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Example sentences for "drenching"

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  1. What a drenching you must have had this miserable day.

  2. Caught in a drenching rain, which made me fain to sit, exhausted as I was, under an umbrella for an hour trying to keep the trunk dry.

  3. The drenching told on me sorely, and it was repeated after we had crossed the good-sized rivulets Mulunkula and many villages, and I lay on an enormous boulder under a Muabé palm, and slept during the worst of the pelting.

  4. Even the rain of blood drenching our Revolution could not extinguish it.

  5. Edward has just come in with mention of an English boat on Tuesday morning, superior to French boat to-morrow, and faster.

  6. MY DEAR SIR, As my note is to bear reference to business, I will make it as short and plain as I can.

  7. In the meantime his soldiers were suffering from intense heat and drenching rains.

  8. When this unfortunate news reached him, he started upon a solitary ride through the heavy mud and drenching rain in search of Morgan's force.

  9. The day before had been mild and wet, and my journey was made in a drenching shower, which soon cleared away the white mantle of snow.

  10. But the Confederate dead and wounded had already been removed, and the only effect of his spiteful salvoes was that his suffering comrades lay under a drenching rain until he retired to Harrisonburg.

  11. Never, perhaps, in all modern warfare has the musket been so useless as amidst the drenching rains which beat upon the fighters at the Katzbach and before Dresden.

  12. Solitude, the sultry heat of a Russian mid-summer, and drenching thunderstorms depressed the spirits of the invaders.

  13. Something swift as lightning struck the pistol from his grasp,--blinded him, half stunned him, set him reeling in a drenching blaze of light that blotted out all else.

  14. We got to the market-place, just as the drenching rain came down.

  15. He could utter but one name, the tears meanwhile drenching his poor, wrinkled face: "'Lisa!

  16. Marched two miles toward Triune to support McCook, who was having a little bout with the enemy; but the engagement ending, we returned to our present quarters in a drenching rain.

  17. Heaven gave us a specimen of its artillery firing, and a heavy shower fell, drenching us all completely.

  18. Have been exposed to a drenching rain for thirty hours.

  19. No sudden recipient of a dazzling, drenching shower of wealth was ever more exalted than was Verbena, once in possession of "my legacy.

  20. The air, bracingly fresh but calm, stirred faintly among the sandhills by the shore, shaking out the bent and grasses laid limp and tangled by their drenching overnight.

  21. And now for the first time they could realize the horror of the raging sea, with the great billows hurling themselves against the shore, and casting their sheets of foam high in the air, and drenching the road in showers of spray.

  22. A drenching rain was falling when Messrs.

  23. So on this occasion it was long after noon when we had crossed the pass, and when the day began to fade in a drenching cloud of rain, the Tibetans found shelter in some caves, and persuaded us to camp.

  24. Drenching with hot water, or with about one ounce of ipecacuan may be practised.

  25. Drenching animals by way of the nostril and irritating drenches, or regurgitated feed passing into the air passages and lungs are the traumatic causes of pneumonia.

  26. You can hear a shower while it is yet half a mile away, hissing like a shower-bath in the forest; and when it comes to you, the water blinds your eyes, and the cold drenching takes your breath away as though some one had struck you.

  27. He placed his hand up over his brows, shielding his view from the drenching rain, and stared, from his elevation, out over the roaring stream.

  28. Moved camp to a place near Knoxville, in a drenching rain-storm.

  29. In the midst of the drenching rain, when it was near midnight, the jaded troops of Sumner and Franklin quit their field of victory and entered the dark forest on their route to the James.

  30. Accordingly, many seized the opportunity of paying off old scores by belabouring obnoxious persons, drenching them with ice-cold water, and covering them with filth or hot ashes.

  31. During forty-four days the heavens were in great commotion, and we had nothing but thunder and lightning and drenching rains.

  32. In those ninety-seven days we had the worst weather that ever man experienced who navigated the ocean, in a succession of drenching rains, showers, and tempests.

  33. The air was full of a fine drenching mist, but as yet only the broken spray from the waves had reached us.

  34. Everywhere the rock was wet and slippery from the drenching it had received during the storm.

  35. Baum employed the time in strengthening his position, keeping his men busy with axe and spade, piling higher and extending his works, in the drenching downfall.

  36. Under such constant drenching the leaf-beds decay, throwing up those gases and vapours in which the orchid delights at home.

  37. After a journey of twenty-four hours in cattle cars, exposed most of the time to a drenching rain, they were disembarked and tramped another twelve miles to Greensboro.

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