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Example sentences for "captivate"

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captions; captious; captiue; captiues; captiuitie; captivated; captivates; captivating; captivation; captive
  1. When do you want us to captivate the little dear?

  2. If the monks knew, thought I, how to captivate and charm by their architecture, why could they not do the same with music?

  3. She could not thrill like Mara, nor captivate her hearers by a birdlike softness and brilliancy, like Billington.

  4. Her great personal charm makes itself felt across the footlights, and while she was heavily handicapped in having to sing with such a tremendous tenor, she was yet able to captivate the audience by her sincerity.

  5. He that can play well on an instrument, Will take the ear, and captivate the mind With mirth or sadness; for that it is bent Thereto, as music in it place doth find.

  6. Nature, which had given this young man the restlessness of the leaders of the mob, had denied him the exterior and the power of voice necessary to captivate them; for the people do not comprehend intellectual force.

  7. The effort to captivate where there is no stake to win, means mischief.

  8. Olive hesitated, but at length allowed herself to be persuaded to at least try to captivate the marquis before she honoured the captain with her hand.

  9. It would seem, however, that a desert life has charms which we, poor slaves of civilization, can scarcely appreciate, but which never fail to captivate after a short experience.

  10. To captivate these fierce men they made abundant use of coquetry.

  11. Her language and song do not captivate the ear; her appreciation of colour, form, and perfume, are at fault.

  12. The men planned their attacks upon the women whom they desired, and the women connived, posed, and set most ingenious traps and devised most extraordinary means to captivate their hero.

  13. What It Is To Captivate The Understanding But by the Captivity of our Understanding, is not meant a Submission of the Intellectual faculty, to the Opinion of any other man; but of the Will to Obedience, where obedience is due.

  14. What was there in the idea of religion which was represented to me at home to captivate me?

  15. He adored at a respectful distance, and employed his valour to captivate the admiration, not to gain the possession of his mistress.

  16. I am a candidate, but without a seat to captivate at present," said Endymion; "but I am not without hopes of making some arrangement.

  17. There was, indeed, much in Mrs. Ferrars to captivate a person like Sylvia.

  18. This charming little opera is well worthy of being named among the best of its kind, both on account of its delightful music and because the text is so entertaining and funny as entirely to captivate the hearer's interest.

  19. It is noble, original and full of brilliant orchestral effects, which, united to a grand, not to say gorgeous mise en scene, captivate our senses.

  20. It is not possible to imagine a more vivid contrast than that between the saintly melodies and those of the fascinating fairies, which latter, glowing with poetry and ravishing music captivate all senses.

  21. Nearly a hundred years after Rossbach Frederick had the strange good fortune to captivate the wayward genius of Carlyle.

  22. Their course of action, very complex and very powerful, was well designed to captivate a fantastic and voluptuous bigot.

  23. Are you looking beautiful to captivate the viscount?

  24. She stayed at home that evening and exerted all her arts to captivate her husband.

  25. Well, Sir, if I understand you aright, I am to captivate Mr. Ladarelle, but not to fall in love with him.

  26. Clay would rise, extend his hand with that winning grace of his, and instantly captivate him by his all-conquering courtesy.

  27. He should have hoarded his prestige for 1836, when the magical name of Jackson would no longer captivate the ignorant voter.

  28. We must begin by finding out the exact facts, which are extraordinary enough to captivate our attention.

  29. Religion is there respected as an all-powerful law; its ceremonies captivate the senses; but its preachers deal less in morals than in dogmas that never reach the heart.

  30. What advantage could I expect from applying to the understanding, while your amiable disposition would captivate even reason itself?

  31. As her view was to captivate in public, she covered a very pretty complexion with pearl-powder and rouge because they made her more resplendent by candle-light and in public places.

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