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Example sentences for "colitis"

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  1. Every victim hates to be compelled to do a thing, and the victim of proctitis and colitis is no exception to the rule.

  2. Proctitis or colitis is a very serious disease; like a railroad injury, it is found, on examination, to be much worse than appearances at first indicated.

  3. Proctitis, the inflammation of the rectal and anal canals, is the most common disease that afflicts the human creature from infancy to old age; and colitis is only the extension of proctitis to the colon.

  4. Due to Proctitis and Colitis Published by Chas.

  5. I found a German doctor travelling on our train, and from him I got some colitis and cholera powders.

  6. The cold bracing air of the mountains had undoubtedly done me a lot of good, and I felt stronger, although colitis and malaria still troubled me, and everything we ate was followed by sharp abdominal pains--a legacy of the siege.

  7. Colitis and fever were all around, and the Turkish doctor inoculated those who were well enough to be done, for cholera, of which Angora was full.

  8. Physicians often tell patients that muco-membranous colitis is incurable, or at least emphasize strongly that it is very refractory to treatment, and that it is prone to relapse even after improvement.

  9. Muco-membranous colitis occurs mainly in nervous individuals, and is much more frequent in women than in men, but it is not limited to women.

  10. This is what is particularly accomplished at the health resorts where muco-membranous colitis is successfully treated.

  11. I know cases in physicians where the effect of worry of any kind can be traced very clearly in the increased symptoms of their colitis and the greater frequency of attacks.

  12. This affection like membranous colitis remains one of the mysteries of pathology and etiology.

  13. This is the condition described by Virchow as colitis polyposa.

  14. For ileo-colitis and colitis the rules already given apply.

  15. The colitis in these cases may come on suddenly with vomiting and high fever, or it begins slowly, with no vomiting and with little fever.

  16. If any form of diarrhea is neglected, it may result in the development of ileo-colitis with all its risks and uncertainty.

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