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Example sentences for "dawdling"

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davits; davon; daw; dawdle; dawdled; dawg; dawgs; dawk; dawn; dawne
  1. One laggard servant-girl with her dusting-brush, or one dawdling visitor lingering in the way, might have prevented all this and kept them on the distant footing they had before occupied.

  2. I wish I was a gentleman--one of the miserable dawdling things that know nothing else than small talk and the use of their heels.

  3. The Colonel had not breathed a word of explanation, and seemed to feel so secure that he was dawdling in the town as if no enemy were at hand.

  4. To me he was just play-horse Jack dawdling to look at ten-year-old Kate feeding her chickens.

  5. I could almost have hopped across it, but by dawdling aslant the stream I had her sweet face near mine in the moonlight, and my arms round her proud body, for a couple of minutes.

  6. If I can't be at Rugby, I want to be at work in the world, and not dawdling away three years at Oxford.

  7. When Irene took her to task for her dawdling by herself she gurgled contentedly,-- "What's the good of doing those things?

  8. It is shameful how Eugene has gone on, hardly a day at the factory, and you two driving about and mooning on balconies and dawdling through the grounds.

  9. I met Eugene and Floyd's wife dawdling along on the road," says Marcia, presently.

  10. After dawdling about very satisfactorily for some time, we departed from the dwelling of Lawrie Todd.

  11. Dressed sans dawdling for once, and came down.

  12. Come, Fanny, taking her hand, "do not be dawdling any longer, or the dance will be over.

  13. Let there be no dawdling in the washing, let it be quickly over.

  14. And then Cap'n Saul called them aboard with a saucy toot of the whistle, as though they had been dawdling the day in pranks and play.

  15. I been dawdling here instead of minding my business!

  16. You've not a moment to lose, so don't let her stand dawdling and crying.

  17. The man who has a habit of dawdling or listlessness will show it in everything he does.

  18. Everybody he meets suffers more or less from his malady, for dawdling becomes practically a disease.

  19. Mrs Fred sat dawdling opposite her husband over some wretched fancy-work.

  20. The dawdling inefficiency and brutal temper of her father had disgusted her alike with "men of spirit" and "men of straw.

  21. Sometimes she arrived exactly on time but so breathless and flushed that she must have covered most of the distance at a run after dawdling along the way.

  22. To quiet him Goujet was obliged to accept a drop of something; and even then Coupeau took a fiendish delight in dawdling a good five minutes at the counter.

  23. Augustine was dawdling with the stockings and washcloths, gazing into the air, seemingly fascinated by a large fly that was buzzing around.

  24. We are in half a mind to leave this dawdling Haj, and go on with him to-morrow.

  25. All the Haj is furious with Ambar, not the Persians only, but the Bedouin escort and the camel owners, for his dawdling marches at first, and his forced ones afterwards.

  26. We want to start at half-past four, and ought to pack now, but the servants are dawdling over the remains of the kid; they will not move till they have devoured the last morsel.

  27. I will answer candidly -- it was dawdling and nothing else.

  28. On these depot journeys it did not matter so much, but on the main journey we had to banish dawdling relentlessly.

  29. But the small boy who was unwillingly dawdling through a series of poses for it, to-day refused all bribes to be good.

  30. When he told me that he had come here simply because he liked the country I believed him that far, but I suspected some deeper reason to keep a man of his stamp dawdling in a remote valley.

  31. And if Tim, there, goes dawdling after a woman, we shall stick to the ridges, and the foxes, and the rabbits.

  32. Now Maurice Mangan had spoken of his dawdling about this house; but the fact was that he had his hands full from morning till night.

  33. He does very well to go dawdling after women, and playing with their pulses, but I don't want him dawdling after me.

  34. On this morning the forewoman was obliged to give her repeated and sharp reproofs for soiling her materials and for dawdling over her work.

  35. This schedule represents the general practice in the best schools and under the best governesses, and the poorer schools differ mainly only in this, that they permit more dawdling work.

  36. They're going to dinner; we oughtn't to be dawdling here," she said.

  37. Like many of his dawdling coaevals he gave much attention to art, lived as much as possible in that more select world where it is a positive duty not to bustle.

  38. There's no sense, Polly, in my dawdling on.

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