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Example sentences for "glutton"

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gluteus; glutinous; gluts; glutted; glutting; gluttonous; gluttons; gluttony; glycerides; glycerin
  1. There is Dame Emma, who keeps the tavern by the river--our neighbour Glutton's wife would like to scratch out her eyes, for Glutton always has to be carried home from that inn.

  2. We can only hope that Dame Isabel and Dame Matilda left before Glutton got drunk[1228].

  3. Meaning he was too poor, Aristophanes represents him as a glutton and a parasite.

  4. And I also, that you are a glutton and an impostor.

  5. Swift at her call her husband scour'd away To wreak his hunger on the destined prey; One for his food the raging glutton slew, But two rush'd out, and to the navy flew.

  6. And so if you will promise not to ask for another story while I am here, I will tell you about Glutton the Wolverine.

  7. Glutton by name and a glutton in habit he remained as long as he lived.

  8. So it is that today there is no more cunning thief, no greedier rascal, and no one with a meaner disposition in all the Great Woods of the Far North than Glutton the Wolverine.

  9. And one of the strangest of these is the story of how Glutton the Wolverine got his name.

  10. But then of course it is because he is a glutton that he is named Glutton.

  11. I was speaking of Glutton the Wolverine who lives in the Great Forests of the Far North, and whom everybody hates.

  12. A Woman of this Make is a Slut in her House and a Glutton at her Table.

  13. Athenæus speaks of a celebrated glutton who always came to table with gloves on his hands, that he might be able to handle and eat the meat while hot, and devour more than the rest of the company.

  14. The glutton emperor immediately left his judgment-seat, and, without any further ceremony, went and asked them for a knife and fork.

  15. XXIX-9] Cambis, King of Lydia, had such an unfortunate appetite, that one night the glutton devoured his wife!

  16. XXI-123] and the glutton seized and devoured it immediately.

  17. The legs of the glutton are not formed for running; he cannot even walk except slowly; but cunning supplies the deficiency of swiftness.

  18. He even attacks that animal in his hole and devours both him and his young, unless they get to the water, in which case the beaver escapes his enemy by swimming, for the glutton stops his pursuit to feed on the fish he can find.

  19. We have an example of this intrepidity in the lion, who never turns his back on man, at least till he has tried his strength; so the glutton traverses the snow, in his own desart climate, in perfect security.

  20. The isatis will associate and often go in company; while the glutton always moves alone, or at most only with his female; indeed the male and female are frequently found together in their burrows.

  21. It is also highly probable that the animal of Hudson's Bay, which Edwards has called the quick hatch, or wolverin, is the same as the carcajou of Canada, or the glutton of the northern part of Europe.

  22. The miser represents a subtler form of desire, but his greed for gold may be quite as intense as that of the glutton for sensual gratification.

  23. We can easily imagine the distress of the glutton in a world without food.

  24. A glutton and a miser have strong desires of a very different type.

  25. Indeed, a glutton has been known to devour, at a single meal, a great joint of meat, which would have been more than sufficient for a lion or a tiger for a whole day!

  26. They probably do not; the more the damage; for in the appeasement of the glutton they have to practise much simulation; they are in their way losers like their ancient mothers.

  27. Glutton nor our Indian species of Helictis are arboreal in their habits.

  28. The Glutton inhabits a wide tract of country in the Northern Hemisphere, the colder regions of Europe, Asia, and America; it is abundant in Siberia and Kamschatka, and is the pest of the trappers in North America.

  29. She was scarcely down the staircase, when Madame Lorilleux called her a glutton and a good-for-nothing.

  30. The fact that a glutton is dominated by the desire of the pleasures of eating in no way impedes the development in him of the appetite which is a necessary condition of these pleasures.

  31. For me, my appetite has play'd the glutton Too much and often upon mutton.

  32. He tells us what a glutton Cato was over his books, taking them even into the Senate with him.

  33. The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, 'Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!

  34. The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, 'Behold, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!

  35. Wherefore the first Monster that comes, is of a round form, in Norway called Swamfisck, the greatest glutton of all other Sea-Monsters.

  36. As a matter of fact, the Glutton or Wolverine, which is not unlike a small bear, can consume (while in confinement) thirteen pounds of meat in a day.

  37. But the glutton counts one way and the host another; for the ogre and his wife drank till they were fairly tipsy.

  38. But do not let yourself be heard or seen, for he is such a glutton that he does not spare even his own children; and when all fails, he devours himself and then springs up anew.

  39. The glutton groans and loathes to eat, His soul abhors delicious meat; Nature, with heavy loads opprest, Would yield to death to be releas'd.

  40. Intemperance punished and pardoned; or, A psalm for the glutton and the drunkard.

  41. Our Own Nutrition" and in "The New Glutton or Epicure" of the series.

  42. Now Reddy Fox is also a glutton and very, very crafty.

  43. So when she saw what a selfish glutton and thief he had become she decided to put him to sleep just as she had old King Bear.

  44. But the glutton goes to excess by the inordinate and unreasonable enjoyment he takes in feeding himself.

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