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consultus; consumable; consume; consumed; consumedly; consumers; consumes; consumeth; consuming; consummate
  1. Indeed he left his coffers well stuffed, for he was no wastfull consumer of his riches by anie inordinat meanes.

  2. The consumer has to enter into an agreement, and if he is only a tenant the landlord has to sign a memorandum to the effect that the wiring and fittings belong to the supply undertakers.

  3. The consumer must be discouraged from making sudden large demands on the plant, and must be encouraged, while not reducing his total consumption, to spread his use of the plant over a large number of hours during the year.

  4. Thus the long-hour profitable consumer is made to pay a much higher price than he need be charged, in order that the unprofitable short-hour consumer may be retained and be made actually still more unprofitable.

  5. At the same time the consumer desired a lamp of a higher efficiency than the ordinary carbon filament lamp.

  6. The effect of this is to nullify the Wright system of charging, for a consumer will not elect to pay for his electricity on the Wright system if he can obtain a lower rate by means of a flat rate system.

  7. But nothing beside the highest Self can be the consumer of all these things in their totality; the highest Self, however, when reabsorbing the entire aggregate of effects may be said to eat everything.

  8. The workmen who built the plant and the engines and machinery for the manufacture of the different parts of the shoe, must be paid by the consumer of shoes.

  9. In the competitive system there is a constant pressure on the part of the consumer for lower prices.

  10. The tax collected from the consumer is far heavier than the mere levy of the government.

  11. When they do favor the consumer it is only incidental and generally temporary to meet competition.

  12. In all this talk about the importance of cheap coal to our industries and to the poor consumer we have had no mention of mining royalties.

  13. As a matter of fact, the seller endeavours to transmit the burden to the purchaser, and the purchaser places it upon the consumer as opportunity may occur in relation to the general market situation all over the world.

  14. Almost all consumer and capital goods are imported, the US and Mexico being the major suppliers.

  15. To the consumer it would be in every way desirable that all disadvantages of distance or “geographical advantages” should disappear.

  16. They enter markets from which they would be otherwise shut out; the extent of the trade is thereby increased; the price paid by the consumer may be lessened.

  17. In the abolition of these rates the home trader or consumer can have no direct interest; although the transit rate is lower than that for home traffic, it cannot in any way prejudice the English trader.

  18. The consumer would benefit; his available supply would now be 3,000 tons.

  19. This inconvenience would be trifling when contrasted with the additional security thus afforded against frauds upon the revenue, in which every consumer is directly interested.

  20. By such an arrangement the consumer would not be injured.

  21. Suppose every year new millions were flocking to her shores, and every one of those new millions in a few years, as soon as they tasted the delights of a broader life, would become as great a consumer as any one of her own people.

  22. The preference substantially reduced duties to the Canadian consumer on the most important staple commodities, and thereby further implemented the pledge of the Liberal party to reduce taxation.

  23. The Western tiller of the soil was as eager for some easy way of sending his produce to market as the manufacturer was for the same means to transport his goods to the consumer on the farm.

  24. Business, labor, and the consumer all have a high stake in keeping wages and prices within the framework of the guideposts that have already served the Nation so well.

  25. More money will be left in the hands of the consumer by a substantial cut in excise taxes.

  26. I call upon the Congress to enact, without delay, the remainder of the 12 vital consumer protection laws that I submitted to the Congress last year.

  27. I shall recommend other actions: --To raise the farmers' income by establishing a security commodity reserve that will protect the market from price-depressing stocks and protect the consumer from food scarcity.

  28. Now we have been greatly concerned because consumer prices rose 4.

  29. It is a fact not generally known that a great many of the articles used in daily household work cost little more than one-tenth of the price the consumer pays for them.

  30. It is a fact not generally known, that a great many of the articles used in daily household work cost little more than one-tenth of the price the consumer pays.

  31. San Domingo will become a large consumer of the products of Northern farms and manufactories.

  32. The settler must become a consumer of this timber, whether he lives upon the plain or engages in working the mines.

  33. Australia has also become a large consumer of India tea, and the loyalty with which the two great colonies of Great Britain have stood together is commendable.

  34. If it follows the course of the market, it will produce no effect, and the consumer may as well buy as he wants; therefore all the expense is incurred gratis.

  35. This failure of so very large a supply of flesh in one species naturally throws the whole demand of the consumer on the diminished supply of all kinds of flesh, and, indeed, on all the matters of human sustenance.

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