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Example sentences for "fascinated"

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fascicles; fasciculate; fasciculi; fasciculus; fascinate; fascinates; fascinating; fascinatingly; fascination; fascinations
  1. She raised herself in her chair, and looked with fascinated eyes toward that spot in the carpet.

  2. She watched the closed door with fascinated eyes.

  3. She rang for the lift, and then turned with fascinated eyes to watch the door leading into Norris Vine's apartments.

  4. Then she strolled toward the fort, to look at an old colored beggar, whose raggedness was so picturesque that it fascinated her.

  5. She seemed fascinated by the picturesque raggedness of the few colored people who lounged in the single street of the little village.

  6. He soon realised that it was one thing to succeed in making a white girl fascinated by his handsome presence, but quite another to make her cast aside the elementary principles of her race.

  7. She trembled as she realised how completely she was in his power, and how once she had been fascinated by his voice and his handsome mien.

  8. She liked Sheldon pretty well, but Carroll fascinated her.

  9. And I was so fascinated by what I saw in him that I could hardly contain myself.

  10. They were both fascinated by the approaching danger.

  11. Fevered with pain and fascinated by the horror of fight and death's doings, yet instinctively remembering to pull her hood over her face, she allowed herself to be taken into the little deck cabin.

  12. Sophia with fascinated misery--thrilling recollections of last night's reading shooting through her frame.

  13. I have roaming blood in my veins: the adventure tempted, amused me, fascinated me--and there you have the truth!

  14. Concerning his present home Sir Adrian was more willing to speak--I had told him how the light on the little island had fascinated me from the distance, and all the surmises I had made about it.

  15. Strangely attractive was the glare of tinsel--it fascinated the little souls of corpulent men, and made small men more becomingly great.

  16. I just plumps out Uncle Zack Brewster's letter, and having fascinated his eye, tells him how Cochran and Riggs 'll do the dust.

  17. Bessy passed from fascinated intensity to rapture and terror.

  18. In fact, he was fascinated with the charm of hauling in those glittering striped prizes; with an occasional muscalonge as well, fierce fighters that struggled madly against being dragged from their native element.

  19. Indeed, he had become quite fascinated with the idea of "shooting game with a camera," and was even losing some of his hunter spirit that had until recently been such a pronounced part of his make-up.

  20. Assyria herself was fascinated by the glories of Phoenician commerce.

  21. No wonder such a character had been fascinated by "Rahab"!

  22. It grew, and the managers of the party in power looked at it, fascinated by an ominous dread.

  23. The judge waved him down, and sat transfixed by a sort of fascinated horror as the convicted man went on.

  24. All the same, it is his wealth, you know, which has fascinated her--his wealth and his liberality.

  25. The others watched him in fascinated silence until he plumped down on his inevitable box, when the smooth-faced first speaker turned to his nearest neighbor and asked in hushed tones: "What do you think of him, Mike?

  26. Dave was sliding the cards noiselessly through his fingers and the rest appeared fascinated by the motion.

  27. Mrs. Blake glared at it with the fascinated interest of a spectator within the danger zone of a bursting bomb.

  28. Buck watched her go, the definite shape in his mind assuming a seductiveness that fascinated while it scared him.

  29. In a corner of this room, upon the wall, amongst many other beautiful objects, stood that head which Mariette had found, whereof in past years the cast had fascinated him in London.

  30. From the first time she saw her future husband he dominated and fascinated her.

  31. It is run by a man known as 'Big Jack' Clendenin who was once an actor and, I believe, met and fascinated Miss Curtis during her brief career on the stage.

  32. We did so during those hours when he was not at his laboratory at the Chemistry Building on the University campus, or working on one of those cases which fascinated him.

  33. She was terrified as well as fascinated by him in his mad temper and tremendous superhuman strength.

  34. Or was the vandal fascinated by the subtle influence of mysticism that so often seems to emanate from objects that have come down from the remote ages of the world?

  35. For a long time I gazed at the swollen features before I realised what it was that fascinated and puzzled me about her.

  36. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing, the Oriental glamour and all that, fascinated her as much as the drug.

  37. It was not, perhaps, that he admired me less, but that Delavoye, who played no games at all, had nevertheless a way with him that fascinated man and boy alike.

  38. Then eager feet began to trot up and down the grass-grown steps, and climb on the old carved railing, where the griffins fascinated little Grace by their stony stare, as they used to do her mother years ago.

  39. All this, ladies and gentlemen, because her eyes fascinated me, and caused me to hold my breath, and made my heart beat.

  40. It was not the man's gospel that fascinated me nor his illuminated prophecy of the millennium that produced the vibrations in my soul, but the surging passion of his faith, the tempest of his enthusiasm.

  41. Suppose you're married, you love your wife, but you're fascinated by another woman.

  42. The duel had particularly fascinated the thoughts of Alexey Alexandrovitch in his youth, just because he was physically a coward, and was himself well aware of the fact.

  43. Mediaeval Italian life so fascinated Vronsky that he even wore a hat and flung a cloak over his shoulder in the mediaeval style, which, indeed, was extremely becoming to him.

  44. After getting to know Varenka, Kitty became more and more fascinated by her friend, and every day she discovered new virtues in her.

  45. The idea of reading the Gospel to criminals, as Aline did, particularly fascinated Kitty.

  46. It was this charm of impetuous sincerity which had fascinated Ingram himself years before, and made him cultivate the acquaintance of a young man whom he at first regarded as a somewhat facile, talkative and histrionic person.

  47. For the first time she was definitely discontented with her lot, was definitely fascinated by the idea that there might be something higher and finer than the simple occupations and simple enjoyments which had filled her life thus far.

  48. He stopped as if he had been shot; he shivered; he slowly, and with a look of fascinated horror, turned to see whose hand had arrested him.

  49. She shrank back and gazed at him with wide, fascinated eyes.

  50. Hilda was behind the counter, a customer watching with fascinated eyes the graceful, swift movements of her arms and hands as she tied up a bundle.

  51. District Attorney Fox fumbled with his papers, and endeavoured to maintain his equanimity and show an indifference which his stern but fascinated glances at the youthful witness amply belied.

  52. You'll oblige me if you can put her knowledge into words," the man Zadok declared, with one fascinated eye on the horse and the other on the house where he evidently felt that his presence was wanted.

  53. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fascinated" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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