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Example sentences for "dragging"

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drafty; drag; dragge; dragged; draggin; draggled; dragnet; dragoman; dragomans; dragomen
  1. Horror stricken he reins up, dragging his horse upon the haunches; and in this attitude remains, his eyes rolling as though they would start from their sockets.

  2. The hunter points to the horses, that for the last hour have been dragging their limbs along like bees honey-laden.

  3. In the midst of this horrid mockery, he rests his gun against a tree, and commences dragging the Spanish moss from the branches above.

  4. It commenced on horseback, but at the first grip both came to the ground, dragging each other down.

  5. At this festival, the Kallans have the right of dragging with a rope the car of Alagarswami, though other people may join in later on.

  6. I exclaim, seizing her by the hand, and dragging her across the courtyard.

  7. Then--I suppose it was all like a flash--I had rushed to the inner cellar and was dragging the slab over the hole, listening the while to a hollow rustling noise which ended as I got the slab across and sat on it to keep it down.

  8. Then followed a desperate struggle, ending in the black fellows dragging off Miss Ross and one of the children that she held.

  9. Now every moment was dragging away from her the man whom she sought so eagerly--dragging him away from her love to the darkness of that place to which her love and her longing might never penetrate.

  10. Outside he heard shuffling, as of footsteps, and thought they might be dragging away those who had been wounded last.

  11. And the hours passed on; and every hour, she well knew, was freighted with calamity; every hour was dragging Lord Chetwynde on to that point at which the power to decide upon his fate would be hers no longer.

  12. There were three men dragging away two--those two who had been wounded by the last shots.

  13. He saw them arrive, as bitter and despairing as himself, and with them staggered Franco Lessari, dragging the most meagre of meagre outfits.

  14. We kept to the river as a guide, dragging our precious food and outfit on the sled, and entered the cup of the five hills.

  15. Of course you had an object in dragging one through that desert desolate.

  16. The opposite shore gained, the black fishermen having landed their passengers, plunging into the water, carried out their net in a semicircle, and soon began dragging the ends towards the strand.

  17. Four of the soldiers, roughly dragging the midshipmen into the passage, led them downstairs.

  18. Jack had got hold of the fourth, and was dragging him in when a shark rose from the bottom.

  19. Tom, however, very wisely thought of tying his handkerchief over the monkey's head, and now dragging him along they began to make their way down to the lower branches.

  20. Jerry, suiting the action to the word, and dragging his canoe up on the little shelving beach, beyond which lay the bristling thickets, hiding all the mysteries of Wildcat Island.

  21. Frank, who was dragging the big canoe ashore alone.

  22. But the bees invented buttresses and barriers in strong mastic, which, supporting the fallen cake and propping up the sides of the hive, prevented the dangerous ruin from dragging down the inner edifice.

  23. Poor and infirm, and dragging himself along the streets of Amsterdam with a large collection which he knew not where to store away, he received another terrible shock--the ruin of his country.

  24. In the dragging sand he was far superior to any horse in pursuit, and on this sandy open stretch he gained enough to spare a little in the brush beyond.

  25. Then that damned ranger stalked in dragging Snecker, the fellow who hid here in the house.

  26. The door opened and Sergeant O'Hara entered the room, half dragging and half carrying a water-soaked individual who dropped feebly into a chair.

  27. The crew of this boat managed to harpoon a fine big whale, who went through the sea at a terrific pace, dragging the boat behind him.

  28. Those who had escaped wasted much time in saving such furniture and stores as they could, dragging it on to the lawn.

  29. Then all around him came a gleam of white teeth and lean brown arms dragging at him.

  30. The horse, wounded and terrorized, began to plunge, dragging man and saddle.

  31. She mounted him, urged him away, and hauled in the dragging lasso.

  32. He took a couple of dragging strides toward her.

  33. So, muffled up, the two men set out on snow-shoes, dragging a sled.

  34. He was living a strange, dragging moment--an age.

  35. Drop this affair of the Duc de Vautrin--without dragging Moira through the dirty mess, and I quit--leaving Harry with his rank and honors.

  36. She helped him struggle to his knees, one of his arms around her shoulders, but when she attempted to get him to his feet, his knees gave out and he fell, dragging her down with him.

  37. The approach to this lonely abode consisted of a small aperture, through which he crept, dragging his provisions along with him.

  38. In one of the British wars called the peninsular war, two horses, who had long been associated together, assisting in dragging the same piece of artillery, became so much attached to each other as to be inseparable companions.

  39. It was a long time before they found out how the matter stood; but when they did find out, an old rat was discovered dragging one of these clams about with him.

  40. He was walking along the quay, limping, with his hat on the back of his head, his beard unkempt, and dragging an old carpet-bag.

  41. And he went erect, and dragging his leg, along the populous avenue.

  42. After the doctor's visit, I buckle on my knapsack, and under guard of a corporal, here I am going limping along, dragging my legs and sweating under my harness.

  43. He's been directing the dragging since five o' the evening, and will till he drops or drowns, or up comes the body.

  44. The lights were torches and lanterns; the occupation of the boats moving in couples was the dragging for the dead.

  45. It was pleasant to sit on his mother's knee and with his great blue eyes watch those monster horses jogging along dragging after them the great world, which in his limited comprehension was all the world he knew,--the covered wagon.

  46. It fell over on the lee side dragging with it the fore mainstay and crippling the rigging to such an extent that Captain Snipes began to fear he could not get his vessel out of the harbor.

  47. As the officers were dragging him away to Bridewell, one William Hobbine, seeing him in danger from the pushing of the people, laid hold of him to keep him from falling.

  48. One seized me by the foot and threw me off my horse, and then, as you saw, they fell upon me, beat me, and were dragging me to the fountain to throw me in when you came up.

  49. Tis probable that they are going a long distance," Edgar said, "and that the guns would much delay them, for it is hard work indeed dragging them over the sands.

  50. They did not recognize me, being in my Arab dress, but they knew him at once and pounced upon him, and were dragging him into a house.

  51. Two of the lowest class Maltese or Greeks were dragging a young Arab along, holding his hands to prevent him getting at his knife, and beating him about the head with their disengaged hands.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dragging" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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