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  1. A pound of Epsom salt dissolved in a quart of warm water, for a cow of average size, may be given as a drench once or twice a month.

  2. General and heart stimulants are indicated, such as a drench containing digitalis 2 drams and alcohol 2 ounces.

  3. They may be administered in a drench by error in place of Glauber's salt, or they may be exposed within reach of cattle and thus be eaten.

  4. The ammonia or spirits of nitrous ether drench should be administered every three hours so long as there is much failure of strength.

  5. The quantity of fluid to be given in a drench depends upon the effect desired and the nature of the medicine.

  6. Instead of the ammonia, a drench composed of 3 ounces of spirits of nitrous ether in a pint of water may be given, if more convenient, but the ammonia drench is preferable.

  7. If unconsciousness continues, so that a drench can not be administered, the same quantity of ammonia and water may be injected with a syringe into the rectum.

  8. Give one in drinking water or in drench every morning and evening.

  9. In administering a drench the head of the animal should be elevated a little by an assistant.

  10. Repeat the drench in a half hour and an hour after the first one has been given.

  11. A drench of 1-1/2 drams of gallic acid dissolved in a pint of water should be given.

  12. When medicine is to be given as a drench we must be careful to use water or oil enough to dissolve or dilute it thoroughly; more than this Wakes the drench bulky and is unnecessary.

  13. Probably the best tonic is one consisting of powdered sulphate of iron, gentian, and ginger in equal parts; a heaping tablespoonful of the mixture is given as a drench or mixed with the feed, twice a day.

  14. When the breathing begins to be loud, relief is afforded in some cases by giving a drench composed of 2 drams of fluid extract of jaborandi in half a pint of water.

  15. We should also remember that it is never safe to drench a horse with large quantities of medicine when he is unconscious, for he is very liable to draw the medicine into the lungs in inspiration.

  16. Another drench may be composed of 2 ounces each of sulphuric ether and alcohol in 8 ounces of water.

  17. The treatment recommended is this: Three drams of bromid of potassium three times a day, dissolved in the drinking water, or give as a drench in about a half pint of water for a week.

  18. If benefit is derived, this drench may be repeated four or five hours after the first dose is given.

  19. A drench of 2 ounces each of spirits of nitrous ether and alcohol, diluted with a pint of water, every hour until relief is afforded, is among the best remedies.

  20. The person giving the drench should stand on some object in order to reach the horse's mouth--on a level, or a little above it.

  21. If the hemorrhage is profuse and persistent, a drench composed of 1 dram of acetate of lead dissolved in 1 pint of water, or ergot, 1 ounce, should be given.

  22. I know the look of an apple that is roasting and sizzling on a hearth on a winter's evening, and I know the comfort that comes of eating it hot, along with some sugar and a drench of cream.

  23. A drench should never be given through the nose, as it may pass into the air passages and cause a fatal inflammation of the lungs.

  24. One pound of Glauber's salts in a drench is to be preferred.

  25. It may be necessary to drench the animal with a very small quantity of water for the purpose of diagnosis.

  26. In the larger animals a bulky drench is sometimes difficult to administer, and we should, in all cases, count on a portion being wasted.

  27. The drench should not be given until the hog is quiet and well under control, as there is some danger of the medicine passing into the air passages and doing harm.

  28. If the drench is bulky and the hog difficult to hold, it may be necessary to elevate the head and raise the forefeet from the ground.

  29. Care should be exercised in giving irritating drenches to sheep, especially if the drench be bulky.

  30. A drench of from one to two pounds of Epsom or Glauber's salts should be given.

  31. In all cases it is advisable to drench the animal with one pint of raw linseed oil and two ounces of turpentine.

  32. Two drachms of tincture of nux vomica and one ounce of alcohol may be given in a drench three times daily.

  33. If I see people having a good time on a picnic, I fly up to the sky and push a rain cloud over where they are and drench them, having first of course either hidden or punched great holes in their umbrellas.

  34. Drench the horse and move him about slowly.

  35. Drench the horse and bleed him in the mouth; then give him 1 pint of linseed oil to remove them.

  36. This last handful is carried to the farmer's house and occupies a place on the table during the harvest-supper; and the custom is to drench it with water.

