying of Seneca: "He is truly great who dines off earthenware as contentedly as if it were silver; but he is greater still who dines off silver with as much indifference as if it were earthenware.

  37. Here is a young fellow that dines with all the great men in London, and yet he'll take his mutton-chop with you and me quite contentedly.

  38. Let us wait until twelve o'clock, as he goes and dines there every day.

  39. When he dines with the commandant he's always late.

  40. But in they come, and make it absolutely necessary that I should open a bottle of orange; for my meat turns into stone when any one dines with me, if I have not wine.

  41. Mr. Cary, the Dante man, dines with me to-day.

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