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Example sentences for "captivated"

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captious; captiue; captiues; captiuitie; captivate; captivates; captivating; captivation; captive; captived
  1. Just entering on her career, she at once captivated him with a permanent passion.

  2. Here we lay for some hours beside the enormous black hulk of the Rainha Nao, a man-of-war, which in old times so captivated the eye of Nelson, that he would fain have procured it for his native country.

  3. Lord and Lady Beaumaris went, and Lady Montfort, to whom the prince had addressed a private note of his own that quite captivated her, and Mr. and Mrs. Neuchatel and Adriana.

  4. A visage at once haggard and bloated had supplanted that soft and rich countenance which had captivated so many.

  5. Captivated by the charms of female beauty, his intellect is too concrete in its ideals to rise above mere morality to the mysteries of the diviner love.

  6. The novelty of "Der Freisch├╝tz," the freshness of its melodic stream, and the wild imaginative treatment of the romantic story captivated his first affection and enchained it to the last.

  7. His words bore so plainly the stamp of unadulterated truth, that those who could not agree with him were captivated by his enthusiasm and earnestness.

  8. With all its blemishes, it is easy to see how its masculine vigour and energy must have captivated the audiences of the day.

  9. And he {now} purposed violence, but there was no need for force, and the Nymph was captivated by the form of the God, and was sensible of a reciprocal wound.

  10. The Prince was so amazed, bewildered, and captivated with the beauty of the fairy that he did not give her the water quick enough, so she appeared and vanished at one and the same moment.

  11. Your little whistler has captivated me completely--and mamma, too.

  12. Then he looked at Jauharah and said to her, "Come down, O my lady; for I am slain for love of thee and thine eyes have captivated me.

  13. At dinner she enchanted him and captivated the two Jesuits by her delicate and subtle wit.

  14. The liberality of my payment, to which they were not accustomed, captivated the old woman, who said she would get me all the best stuff in the town; but she warned me to take care that nobody saw me going into her house.

  15. My housekeeper was too young, too pretty, and above all too pleasant, she had too keen a wit, for me not to be captivated by all these qualities conjoined; I was bound to become her lover.

  16. It captivated the general and his guests and when the squad returned to their place with the regiment the ladies in the general's party clapped their hands and waved their handkerchiefs.

  17. He handled his baton with a skill and grace of manner that would have captivated all the pretty girls of a town if we could have marched through its principal street.

  18. So she raised her veil and I saw a face the sight of which bequeathed to me a thousand sighs, and my heart was so captivated by her love that I was no longer ruler of my reason.

  19. Others have been dragged away captives, and made the slaves of imperious and cruel savages: others have made their escape, and live to lament their butchered or captivated friends and relations.

  20. That my children may follow his example is my earnest prayer; but I sometimes tremble when I hear the siren song of sloth, lest they should be captivated with her bewitching charms and her soft, insinuating music.

  21. His face was the most genial and engaging that I had ever seen, and his manner captivated me altogether.

  22. I will content myself with one of those stories, which will of itself show how easily he captivated men, even those of the ruder sort.

  23. Their energy, their power, their indomitable courage in struggling and fighting; their lurid vividness of existence, captivated and arrested his attention.

  24. The idea of her husband's and daughter's going to this dinner had quite captivated Mrs. Hale's fancy, even before Margaret had heard the contents of the note.

  25. Before the wound healed, she looked upon Adonis, the son of Cinyras and Myrrha, and was captivated by him.

  26. I corrected my error yesterday; he was at the Opera, almost opposite to me; I was captivated with him.

  27. Lord mayors, lord chief justices, and magnates of many kinds were his hosts; he was desired in country houses, and his bold genius captivated the favor of periodicals which spurned the rest of our nation.

  28. The Mississippi scheme of John Law, which so dazzled and captivated the French people, inspired them with an idea that they could carry on the same game in England.

  29. Paracelsus, Dee, and many others of less note, were captivated by the grace and beauty of the new mythology, which was arising to adorn the literature of Europe.

  30. For more than a thousand years the art of alchymy captivated many noble spirits, and was believed in by millions.

  31. She, however, offered, if he wished it, to shew him the fair bosom which had so captivated him.

  32. I hope he will be captivated now; and that here will ooze out the last gasp of his love for the religion of St. Patrick," the young bride had said mentally.

  33. But I thought you were quite captivated with Edward Damon?

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "captivated" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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