  37. The maids were on the look-out for him, and did their best to drench him with water.

  38. Sometimes they stripped him of most of his clothes, sometimes they would drench him with water which had been carefully stored in buckets and pans for the purpose.

  39. Generally he tried to pop into the house unseen and lay the Hag on the kitchen table; but if the people of the farm caught him before he laid it down, they used to drench him with water.

  40. Further, the women must repair to the house of one of their gossips who has given birth to twins, and must drench her with water, which they carry in little pitchers.

  41. We have seen that the Baronga of Delagoa Bay drench the tombs of their ancestors, especially the tombs of twins, as a raincharm.

  42. An Armenian rain-charm is to throw the wife of a priest into the water and drench her.

  43. She had but one thought, to get nearer to the camp-fire, and drench her vision in the entrancing glow.

  44. The drench of violet light was of no avail to soften their staring contrasts.

  45. These Pacific showers come up quickly this side of the Divide, and they drench you in a jiffy.

  46. Probably out in the open watching the lightning, and letting the rain drench him," he said.

  47. In the drench and soak of December weather they drove off in the four-wheeler.

  48. In the morning the fog had turned to a drench of dull January rain; but Michael greeted the outlook as cheerfully as if it had been perfect May weather.

  49. Sometimes bloating becomes chronic, and if such is the case dissolve two teaspoonfuls of Turpentine in one-half pint of milk and drench the animal very carefully, as some of this drench may escape into the lungs and produce fatal pneumonia.

  50. Place the ewe on her haunches and drench carefully.

  51. If they strangle or cough let them down, as some of the drench may escape into the lungs and produce lung complications.

  52. Every precaution should be taken so as to prevent the drench from entering the lungs.

  53. Never lay a hog on his back to drench him, as in so doing there is great danger of strangling.

  54. All sounds had ceased, however, and only the drench of the rain could be heard.

  55. Again came a drench of rain, almost blotting out the landscape, but the ray of light still picked out the guilty couple, following the course of the boat steadily, like an avenging angel's sword.

  56. But I must git on, missie, or some critter over at Spring Hill will have a conniption and die in it fer lack of a drench or a dose.

  57. Chubb drench Buttercup with a can of condition-mixture.

  58. Mix in a pint of gruel, and drench him with it.

  59. Drench the horse with one-fourth pound of common bird shot, and he will not heave until they pass through him.

  60. To-day deep thoughts resolve with me to drench In mirth that, &c.

  61. To-day deep thoughts with me resolve to drench In mirth, which after no repenting draws.

  62. Their eyes met in kindliness: and John Drench knew that the Dunn Farm would have its mistress.

  63. No sooner had he gone than John Drench asked Jessy to promise to be his wife.

  64. Miss Susan worked on with rapid and angry stitches; John Drench looked out on the low-lying snow.

  65. Jessy had never flirted with John Drench since the Aberystwith journey, or encouraged him in any way--that was certain.

  66. John Drench and Miss Page departed; and all day long the search after Jessy and the speculation as to what had become of her continued.

  67. Even John Drench was dining at his father's.

  68. John Drench lifted her and they all went off: leaving me and Leek to finish up in the church, and put out the candles.

  69. After waiting a few minutes, John Drench started to meet Leek and help him on; and we cooled our heels in the church-porch, unable to get inside.

  70. Upon no grounds in particular, Drench honestly answered: it was a thought that came into his mind and he spoke it on the spur of the moment.

  71. He and John Drench were hard at work, pulling and pushing; and the obstinate truck refusing to move an inch.

  72. Thus put at ease in regard to identity, Miss Page introduced herself--and John Drench, son of Mr. Drench of the Upland Farm.

  73. Evening was well on when John Drench brought him in.

  74. The whole family, John Drench included, were up to their ears in agony: they did not know in what direction to look for her; were just in that state of mind when straws are caught at.

  75. First give the horse a sharp trot, and apply friction over the belly, and follow this up with a drench of warm gruel to which has been added a glass or two of whisky or gin.

  76. I took up the Christian Science book and read half of it, then took a dipperful of drench and read the other half.

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