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  1. If this be the wish of the committee also, they will be inclined to raise a great part of it from the consumption of those people who are best able to pay, among whom we may, with great propriety, reckon the consumers of Madeira wine.

  2. As to what is used in its raw, unmanufactured state, it will be sufficient to observe, that as it is generally a substitute for sugar, the consumers will therefore avoid the tax on that article, and pay it on the other.

  3. He said, that all our taxes are paid by the consumers of manufactures; those taxes are all bounties upon home manufactures.

  4. The producer has in too many cases been ruined, but the consumers have not as yet at least been benefited.

  5. These are trades supplying a commodity in general and necessary demand of which the consumers will stand a very considerable rise in the price before they will seriously shorten their purchases.

  6. To preserve the perfume in its entire freshness, it is advisable for consumers in hot climates to at once dissolve the heliotropin in alcohol and to keep the solution in a cool place.

  7. However, there are consumers with whom this quality is quite popular.

  8. When producers reach for one another's hands, let consumers guard their throats!

  9. On the first aspect of the matter it would seem that both these taxes are paid by the consumers of the commodity.

  10. Steam-generating plants to supply more distant consumers are projected at tidewater--that is at places to which coal can be delivered by coastwise steamers.

  11. The miners were digging more coal than had ever been produced before, yet cries of coal shortage went up from domestic consumers and manufacturers all over the land.

  12. The colonists have always been the most intelligent consumers of the article.

  13. In the United Kingdom, for example, dealers find that Irish consumers demand the best quality of tea.

  14. If the consumers of wealth, by their demands, determine what shall be made and under what conditions it shall be made and sold, what shall we say of the housewife and her responsibility?

  15. A large part of its work, therefore, is educational, and aims to bring the public up to a point where it will demand protection for all consumers and all workers.

  16. The ostensible sponsor will be a dummy organization called--um--the Consumers Fact Finding Board.

  17. The quit-claims ruined the consumers and rendered them desperate.

  18. Such are the two results of the system: not only is the food which is supplied to Paris scant and poor, but the regular consumers of it, those who take their turn to get it, obtain but a small portion, and that the worst.

  19. Rates for these consumers were not put up, in order to build up Nashville.

  20. Hence, with rebates eliminated and with practical monopoly established through actual consolidation, control or harmony of policy, the carriers have the consumers much more completely at their mercy.

  21. Fully as much of the finished product to be reshipped to consumers resulted.

  22. Nor can it be said that this was an injury to that clientage, composed of consumers all through the adjacent countryside.

  23. It is the consumers of goods who ultimately pay the increased wages, and though wealthy people no doubt pay a part of the cost, it is mainly the working people who contribute to the higher wages of some of their own class.

  24. No doubt a tradesman gains sometimes when the goods he deals in become dearer, but to the extent that they are dearer, all consumers of the goods lose, because they can enjoy less comforts and necessaries.

  25. But, if goods are made cheaply, all consumers gain thereby, and, all people being consumers, all gain so far as they use the cheapened articles.

  26. And since the Consumers are the beneficiaries of labor's exertion, they are especially bound to effort in this direction.

  27. Our little boy and over-worked girl are not, probably, typical Consumers and Producers.

  28. For though an organization of Consumers has been in existence now for more than twenty years, it is forced sorrowfully to admit that the good accomplished simply through the economic pressure of its members has been but slight.

  29. Its activity in the Legislative domain has not been inconsiderable, and it is probable that the influence of Consumers will be most marked here in the future.

  30. But if it had been possible so to unite Consumers in a powerful society for the collection of information and the distribution of patronage, it has been asked: Would it not have become wofully corrupt?

  31. To them this doctrine of the responsibility of Consumers and the plans of fulfilling it have come as a gospel of good news.

  32. And so, while Consumers could doubtless effect tremendous changes if they wished, it seems impossible to get them to co-operate in sufficient numbers.

  33. And if it should happen that a league of Consumers became too strong and abused its strength, it would be time enough then to set about checking it by building up power somewhere else.

  34. But some greater animus than pure philanthropy seems necessary to make Consumers band together in this way on a large enough scale.

  35. In the same way, Consumers who buy an article that was made under unjust conditions co-operate in this injustice even though it would have taken place without the money received from their purchase.

  36. For the consumers in the cities of America, we must find a way to help the farmers to store up in years of plenty enough to avoid hardship in the years of scarcity.

  37. And, last of all, this emergency demands that the consumers of America be protected so that our general cost of living can be maintained at a reasonable level.

  38. No preference is to be shown between consumers in like circumstances.

  39. Where the consumers lie scattered over a large area, it is necessary to carry the high-pressure mains throughout the area, and to place a separate transformer or transformers in each building.

  40. But counterfeit art is produced by artisans and handicraftsmen continually, if only consumers can be found.

  41. We ask the cooperation of all consumers who want to get what they order and what they pay for to help us--as much in their own interest as ours--in checking these frauds.

  42. Consumers complain justly of the presence of chips, splinters, and wood-dust.

  43. There would appear to be a good future demand for the lower grades, and it is only natural that consumers will be willing to pay the best price only for an article which is clean.

  44. In other words, the consumers are actually willing to pay for more wood than they have found necessary, and are warranting the growers in adopting still more expensive methods to increase the output.

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